Self-Help is Destruction

Writing on this blog as of late has been a joy for me, finally getting out some thoughts I’d kept inside for a long time.  A couple of years ago, my blog was a carbon-copy self-help blog, but now it’s something that I actually feel good about, even if readership has slightly dropped off.  I got away from the run-of-the-mill self-help blog because, first of all, it’s too common on the Internet and I would just get lost in the cracks, not to mention that I would be every self-help junkie’s drug for the day, which helps no one, except for them in the short-term.  Self-help starts with the basic assumption that “you are not good enough and your life isn’t good enough, so we’re going to show you how to make it better.  Better by our standards, but better nonetheless.  We are going to throw around obscure terms like autonomy and consciousness and use them at every turn so that we can sound sophisticated and intelligent and bullshit you to your goals.  We are going to give you pointless exercises to do to help you decide what kind of worker drone you want to be.  You are an extraordinary being put here by the spirit world to succeed at whatever it is you put your mind to.”  And it just goes on like that.

That type of thinking is a mistake and it is certainly not for me.  It is completely delusional.  Most of these self-help gurus haven’t accomplished anything other than becoming a self-help guru.  Not only that, but if someone isn’t even what they claim to be, then why bother and take their advice.  I could put out articles about how I ran a marathon and I lost 100 lbs., but how would you know whether or not I actually did it?  I could say I graduated college in 3 semesters, or that I eat a completely 100% raw diet, but you’re not here to confirm that.  Most of these people exaggerate their lives to prop themselves up above the rest of the field.  They become almost cult objects, where people wonder what their opinion on everything is.  What’s Tony Robbins’ opinion on abortion?  What’s Steve Pavlna’s opinion on pornography?  Who cares?  They’re not some omnipotent being here.  They are people who have milked the self-help teet for their own personal gain under the guise that they really love to help people.

These types of people live in a fantasy world, where they actually believe the whole world is right in front of them to serve their purposes, like they are some kind of God.  That they can do whatever they want because they are the lords of the Earth.  They claim to eschew materialism while they are constantly buying new cars and computers, to feed their undying lust for consumerism.  They figure that since they are in the top 1% of the world’s wealth, why not make the other 99% have less while we keep writing bullshit articles about stuff that truly doesn’t matter, other than to make people with low self-esteem feel good and we get paid handsomely for the inauthentic drivel we put out.  They use the world as their oyster, yet they say they have compassion for all living things.

This whole idea that they convey:  We can all have more.  That is the biggest mistake of them all.  Isn’t that what’s killing us in the first place.  More, more, more, until there’s nothing left.  Self-help gurus will say to put yourself in an abundance mindset and then  everyone can have more, but the facts say differently.  Oil is running out, iron is running out, trees are running thin.  Not everyone deserves their own house.  Steve Pavlina hardly ever talks to his parents.  Tony Robbins, who used to talk about how to create a fulfilling relationship, just divorced his wife.  What self-help gurus do is isolate themselves to people who agree with them, and they are living in what I would call a sub-world.  They don’t deal with people who contradict them and when someone does, they ignore it or praise that person for giving them marketing.  They feed the addictions of the self-help junkies by telling them what they want to hear, but never giving them enough information to really make anything actionable happen.

I realize that this entire post is just bashing a very small subset of the population, and it is probably not so relevant.  But these people have thousands if not millions of loyal followers, much like a cult.  They encourage people to destroy more of the Earth to fulfill their materialistic fantasies instead of becoming human again.  Saying that everyone should live the way these gurus do is so dangerous that it would probably put the human race on the verge of extinction.  I’m only bashing them because their worldview, that you can have everything you’ve ever wanted, is not mentally sound because if that were the case, then everyone would be a self-help blogger, 6 billion people blogging on the Internet about how starving sucks because no one was on a low enough plane to go out and either grow or find food.

Unfortuneately, our society depends on people not making their full potential.  We need people to grow food (not really, but in today’s barren landscape, yes).  We need them to build alienating devices like the automobile and computers.  Why don’t these self-help gurus talk about taking the whole system down?  Why don’t they talk about revolution? Because they’ve willed themselves to the top of society and someone at the top will never give up that position.  It is the only position that’s better than living like we used to, as hunter-gatherers.  And there’s a reason why such a small percentage of people ever get that high.  The people at the top suppress those below them because that means more unnecessary resources for them and less for the people below them.  If they were to strip the system down to how we were thousands of years ago, then they would lose all the perks they used to have, stolen perks.  Stolen in the sense of tracing back through history, when we used to belong to the land, and now we’ve stolen all of it.  Everything we own comes from the Earth, so in fact we have stolen it.  It doesn’t matter how much we’ve paid for it, it’s still stolen.  How many animals and habitats were stolen from the world in the name of progress?  In the name of self-help guru encouraged progress?  When some loser reads and becomes more and more technical and ends up becoming the programmer of a new software and buys a brand new house built on ancient burial grounds of the Hopi Indians or in the middle of a forest, why doesn’t anyone think of the habitat that’s being destroyed?  Because most of these people are in a delusional fantasy that they can have whatever they want at the expense of others and other creatures.  “This is America, damn it!  I deserve 100 acres of land to do with as I please!  It’s MY land!”

It’s partly about money because money=power.  Money or violence equals power.  And in this sick and pathological society, the more power people have, the more they feed into the system, by dominating more land, having more material things, and contributing more and more to the destruction of the ecosystem and the whole world as we know it.  This is why I don’t feel like writing self-help blogs anymore.  Even the whole spirituality paradigm is rooted in hierarchy, where some people feel that they are on a higher plane than you.  Give me a break.  It shouldn’t be all about status-climbing.  That isn’t what life and afterlife are all about.  Getting more and more power and more and more dominance is not mentally healthy.  It’s totally destructive.  And anyone who is sane will realize that all this progress is for nothing because the human race, staying on this current track, will destroy itself and keep crashing and burning until the entire race goes extinct completely unless we figure out a way to live indefinitely, with no progress, with stable populations, and no conquests.  Not to mention no agriculture.  I just hope everyone sees self-help for what it is: Encouragement for more destruction of the Earth while feeling good about it.  Or as Tyler Durden said, “Self-improvement is masturbation.”

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Seven Lies About Civilization

I’m going to link to Ran Prieur’s essay called Seven Lies about Civilization.  It talks about seven of the lies we tell ourselves in this civilization.  He is a very brilliant writer when it comes to critiquing civilization.  Read it and see what you think of it.  It’s one of his better essays.  It is both very insightful and profound.  It’s something I suggest everyone in developed or developing countries read.

I realize that the post I linked to is not for everyone, but neither is my blog.  I want to get to people who really want to change the world for the better by taking the current system down before it destroys the world.  99% of the world’s population may disagree with my blog and any blog with similar themes, but I’m prepared to say, “Dont’ read it.”  The only reason that people would be averse to reading about things that are true, but hard to face is that they are not ready to face what they’ve done and they’re at the top of the world in America, so they’re not going to give up their position in the dominating system, being able to buy goods made my exploited workers and feeling good about it instead of realizing the hell some third world people would have to go through to make it.  I feel like so many people have lost their compassion for all living things, including thirld world humans.  They’re just as worthy of respect as we are here in America, but the culture here says we’re the best, but it’s simply not true.  We are all pretty much the same, it’s just that we are better at killing native peoples to control more land and occupy more countries, so we are more dominant.  To put it bluntly, we are more violent and more ruthless than other nations.  We keep expanding more and more, trying to control more and more of the world, but it’s only going to end in disappointment.  The more we try to control, the more people will resist.  The more truths will be told to the American people that would otherwise be suppressed.  And slowly but surely, there will be a revolution.

If you’re not serious about changing the world and living in balance with nature, don’t read my blog.  It’s as simple as that.  But I feel like the more people I have, the better off my cause will be.  But most people don’t want to change anything.  How can I change their minds?  That is the key question.

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There is No Life After Death

When you die, you just rot in the ground.  True story.  Sure, we may exist in some nonphysical form after death, but we’re not really sure what that is.  I wouldn’t call it life after death, but spirit after death.  Personally, I’ve never talked to a spirit, so I have no idea if we even exist at all after death.  I did speak to my great aunt and uncle once on a Ouiji board and what they said was something that only we would know.  So maybe there is some sort of spirit world up there, but I wouldn’t call it life, but more floating.  But I don’t know for sure because I’m not dead yet.  Talking to spirits could be an act of our subconscious, too.  Maybe we imagine talking to a dead relative.  It could all be in our heads.  And people like John Edward could just be picking up on the person he’s reading for by reading that person’s mind.  It could be that there are no spirits, or that spirits only exist on Earth, and not in the ether.  It’s really hard to know either way.

While it’s true that part of us could exist beyond our physical life, it is also very possible that this is false.  It is very possible that we just rot in the ground.  None of us lives on or still exists.  Is that a delusion or is that we live on a delusion?  How can we know for sure?  Many people claim they can speak to spirits, but how do we know it is for real unless we’ve actually spoken to spirits ourselves?  I’ve heard stories that made me think that we do live on and can come back and they were very convincing.  Perhaps just the idea of believing in life after death makes it true.  Perhaps not believing in it filters our beliefs such that we never have an experience talking to a spirit, and if we do, we discount it as something else, something more logical.  How can we decipher this so that we know for sure?  For me, the only way is to die.  Even if I am communicating with spirits, how do I know that they’re not just all in my head, like a schizophrenic?

We could try seeing this problem from different perspectives.  Let’s say that you die and no part of you exists.  Then there is no perspective.  There is no lens after you are dead.  You’ve ceased to exist entirely.  Then there is the perspective of that you survive as a conscious something and can continue developing your consciousness and experiencing something to some extent.  It’s hard to know what really goes on once you die, but believing that you exist in some form is certainly more empowering than believing you just rot in the ground and disappear from the entire universe.  Everyone has their beliefs about what happens when they die.  And if they’re wrong, the side that thinks nothing happens who end up living on after death will be surprised and the people who believe that there is life after death and end up not existing will not know it because they will cease to exist.  So believing in life after death really has no unexpected consequences because if there is no life after death, you won’t be there to realize it.  But if you don’t believe in it and it ends up that there is life after death, you will be wrong and you will know it.

So it makes more sense to believe that there is life after death.  People that don’t believe in it could be setting themselves up for a big surprise once the grim reaper comes and gets them.  What we know for sure is that all our physical stuff stays here.  What we also know is that our body stays here.  All that could survive is our consciousness.  Everything else turns to dust.  So maybe the reason why we are here is to develop our consciousness.  If that’s the only thing we could possibly ever take with us once we bite the bullet, then it seems that it is the only important thing to hold onto.  If your whole being on Earth is rooted in the termporary and physical, that is a guaranteed recipe for suffering.  It could all be temporary, but we don’t know that for sure until we die.  And it seems a bit more reassuring and empowering to choose that some part of us will still exist in the nonphysical realm than to submit to the grim possibility that we will never exist again.  But that is still a possibility, but if it happens, we won’t be around to have second thoughts about it.

It could also be possible that whatever you believe is what happens when you die.  Who really knows?  You would have to ask a dead person, so if you are a psychic or a channeler, then maybe you can give us a solid answer, but it would still be skeptical until we actually die.

Edit:   This post came about because I realized I was neglecting my spiritual side. Being so fixed on the physical world and its problems for so long on this blog kind of burnt me out on that topic, so I took a different avenue and I hope to explore more spiritual issues in the coming posts.

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I’m going to skew from my usual tone on this blog as of late and go into something that’s extremely beneficial to overall health and could cure an ailment you have or have had for years.  The concept is simple.  Get out into the sun.  Get a nice, healthy tan.  Don’t get burned.  Don’t go out when the sun is at its peak, but rather in the early morning or late afternoon.  Do this at least 4 to 7 times a week.  Ideally, you should do it daily, but rain and cold could limit you, but still try to get out there for 15 to 30 minutes (or more depending on your skin pigmentation).  You should ideally stay out there until your skin starts to turn a little pink.  Use your arms or legs as guides.  Be sure to breathe deeply while out there, as fresh air can be another wonderful aspect of being outside.  Sure, it may be polluted to an extent, but the indoor air pollution people breathe in every day is much more stifling than the outdoor air.  That is, of course, unless you live in Jersey. :)

What is the benefit of sitting out in the sun?  You get vitamin D, you get immunity boosting sunlight.  You get a feeling of energy, as the sun is known to energize not just plants, but people and other animals as well.  It is one of the essential keys to good health.  Without sunlight, most people’s immune systems go down and leave them more susceptible to disease.  There are even people who claim to live off the sun, without having to eat or drink for the majority of the time.  Here’s an in-depth link to that practice:   Breatharianism-Living on Light.  I’m not saying you should become one of these people, but it just shows the wonderful power of the sun.  Another link, Sungazing, shows how this can also be a beneficial practice to anyone’s health.  I don’t recommend either of these unless you know exactly what it is you are doing.  You could go blind from the latter practice.  Another link, Sunbathing.

I am officially the link master.  I’m going to link to Dr. Mercola’s website concerning vitamin D and sunbathing.  There is a free report on that page that will enlighten you to the benefits in full of sun exposure.  Skin cancer is the least of your worries.  I know how many people avoid the sun at all costs, fully believing it is dangerous.  It is true that being in the sun for extended periods of time during its strongest hours can be dangerous and cause skin cancer, but the keys are stated above in the first paragraph that you should start off slow and gradually build up your tan and your exposure because overdoing it in the beginning can be dangerous.  Unless, of course, you have dark skin.  Then it is far harder for you to get skin cancer and you will need to stay out in the sun much longer than your pale-skinned friends.  But the sun is the best source of vitamin D.  Should you supplement it, you ask?  No, unless you are not getting out in the sun, but make sure it’s vitamin D3 if you choose to take that route.  You will also need to get your vitamin D levels tested regularly if you take a supplement.  You can overdose on vitamin D if you do not get it from the sun.  The sun and your skin never allow you to overdose on the sun, unless you get burned, but even then, your skin has stopped producing vitamin D.  You’re just getting a first-degree burn at that point.  You can also get your exposure from a healthy tanning bed, but sun exposure is the best by far.  Here’s a link to a healthy tanning bed and another one to a healthy vitamin D supplement.  I do not have affiliate connections with them, and I’ve never used them, but I trust Dr. Mercola.  Be  sure to watch the videos on the site as well as he explains what he believes and has studied for decades in his research on the sun.  He believes in this so much that he moves to Hawaii in the winter months so he can get adequate sun exposure.

For you to be functioning like a true human being, you need to get adequate sun exposure.  It is a part of being human.  Back when we were hunter-gatherers and the sun was not nearly as strong due to the greenhouse effect, we used to spend most of our day outdoors and were very vibrant and able to do things like run for 24 hours and other unheard of activities today.  You don’t have to go the ways of the Breatharians or even start solar gazing, but I would suggest that you start making the sun your friend instead of your energy because that is what is contributing to skin cancer as well.  No exposure to the sun and deficiencies in vitamin D are what is contributing widely to the diseases of the world today.  I’m not going to say it is the only factor, but it is definitely a key one.  If we didn’t spend so much time in climate-controlled buildings and under fluorescent lights and went outside much of the time, then this wouldn’t even be an issue.  Why do you think ancient cultures worshipped the sun?  It was the giver of life to the entire planet.  And it still is.  Without the sun, there cannot be life.  It is the foundation on which all life was built.  Unfortunately, now the sun is a bit stronger due to all the pollution and the destruction of the ozone layer.  So it is wise to not get burned, but to get out there and feel the warm sun on your skin.  You’ll notice the difference within days.

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Special Wednesday Link

I have a wonderful link to a post on Dave Pollard’s blog called Energy Descent, and a World Without Property.  It talks about how property is fraud (or as I’ve said, theft) and that we should see it as us borrowing land.  It also talks about how energy descent, and how it will not be of any help, because of our inherent addiction to society.  It’s very informative and has two charts, something that Dave is brilliant at and I would definitely recommend reading his post and checking out his archives.  He’s a bit better at finding solutions than I am and I’ve been reading his blog on and off for maybe 3 years now.  His posts are very intelligent and sometimes I just can’t keep up with is scope of reasoning because it’s over my head.  Imagine that, over my head.  But he’s a wonderful visionary and I think everyone will enjoy a slight change of pace and take a look at his site.

I’ll probably post something original and more extensive tomorrow.  Oh, and by the way, Dave Pollard’s blog is called How to Save the World.  He understands the crisis of civilization much more than me and is from Canada, so he has a more wilderness-bound perspective because he lives near wildlife.  He can more adequately atrticulate what nature is really like and has such a variety of writings that it could fill at least 10 books.  Happy reading!

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