We all dream sometimes. Actually, we supposedly all dream every night, although many people do not remember their dreams. Over the last year, since last March, I have kept a pretty steady dream log, although I sometimes went, twice, without writing for maybe a month when I started forgetting my dreams once again, but putting out the intention to start having vivid dreams once again, right before I go to bed, has proven effective in having rich and vivid experiences even while I am dozing away in my most comfortable place. Some of my dreams are very normal, filled with the usual things. Others have a certain mystic effect about them. In at least three dreams, I have used the power of intention to manifest money right before my eyes. Recently, I had a dream where I could move things and people with my mind. So the experiences are getting much richer and much more fulfilling.

I don’t know if anyone here who reads this is familiar with lucid dreams, but that is a dream where you are conscious that you are dreaming, and now take complete control of the dream. I have had a couple of these such dreams, but what happens is as soon as I realize I am dreaming, I wake up twenty or thirty seconds afterwards and am not able to do much with them. I have heard many stories about lucid dreams and how wonderful they can be, and since I am already having a wonderful experience dreaming as of late, I figure it is not a bad idea to try and influence myself to have a few lucid dreams every month or so. It’s not like I’ll be doing anything better while sleeping. It will give me something to do while I essentially lie lifeless on my bed.

The thing that amazes me the most about dreams is absolutely anything is possible, anything out of the ordinary can happen, and if you are not a lucid dreamer, you accept it as normal. Because when we dream we are still in the dream mindset, we adopt our dream character’s mindset and no matter where we are, whatever happens makes sense from that perspective. However, if when we wake up we remember the dream, much of it will seem distorted and unplausible to real life situations. This is another reason why I would love to work on lucid dreaming. It would give me the opportunity to do things I could never do in real life, ever, well maybe I could, but right now I do not see a way to attain it. Flying is one example.

I wish I would have numbered the dreams I had, but even that would not make much difference, just to have a running tally, because I know that just having them down in reality on paper gives them that extra credibility that other dreams do not get. Often, if I wake up right after a dream in the middle of the night, I will write down some key words to remember the dream, just in case I am to forget it. The unbelievably strange thing is that if I write them down, I remember them, even if I do not look at the paper I wrote them down on. I guess using the mind, the hands, and the eyes one time, as three ways to remember it, will burn it into my mind and it will no longer need to be looked at after that.

I am not certain, but I lean towards thinking the dream is an alternative universe where my consciousness goes to when my body is no longer conscious. It is a place where all things are possible because I go in there wilh no expectations that anything will be held constant. I am starting to suspect that real life is also a dream, but it has limitations because we are told this from a young age about how you can’t do certain things. There is no one in our dreams telling us we can’t do things, unless you have dreams riddled with limitations. I think maybe if we relax our beliefs about reality a bit, we could most likely do all of the things we do in a dream and more, but it will be a gradual process. I view reality like this: We are having a dream, and when we go to sleep, we have a ream within a dream. I know this is possible because I have went to sleep, had a dream, then went to sleep in that dream, and had a false awakening, where I woke up in the dream, but I was still asleep, so I went into the first dream I was having. So it is not entirely ridiculous that we are living in a dream world. It is just interpreting this dream world that will pose the real challenge.

Until next time, happy dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Dreams

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  2. Perception is always a choice. Whether or not you consider perception is a challenge or not is also a choice. You can decide you’re living an illusion and you can also decide you have the power to shape new kinds of more desireable realities. You can even decide you’re happy right now where you are doing exactly what you’re doing. Why might you have conditioned yourself to be unhappy where you are? Who have you given the authority to cause you feel that way? You always have the power to reframe things, even your visions. Ask yourself why you have more faith in some of your visions than others? What can you do to boost your belief in what unfolds?

  3. The rock band, the Doors, took their name from a book called, “The Doors of Perception, Open and Closed”.

    It does seem likely that we go somewhere else. It is a huge universe out there and what if there are parallel dimensions on top of that?

    It is possible. I tend to agree that we often are visiting other places when we dream. I don’t believe the pop psychology notion that your brain is just processing the day’s events through dreams.

    As Aerosmith might say, “Dream on”

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