Life as a Dream

I’ve read in multiple places that viewing life as a dream is probably the best way to feel centered in it. It also puts things in their proper perspective. If you think about it, it is not that far off. I’ve had a dream within a dream before and experienced what they call a “false awakening,” where I wake up from the dream within a dream and I’m still dreaming, but now back to the frist level of dreaming. So, to me, it is not that far-fetched that life is nothing but a dream. But if it is a dream, it is one of the most creative and imaginative dreams I have ever seen. It’s hard to really describe the feeling you get from adopting this sort of belief system because you have to try it for yourself. It is like having a lucid dream in real life. I’ve had a few lucid dreams in the past and I think becoming lucid in reality could make life that much easier and joyful to live.

When you dream and become lucid, you do not only identify with your physical body in that dream. You identify with the whole dream. It is something that is happening inside your consciousness. It is all unfolding there and anything is possible. You are open to multiple possibilities because you know it is a dream. Let’s just say, for a second, that you one day decide to view reality as a dream. So, with this belief system, anything becomes possible, with respect to your belief system. You start to identify with all of reality, and not just your physical body, and therefore, you can start influencing the universe to get things in alignment with your purpose. Every thought you have is now an intention to either swing reality in your favor or against it. And no matter where you are now, you get this inner sense of joy that drives you to take joyful actions.

You accept everything as it is and you can now choose if you want to change anything. You start to lose identification with your ego and you now realize that you are everything. I am not talking about the physical body you, but the you above it all, the you that encompasses everything. All your fear disappears and so do most other limiting beliefs, to the degree you can hold this belief system. Whenever I get into really, truly believing this belief system, I feel terrific. It is just an inner sense of knowing that this is the way reality really works. It gives you a sense of unconditional security. You are not so worried about your physical body anymore. Even if it dies, you still have the rest of you. Your body is but a small part of your whole self.

But it brings on a new responsibility. Anything that happens out there is essentially your fault. The good, the bad, the ugly. So, when something terrible happens, like a terrorist attack or a tsunami, you have to take credit for being the cause of it. I just wouldn’t go to the cops and confess just yet. It is a renowned perspective that encompasses all boundaries. You start to realize that the only limitations in the universe are your own mind. So I start to debug my mental software to only include empowering beliefs. It is a process that takes years, maybe even a whole lifetime. But it is something that increases your joy the farther you get down this path. And it is certainly better than holding all these negative beliefs. I am getting better at this every day and there are many times when I surprise myself. Things I did not think were possible are now not only possible, but a common occurrence. Beliefs shape reality. Thoughts create beliefs. Using locial reasoning, it is safe to say that thoughts shape reality. There’s a lesson in deductive reasoning.

Now I need to start monitoring my thoughts on a daily basis. Whenever a limiting thought comes into my head, I replace it with an empowering one. If I am ever thinking, “I can’t do this,” I immediately replace it with, “I can do this and I will.” It is a form of mental conditioning that works to your advantage. You need to start by accepting the truth and then moving on from there. You need to look at the dream you are living in with truthful eyes and then accept what it is you have. Then, if you feel so inclined, you can move to improve different parts of it as you move along this plane of existence. It is, by far, the most empowering way to live I have come across so far, and I encourage you to give it a shot. Good luck.

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2 thoughts on “Life as a Dream

  1. The curious thing is that whenever we seek to understand our motivation for thoughts, our ego is involved. When we aim to demonstrate we grasp what we perceive, then we acknowledge when we think our views are correct. We may control our reactions on the level of behavior, but not on the level of emotions. As you do this, you may demonstrate an unwillingness to accept reality and a preference to continue living in a dream.

  2. Great positive outlook … you would see that from a simple change, there is a big difference.

    “I can’t do this.” — “I can do this and I will.”

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple. Be Decisive.

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