TV Made Me Do It!

As you can probably tell, I’ve been away for awhile on this blog.  This is (mostly) because I was being filmed for a television show that airs in Canada called TV Made Me Do It!, where I chronicled my path to wanting to be a comedian.  I was discovered by Proper Television through the Internet on Myspace.  They read one of my blog entries from one of my older blogs entitled:  Laughter is a Great Medicine.  I believe I transferred it here as well, but I’d rather just link to the original post.  When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, there was very little to laugh at.  I used comedy, mainly the show Seinfeld, to lift my spirits and go through my treatments for the cancer.  After I was cured of cancer, I was lucky enough to benefit from the Make-A-Wish foundation and got to meet my idol, Jerry Seinfeld.  It was an unbelieveable experience and it was all the hope I needed after he told me the material I’d been working on was funny and that with hard work an perseverence, I would make it some day.

It seemed like this opportunity to be part of a television show was coming out of left field because I had made no effort whatsoever to be on television yet.  I did do a small segment on a local show about comedy, but that was it.  But I do have a great story to tell.  It’s the kind of story that people see and it inspires them.  Beating brain cancer and laughing all the way through it is something that many people admire.  Most times I tell that story to people, they have tears in their eyes and I feel a connection that is unbelieveable.  This is my gift to the world.

Filming the show was great because I got to go to NYC and get coached by a professional comedian.  Cory Kahaney.  She was on Last Comic Standing in the first season.  I took two separate trips to NY and I also went to a comedy class taught by Jim David.  They were both very insightful and told me I have excellent material and I  just need to find a way to organize it appropriately and I will be able to get on late night television in the near future.  That was very encouraging.  I truly feel grateful for that experience. The second time I was there, I got to perform at Comix comedy club.  Very nice comedy club.  I also performed at Comedy Cabana in Myrtle Beach before I flew to NY.  I went on in MB for over ten minutes and kind of stuttered at the end, but I was still getting laughs even though I wasn’t doing preplanned material.  After Cory watched my performance at Comedy Cabana, she gave me tons of pointers about how to polish my jokes and how to arrange them appropriately.  I was stunned at the difference in NYC when I went on for five minutes in front of about 70 people.

The filming crew was amazing.  They were so nice and so accomodating.  They were really into my story and they drove me around NYC to all the Seinfeld locations where we filmed.  We went to Monk’s Coffee Shop and Times Square and we even stood near the Letterman studios.  We did a lot of filming.  We filmed in Myrtle Beach all day one day, then all day in NYC, then I went back home.  The next time, we filmed for one day all the way through until about 7:30 PM.  They had a surprise waiting for me at the end of my performance.  There is this orgaization called Comedy Cures that performs for sick children and adults.  The woman who runs the organization, Saranne Rothberg, thought it was so inspiring what I am doing that she made mean ambassador in the organization and she wants me to perform for them in the future.  I am exalted at this opportunity because I will be doing what Seinfeld did for me.  I will be using the healing power of laughter to help those in need.  Saranne was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 90s and used comedy to cure herself completely, which is more than I can say for myself.  I still underwent radiation treatment, so she truly is a testament to laughter curing those who are truly sick.

I am eternally grateful to the three people who filmed me and I just want to say thank you again to Samara, Jeff, and Rich.  Never did I think I would be performing in NYC and getting private comedy lessons at this point in my life and not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be on a television show like that.  But I do have a great story to tell, a story that only continues to get better.  I need to build my resume if I’m going to have a True Hollywood Story done about me. :)

All in all, I would say the experience was a positive one.   I got more confirmation and validation on my type of humor and performance style.  I have tons of room to improve and I am glad that I got some schooling from A-list comedians, two people that are established in the business, and are extremely talented.  Things are looking up for me right now and only good can come of this new publicity.

Edit:  In a couple of weeks, I will be receiving my tapes from my performances so I can finally have some material on my myspace page, professional quality!

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