Laughing Myself to Health

I’ve been watching a lot of comedy lately.  It’s very calming.  I figure that if I want to get better, what better way to start the health wagon than with a great dose of laughter?  I’m taking a good, hard belly laugh at how crazy things can get sometimes.  The absurdity of life.  I didn’t sleep well last night…again, so I need something to blast me out of this fog I’m in.  You ever wake up and just not want to get out of bed for a  month?  And the only reason you got out of bed was to avoid getting bedsores?  Yeah, that’s how I felt this morning.  Tired as hell.  Coffee isn’t enough today.  I need a dose of crack to wake me up today, but where can I score that in Myrtle Beach?  Is there a crack shop anywhere in MB?  Maybe just cocaine.  Maybe that would do the trick.  And if I’m all shaky when I walk into any establishment, I’ll just say I swallowed a whole gallon of espresso.

When you build up a tolerance to coffee, where do you go from there?  Crackaccino?  Or how about a meth muffin?  Anything to keep me up all night wandering around aimlessly in Myrtle Beach.  Anything to give me that kick after not sleeping well.  I’m open to ideas that don’t involve a green smoothie or a salad.

Dark Chocolate

I’ve been samping chocolates for quite a long time, and I’ve always found that the darker the chocolate, the better.  Right now, I enjoy 85% Lindt and 86% Ghirardelli chocolates, the precentage referring to the amount of cacao in each bar.  I find that this is my upper limit for chocolates and my lower limit for tolerance when it comes to taste is around 70%.  Anything lower is no longer palatable for me.  And the dark chocolate feels so nutritious to me that it fills me up with a mere 2 squares daily.  I figure the closer I can get to the real cacao nib, the better quality and nutrient-dense chocolate I’m going to have.  I know many people like the creaminess of milk chocolate, but I find it to be too bland and not bitter enough.  When chocolate is stripped down as far as I go, you can taste the actual cacao nibs and the flavor is explosive…and addictive, but in moderation should cause no harm.

It’s great as an after meal snack.  One to two squares will satiate the need for anything else.  The cacao nib is really a nut, so it works to the same philosophy that less is more.  When you eat a handful of almonds or cashews, doesn’t it fill you up and satiate you more than a handful of pretzels?  Sure, the fat content is high in all these foods, but they are mostly good fats, and chocolate with minimal sweetness is almost like eating a batch of honey roasted peanuts, only with less sugar.  The chocolate I eat has slightly more than 1 gram of sugar per square.  It does, however, have 4.5 grams of fat per square, but that’s why it’s not wise to eat a whole bar in one sitting.  Besides, the flavor is so intense that you couldn’t possibly eat a whole bar in one day, never mind in one sitting.

Chocolate has antioxidants and healthy oils, especially in its natural state.  It is a tasty treat that I thought I would remind everyone about for the holidays.  But stick with the high-quality chocolate, no lower than 60% cacao.  Otherwise, you’re paying for milk and soy lecithin and a little bit of chocolate.

My personal favorite is the Lindt 85% cacao.  Then it goes Ghrardelli 72%, then Grhardelli 86%.  After that, I can’t remember, but I encourage you to try this semi-healthy food in moderation and no guilt because you’re doing your body a favor when you eat a few squares a day.

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Don’t Whore Up My Coffee

I drink regular coffee straight black with nothing in it, but whenever my brother comes home from college on a break, he always adds flavored coffee to it, like vanilla and hazelnut, stuff I don’t really care for anymore after I switched to straight black.  And forget cream and sugar.  Why can’t people just enjoy things the way they’re supposed to be?  Sure, some black coffee is bitter, but the light roasts are really coming through for me this time and it has a sweet taste without even adding anything.  And enough about that gourmet coffee crap.  I don’t need espressos, lattes, or machiattos.  Minimalist coffee.  Just the stuff that comes from the beans and the water.

I don’t need people dressing up my coffee to make it more attractive.  I like it the way it is.  And I’m tired of getting looks at the coffee places when I say black coffee.  “Are you sure you don’t want any shots of syrup?”  Yes, I’m sure, now leave me alone.  I like my coffee dark, like my chocolate, and sometimes my women.

P.S.  This is nothing more than a humorous piece because no one in the world of Google had “don’t whore up my coffee” in quotes.  Besides, pimping my ride and whoring up my coffee are two no-nos in my life.  I don’t need to dress my coffee up like some tramp.  She’s fine just the way she is.

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Musings on Death and Nature

Hi, how is everyone?  Good?  That’s good.  Working hard, but hardly working?  I’m trying not to waste this day by writing something here.  Going to leave my mark on society for the day.  Will it be of high quality?  Maybe not.  But it will exist regardless.  It’s not a TV show.  There are no standards on the net.  I don’t need to prove myself to anyone to get this post up.  Whether it’s great or terrible or somewhere in between, it will be there in cyberspace and perhaps get a few hits because of my other posts.  It’s either posting it here or on a bathroom stall, like I used to do while in college.  Posting things just for the hell of it.

Those were the days, weren’t they?  Before we all had to “grow up.”  Before we all had to conform to a system that forgot about us 50 years ago.  Where can I buy my satanic isolation in the form of an apartment or a condo?  Where can I buy something that will make me feel better and tell me everything is okay?  And where can I score some booze to forget who I used to be?  What is this all for?  We spend most of our existence dead and in the ground, so are we trying to overcompensate by trying to fit all we can into the short time we’re alive?

And why is it a law that we need to have our corpses embalmed anyway?  You’d think it would make better fertilizer if we didn’t do that.  All our dead loved ones could be feeding our garden, but instead, we’re pumped full of carcinogens and thrown in a hole six feet under.  And all that meat that’s going to waste.  If we find a dead animal, it’s not a big deal and we just leave it there.  If we find a dead human, if we just leave it there, we’re suddenly the prime suspect in a murder investigation.  Like we’re so much better than a raccoon.  A raccoon does far less damage to the environment than one human does.  Ten thousand raccoons do less damage than one human.  I’m sorry, one “civilized” human.  Humans don’t adapt to their environments, they adapt their environment to themselves.  You don’t see birds cutting down trees or polluting lakes, do you?  They try and live in balance and they do a much better job than we do.  So why hasn’t our planet snuffed us out yet?

It’s because we’re just getting started.  We have thousands of years of destruction left in our spirits and will stop at nothing to get the next cool gadget or piece of furniture.  But hardly any of us ask where those things come from.   They come from the Earth and the more we take without giving back, the worse off our children and so on will be.  If we were a mindful species, I would think we would either turn things around drastically right now or accept the fact we all have to snuff our lights out.  For the good of the planet.  But that won’t happen because we are like a cancer.  You never hear of a cancer stop consuming more and more cells without some kind of intervention.  I wonder if the Earth sees all these buildings we’ve built as tumors.

The Earth is in the state of the average American man, smokes cigarettes, drinks every night, and is overweight.  I’d say about two packs a day and two pints of booze a night.  I’d also say about 50-60 pounds overweight.  He is aware that there is destruction afoot, but does not see it as a big deal right now, but does see it as something to resolve in the future.  But when the future comes, will the Earth still exist in its current form?  A dead Earth can still be there, but it will be like a dead tree, just taking up space.  Kind of like all those planets who have no life on them.  Perhaps at one point they did and the same happened to them.  But since we’re one planet of quadrillions (at least), the universe probably won’t care if we kill the Earth.  But the creatures living here will.  But to each his own.  If it strikes your fancy, keep killing the Earth.  You’ll certainly have a lot of company.

I’m not here to judge you, just to inform you about how almost everything us humans do contribute to the killing of the Earth.  Unless we live in balance, without “progress” in manufacturing and the distribution of widgets and work on our consciousness and scorn the material world for something so much richer, the world will be dead.

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Writing for the Fun of It

I’m just here to write for the fun of it.  I figure I’ve already lost most of my audience, so it couldn’t hurt no matter what I say.  Something happened to me with this blog and I just kind of gave up on it.  I wanted so badly to become an A-list blogger and I was well on my way to doing so and then I started not feeling well and the content and frequency of posts went downhill.  When I started this blog, I was on top of the world.  I was progressing towards becoming my own person and being someone in the world.  But lately health issues have been holding me back from turning this blog and my life into what I want it to be.  I’ve had a rough six years and there were good times and bad, and I guess I just have to accept those years for what they were and try to move on from here.  I’m trying to get back on the good side so hard and I feel I’m making some progress.  Having a brain tumor is something that can take a lifetime to completely get over and I can only take it one day at a time.

The problems I had was I often pushed myself too hard while I wasn’t 100% and this led to me getting worse.  I just wanted to get back to living a normal life, but my condition kept telling me I couldn’t.  But I kept faking it.  Pretending like everything was okay because I thought if I did that enough, it would come true.  Well, it hasn’t yet.  But I feel like I may have overturned some new leafs and can go towards that direction at my own pace, the pace that will not overwhelm me and land me back where I was before.

I’ve gotten angry quite a bit about my condition and felt hopeless at times.  But I keep existing here for a reason, and I keep looking for an answer.  People all have these struggles in their lives, but each one is unique.  It’s not easy to admit to yourself or to others how bad the struggle is sometimes.  But I find the more people that know about your struggles, the more support you’ll have in overcoming them.

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