Anti-Consumerist at Heart…

Why do people consider my laptop to be “obsolete?”  I don’t understand.  Obsolete?  I just bought it four years ago!  “Get a new one, man.”  No.  I’m not getting a new one and that’s final.  It works for me and that is all there is to say.  But it doesn’t have “this” and “that.”  And that’s okay.  I’m not worried about those things.  I’m not someone who will plop down almost a month’s pay for a shiny new toy.  It’s just not me.  Because I know that it won’t make me any happier than I am right now on this obsolete hp pavilion from the old age of 2004.  It is a bulky laptop, but I hardly ever put it on my lap anyway.  It has widescreen, which is great for watching DVDs.  Sure, it can’t burn DVDs, but so what?  It costs less than four dollars to rent a movie.  I’ll probably own this laptop for the next ten years, barring any serious functional problems.

If it isn’t broke, why get a new one?  Right now, I’m only occupying  19 point something GB of space on this computer.  I have 60 GB on my hard drive and I haven’t added much to it in the last four years.  If anything, I’ve gotten rid of unnecessary applications.  I run XP and it works perfectly fine.  And from what I hear about Vista, I’ve found my OS.  XP is perfect for what I need to do and there is no reason, ever, to upgrade.  Marketers would try to convince me to get another laptop or an iPod or something similar because I don’t have enough toys at home.  I don’t have a GPS locater or a portable DVD player.  I should go into debt to pay these new purchases off and become an all American man.

Apple has gotten on my nerves lately.  They try to sell you a lifestyle, their lifestyle.  When you have the iMac, the iPod, the Apple TV, the MacBook Air, and the iPhone, then you’ll be happy.  But you’ll only be happy until we release the iRack.  It is essentially a rack to put all your Apple products on.  There’s a place for each on of the previously mentioned products.  I bet at all those conventions the speaker has to tell the audience to put down their cell phones and turn off their iPods before he starts speaking.  All these people, in their own worlds, not paying attention to anything that is happening in front of them, especially when they’re behind the wheel.

Not that it’s these people’s fault.  Marketing has become so prevalent in our society, we don’t even realize we are being exposed to it.  Those who can see through it don’t often fall victim to all the newest gadgets.  I just feel that all these distractions as I call them destroy our minds and reduce us to nothing more than mindless consumers.  Buying new things makes us feel powerful and helps us forget about how far deep in debt our society is.  “As long as I have my Xbox, nothing bad will happen to me.”  Don’t get me wrong, playing video games can be a lot of fun, but not at that expense.  Not at thousands of dollars a year.  If I’m going to play video games, I’ll play on an original Sony Playstation with older games that were loads of fun when I was a kid and still are to this day.  Oh, and I also possess the ability to entertain myself.  Go figure.  Books are a wonderful form of entertainment and cost considerably less.

I’m just trying to throw it out there that the less is more paradigm is not so difficult to adapt to, and it will save many people many headaches in the future.  If we learn to be happy with what we have instead of coveting what we do not have, then we will end up being happier and wealthier.  There will be no more need for an iPod Touch or a WiFi routing system.  Not to mention those dreaded cell phones and their EMR.  But that story is for another day.

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