Infinite Eternity

The universe is so big.  And we’re so small.  Our planet is smaller than a grain of sand on the beach if you say our Earth is the universe.  Solar systems crash every day.  There are trillions of solar systems (maybe more) and at least billions of galaxies.  It’s almost incomprehensible.  We are insignificant in a way.  The lifespan of our planet and our sun is but a wink of the cosmos.  So why not have a good time while we are here?

We act as if everything that happens on our planet is such a big deal.  Global warming.  Global cooling.  It’s one planet of more than trillions.  Sure, we are biased because we live on this planet.  But looking through the universe’s perspective, we’re not a big deal.  We are less than a grain of sand.  We are less than one millionth of a grain of sand.  I think I know why most people hate astronomy.  It makes us seem so insignificant.  A mere pawn.  But it is the truth.  Sure, we can live a good life here on Earth and be fruitful and multiply, but in the end, we will die out.  Our legacy will be forgotten.  We will have no living anscestors.  And further ahead, our solar system will disappear, our sun will die out, and it will all be turned into dust.  Great civilizations rise and fall, everything turns to dust.  In a way, it’s kind of funny.

It’s quite humbling, isn’t it?  No matter how big you get, you will never last forever.  Not even Jesus will live in the universe forever.  It is all temporary.  Even the universe will be gone sometime in the distant, distant future.  Imagine what everything will look like 500 trillion Earth years from now.  Just grasping the magnitude of that number is mind-bending in itself.  Just trying to expand everyone’s perspective.  Sure, we’re all going to die, but so is our planet and our solar system and our galaxy.  Not anytime soon, but it is going to happen, regardless if we are there to observe it.  The universe doesn’t need an audience to exist or not exist.  It just is (or isn’t).  Now I think I understand why some people smoke cigarettes.

Even if you live to a hundred years, it’s negligable.  Even a thousand.  A million.  What is that in comparison to infinity?  It’s nothing.  We are somewhere in the middle, buried in obscurity.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel good about it.  We can at least be grateful for life.  That we are smart enough to make this realization.  That even though our lives are nothing compared to eternity, we can have a few laughs.  And I think that’s the most important thing.   Enjoying the time we are here doing what it is we love most.  Otherwise, the whole realization of impermanance, of eternal nothingness gets kind of depressing. ;)

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