Fulfilling My Mission

Working hard at fulfilling my mission, and that is being the change I want to see in the world. I want a world less focused on war and greed and more focused on peace and love. I want a world less focused on ratings and more focused on content quality. So I am moving myself, my consciousness, towards these ideals I wish to see in the world. I believe doing this will have enormous potential as I have seen some decent results with this approach when I stay consistent with my thinking, which is a challenge from time to time. Working towards this goal is what makes my life worth living, as I have always been one to see a challenge I would like to overcome and then try hard to overcome it.

To remove negativity from the world is another change I would like to see, but I am not going to overload myself right now. I will work towards peace and unconditional love at first, and then when I become accustomed to that process, I will add the positive approach to all of this, which I am already doing somewhat, but not to the extent I find acceptable. Perceiving the world as peaceful and full of joy and love is something I am doing more often and my experiences are starting to back me up. Of course, these are all subjective to my perceptions, as any sort of view of reality is, in general. I am just trying really hard to do something that is finally starting to come full circle and I am getting more excited each and every day as my life unfolds to enormous potential. But it is not just about my life, it is about the lives of everyone, as we are all one, collective consciousness and by changing my way of life, I intend to inspire the rest of the world to follow suit.

This is a lifelong mission and the only thing I can really do is keep at it and progress to the point of total responsibility for everything in my reality, knowing that it was my part in creating it, and that I always have the power to make it better than it currently is. So, by making a lifelong mission to improve the state of the world, the universe, all of existence, to the point of joy, peace, love, and absence of fear, I feel that this would be a worthwhile contribution to the world in general. I also would like to put more emphasis on experiences and less emphasis on material possessions. I tend to value experiences over my things, my possessions, and I hope to see a trend that goes to this extent as well. I just need to work on how to get these messages out in an efficient manner.

I intend to live a simple life, with rich experiences that inspire others to do the same, and see the joy that is contained within living a life that is filled with peace, love, and absence of fear. This is my mission, and I hope others move towards making this their mission as well, or at least something vaguely similar. This purpose has brought my thinking to new levels and I now have a baseline for every decision I make, as I ask myself: “Is this taking me towards or away from my mission?” If it is taking me towards, it is the right decision. If not, then I may have to reconsider. But I love how passionate I am becoming about getting into this sort of work, this sort of lifestyle that I cannot wait to write about it again. I am one with the keyboard, one with the world. Have a nice existence.

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One thought on “Fulfilling My Mission

  1. It sounds as though your sense of a mission motivates you very deeply. As you evolve to listen to yourself, I sense you will naturally identify more details of this mission and clarify realisable goals with measurable results. As an example, why not define specifically what you mean by your plan to “live a simple life.” Where will this be? What will you be doing or not doing? Who will be with you? How will you subsist? Will it be necessary to support yourself? What steps will you take to get yourself to this now imagined geographic place? In which ways will it be consistent with your mindset? You may find your evolution would benefit from Neale Donald Walsh’s “Conversations with God” book series. They’re NYT best sellers.

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