Audio Clip and a New Open Mic

I just received an audio clip from my Comedy Cabana performance.  It’s of decent quality, but the audience wasn’t miked up, so it seems like nobody was laughing, but I’m pretty sure they were.  I’ll try and upload it onto this server and see if it takes.  If not, I have it on myspace.  I’m getting my tape from my performance in NYC any day now.  I’m hoping it is as good as I remembered.  I’m hoping to post it up on Youtube and then put it on myspace as well.  I’m also going to submit it to Last Comic Standing and see what they think of it.

I guess the file won’t load onto my website for one reason or another.  The WordPress said it was too big, so I guess I have to send a link out.  It’s on myspace.  I’ll keep everyone posted about my video.  Hopefully it doesn’t take too long.

I’ll be performing either next Monday or the Monday after at Comedy Cabana again.  I’ll know the exact date by tomorrow.  I’m just glad I had all that coaching.  I should be a lock for first prize this year.  Wish me luck.  :)

 Edit :  I spoke with the manager of Comedy Cabana today and she told me the 25th is the optimal date, so I guess I’ll go on then.

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