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I want more traffic on this blog.  I feel like people stopped reading.  I feel like I’m talking to myself here.  I need ways to promote this blog.  The problem is that my blog doesn’t fit into any particular category.  I can’t sell myself on one aspect of myself.  I don’t want to put myself in a box where I cover only one topic and brand myself as such.  I have a lot to share with the world and it covers many subjects.  I want to be able to be completely myself and nothing else.  That’s why my website is my name.  I have various things I like to write about now and I’m sure there will be more new things for me to cover in the future.  I think it’s a complete prison to limit myself to one, two, or even fifty topics.  But how do you sell that?  How do you get people to read if from day to day they don’t know what they’re going to be reading?  The same way I write every day with no idea in advance what I’m going to write about.

I know my blog isn’t all gold and silver, but there are many gems in the nearly 250 posts I’ve done so far.  I’m not skilled with HTML or other computer programming languages.  But I have a certain writer’s wit and a good sense of myself most of the time.  When I write an article, I know where it’s going usually, unless I go off on a rant, but those rants are fueled with passion and understanding.  I’m not a self-help guru or a nihilistic jackass.  I’m just me expressing myself explicitly.  Uncensored.  The way the world is meant to be.  Raw.  I’m not going to sugar coat what I feel and this is what’s driving me to write more.  I’m no longer worried about offending people on this blog.  I used to be.  I figure the more polarizing this blog is, the more people will come and read it and more importantly, enjoy it.

We’re told that to fit into society we have to project an image of who we are.  We have to define ourselves as something, not someone.  That, I believe, is the fundamental problem.  People hide behind certain aspects of themselves to keep other parts of them hidden.  A doctor hides behind his high status to keep from relating to people as equals.  Not all doctors, but from what I’ve experienced, most of them do.  Other people use power and authority to control people while hiding the sinister aspect of themselves.  We’re told this over and over again that we can never be fully ourselves, but need to project a persona, a mask if you will.  For example, look at the Bush-Cheney gang.  When Bush gave his speeches, he projected himself as a Christian man, a loving and caring person.  But when you look at the actions carried out under his administration, you see a completely different picture.  My question is why couldn’t he have just said, “We’re going into Iraq for the oil.  We don’t have much left in America.  We need it because people live so far away from their jobs, grocery stores, and malls that they cannot live without automobiles.  This, and this alone, justifies the slaughter of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.”?

I’m sure if he said it like that, people would support him.  They know it’s true what he’s saying.  He’s going to do it anyway, so why not just come out and say it.  You don’t have to bullshit us and say you’re “liberating” the Iraqis from Saddam Houssein.  But that’s beside the point.  I feel like Obama is one of the most authentic presidents we’ve had in awhile.  He’s not afraid to say the things the American people don’t want to hear.  The more we are in denial, the harder we’ll fall.  He isn’t going to fix everything overnight and he’s been given a bad hand to start with.  But at least he’s moving in the right direction.  His visions are grand and inspiring.  That’s why I voted for him.  He doesn’t provide false hope, but hope that’s grounded in reality.  But enough about politics.

My point is that there are a lot of blogs out there spitting out self-help “masturbation” that might make you feel good for awhile, the same way a crack pipe gets you high.  They tell you things like, “You can manifest all your dreams in the next 30 days if you follow my instructions.”  Then you delve into the author’s personal life and reallize they’re completely full of shit.  Not all of them.  But the ones that tell you the truth about creating the life you want aren’t the ones who tell you what you want to hear.  They tell you the truth.  They challenge you to think and act.  They don’t talk about enlightenment, something that I’ve seriously thought was a bunch of feel good tactics to attract self-help junkies.  What is enlightenment anyway?  You walk around, never offending anyone, going along with whatever happens to you, and never rock the boat?  Sounds like the activities of a zombie slave to me.

We’re always told that we are progressing to a higher state of being.  I would prefer to call it a different state.  If civlization is better than foraging and hunting, why does civilzation cause more destruction?  I think we are starting to realize that certain aspects of our daily lives are completely destructive and we are starting to move towards enriching our environment.  It’s starting, but it needs assistance.  We need to work together to make things right, not by saying that we can sustain our current way of living indefinitely.   If that’s not denial, I don’t know what is.  We need to start working towards a future we can sustain and then just stay there.  We can still develop our minds, but we can keep the Earth in good condition and live in harmony with the rest of the Earth.

I just want to get the message out.  We need to do something fast.  I’m not here to judge you, but to open doorways for you.  Imagine how great we could live if we changed a few things.  And then think about changing a few more things.  The possibilities are endless.  Just stay with me…

If you found this article helpful, inspiring, or whatever, feel free to spread the spirit of giving and donate to whatever cause I’m talking about.

One thought on “Promoting This Blog

  1. Hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism. :)

    1) Your views of enlightenment are completely skewed. Not that I expected anything else, but I figured I’d throw that in there.

    2) Have you ever really thought about the direction that you’re trying to go with this blog? Have you ever considered what value you’re creating for other people?

    If your goal is to have a lot of traffic, money, etc, then you have to give people a reason to visit your site. You have to provide them with something that they want, for one reason or another.

    Your blog is already limited to the 10% of the people on the planet who have the capacity for independent though. Such is the nature of your focus. Topics like this don’t appeal to the masses.

    However, my bigger complaint is that you’re not providing anything that I would want anyway. And my personal focus is even identical to your tag line. I should be your intended audience, shouldn’t I?

    You’re treating this site like a blog or personal journal. Sure, you’re good at talking about your life and your thoughts. I bought a laptop. My blog isn’t getting enough traffic. Etc, etc. Who cares? How does this help people?

    Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their own life to worry about. In general, most people are just not too interested in the lives of other people, unless their lives are full of drama and interesting stuff, e.g. an actor, model, or Steve Pavlina . ;)

    So in short, I propose two possible solutions to your problem of no traffic. Either you can:

    A) Stop talking about yourself so much, and instead focus on creating something that the reader wants to read and/or considers valuable. Create interesting content focused on the reader, not on you.

    B) Start talking about things that are dramatic and exciting in your life. People don’t care about your laptop purchase. If, however, you start spilling your guts about your personal relationships, or how you went to the club last night and screwed three women on the dance floor and then got in a fight with one of their boyfriends, this would at least have the effect of catering to the lower mind and emotionality of people. There’s a reason why there are so many drama shows on TV. It’s because people are addicted to stuff like that. Of course, this would completely go against your tag line. So I guess you would have to reexamine your goals.

    I’m not trying to bash you or anything, so don’t take any of this stuff personal. It’s just pretty clear that you’re not on the path that you originally intended to be on, and so these are some things that may lead you to a solution.

    In general, I would also spend some time thinking deeply about the original mission and purpose that you saw for this site. What exactly do you want out of it? What are your goals? Do you want to make money? Do you just want to write and express yourself? Do you want to help people? What is the truth about what you’re trying to do here?

    It seems to me that you once had a vision for this site. But that somewhere down the road you strayed away from your original vision and dreams, and instead started rambling on about yourself. It’s time for you to sit down and think about what you really want here, and the direction you’re moving in to achieve it.

    Oh, and you should consider making your blog posts longer. I think my comment is the same size as your post now. :-P

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