Overpopulation Revisited

We are moving faster and faster towards overpopulation. Some may argue we are already there.  When will it stop and finally even out?  As long as we are in civilization, I don’t see an end to the rising numbers of human beings and the diminishing numbers of all other life.  Too many people.  Us, making our mark everywhere on the world, expanding until we have nothing left to expand upon.  The fall of man, his excessive pride in thinking he can rule the universe by continued expansion. It’s a shame to think that humans are going to go down in a final blaze of incompetence when populations get so large that the whole world goes into famines and disease due to different collapses in technological necessities we take for granted today.

It’s quite a shame to think about how we’ve done so much to hurt our own home and other species that live here as well.  What we’ve done here is nothing to be proud of.  Sure, we have dominion over all living things, but when will the lust for power stop?  Will it ever?  When will we just say, “That’s enough!”  My guess is not  until we go extinct, or witness a major crash in the current system.  And if we go extinct, the world will finally get its chance to heal itself.  That is, if we leave anything that’s not man-made as we exit this planet.  Humans only deal with human-made materials on a daily basis.  For the most part, other than the hands sticking out in front of you, everything you come into contact with was made by man, much like inbreeding.  This is contrary to all other life, who work symbiotically and cohesively to keep diversity at an all-time high.  This is another reason for our rampant expansion.  We are only interested in the self, at the expense of everything else.

I’m writing here because I find that anyone who decides they want a big family is being entirely selfish and is exacerbating the problem instead of working to solve it.  Unless you can raise everyone in your big family to be compassionate, conscious, and aware, those children will irresponsibly reproduce as well many times and cause more and more people to come into this world for no reason other than self-interest.  There are way too many people already, so why make the problem worse?  Why bring children into a world where for many reasons there is not enough to go around and there will most likely never be enough as long as we keep having children?  Not procreating is one of the most responsible acts you can do towards getting the human race back into balance, and yet you hardly ever see it, except among the people who are either socially awkward or unappealing.  Even in those circumstances, children are sometimes created.

I’m not trying to tell others how to live their lives, but it makes sense that if our major problem in the coming century is overpopulation, then we shouldn’t have so many children.  Of course, there is always the argument that the more food we produce, the more people there will be.  While this is also true, if we limit the food production in the world and have it steadily go down for years and years, then the population will steadily decline as well.  It will cause many to die in this current world, but it will be for a good reason.  We would try to get to the point that we don’t need to farm anymore and we just live off of the food that nature provides, much like we did for hundreds of thousands of years before this world we live in today.  But yet I see no one putting this plan in motion because it’s not really politically viable as an argument and whoever proposes this will be called a monster and mass murderer when what they are doing is just trying to find balance.

Is this situation hopeless?  Perhaps.  It’s possible that our population will expand to numbers never thought of before followed by an intense drop in population due to all the factors associated with overpopulation.  Wouldn’t it be easier to gradually reduce the population than to have half of Earth’s humans disappear in a matter of years due to famine, disease or other overpopulation problems?  It’s hard to think about what this world will look like in 100 years, with a potential 1 billion Americans and 12-15 billion people.  It would be worse than India today all over the world.  Is that the kind of world that all of us want to create?  I hope not.  Let us all try to reduce the population by following one simple rule to start:  Do not have children.

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Vitamix Update

I’m still making smoothies with whole foods, water, and ice.  They are still very tasty.  The fresher the foods, the better they taste.  I just made a smoothie today that consisted mostly of fruit and 2 handfuls of spinach.  Here is the recipe:

* 2 bananas
* 10 large strawberries
* 1 whole pear, diced
* 2 handfuls spinach
* 12 oz. water
* 6 ice cubes

Obviously, this smoothie was a bit sweeter than the ones I had been making previously, but I do enjoy a good fruit-based smoothie.  The antioxidants and fiber that I am getting from two 20 oz. cups of smoothie a day are amazingly high.  The funny thing is that after doing smoothies for a couple of weeks, I actually gained 5 pounds.  I was as amazed as you are.  But it’s not like I’m overweight to begin with.  I’m 6’1″ 180 lbs. now after the gain.  I don’t see a big problem with this as I don’t really notice any gains in my waistline or abdominal level.  It is a great meal substitute as it keeps me full for hours.  It is probably a good idea to eat these in the mornings because that’s when fruit is most easily digested–on an empty stomach.

The Vitamix is great for two reasons:  It is a very large container and it has very fast speeds to properly blend everything together.  I have yet to have serious problems with blending, unless the fruit I was using was very soft and it caused the smoothie to be very thick.  Soft pears do not make a good smoothie.  I just used a very hard and new Bosc pear and it made the smoothie thinner than it has been for awhile.  The reason I love the Vitamix so much is that I don’t have to actually eat this food anymore, but I can drink it.  I’m not a fan of eating strawberries or blueberries or any fruits because they are very messy.  Now I can condense all of them into a shake.  Not only that, I do not like eating greens, especially dark greens.  So I can just drink my nutrition and it digests much faster than if I were to eat it and it takes much less time.  I can make large smoothies and drink them throughout the day.  It’s such a great invention and it is the best blender I have ever seen.

There are a million other uses for the Vitamix, but I like to use it for smoothies.  You can even make hot soups in it by leaving it on for 10 minutes on high.  You can make sorbet with frozen fruit.  You can grind coffee or chop onions.  It is so versatile and it is 1000 times more useful than the Magic Bullet, mostly because it is so much bigger and so much faster/efficient.  It can heal people from diseases.  It can improve lives no matter where you find yourself healthwise.  What an amazing machine.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in their health and making nutrition that much easier and tastier as well.

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On Being Human

What does it mean to be human?  Seriously, what does it mean?  Who are we as a species and why are we here?  It is a very complex question that takes great thought to answer.  Some people would say that we are the eyes of the world, documenting what is happening all around us.  Others would say that we are the dominant species, at the top of the food chain.  Others would say that we are an offshoot of gorillas and other primates who have learned how to communicate effectively through the invention of language to create wonderful things and a few bad things.  Any way you put it, to be human is something unique to our species.  It is something that only we can claim to be and it is something the comes with great responsibility.

We have the power to do good or do evil.  We have the power to eradicate all useless life (from our narrow perspective) from the face of the Earth or to work with the Earth to create more diversity.  We have the power to be constructive or destructive.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  Sure, if the world goes to hell and we all die, responsibility will be left with whatever is left.  But the destruction will be mostly the humans’ fault.  It’s no one’s fault individually, but collectively.  It is the civilization we have created that is responsible for all the destruction.  The people who initially started civilization didn’t know where it was heading, so it is futile to play the blame game.  Sure, power is addictive and since us humans crave power ever since the advent of agriculture, it was only inevitable before the world became what it is today and what it will become in the future.  But it is not in our nature to do things like this.

Certain traumas happened on this planet thousands of years ago that forced us to take action to ensure our survival.  Many traumas happened in a short period of time that damaged us psychologically as well as physically.  Some of these traumas may include the magnetic reversal of the  poles, the ice age, global food shortages, global cooling/warming, continental drift, earthquakes, etc.  I am not sure which of these actually happened while humans were on the Earth, but I have seen some documentaries that say that there were many traumas, even possibly being visited by aliens who manipulated our DNA.  But that’s just a theory.

Nevertheless, our psyches were badly damaged and we needed some part of us to take over during our time of trauma and the ego stepped right in.   The ego is basically a defense mechanism brought on by intense psychological or physical stress.  I remember hearing Michael Tsarion say something like, “It’s like the secretary is in charge while the boss is at lunch.  The ego is saying, ‘I saved your ass, so I demand respect and I deserve to be in charge.  Don’t mind that I’m underqualified and make frequent mistakes.  Until the boss gets back, I am in charge.'”  Very interesting and it resonates with me deeply.  The ego has been running the show for at least 10,000 years, possibly more.  The ego runs on fear and zero-sum thinking.  The ego is overly defensive for its own safety.  The ego will do anything in its power to preserve itself.  The ego is always thinking about expanding because of its underlying fear of being inadequate.  Our whole society is built around this fear-based ego.

So what was there before the ego?  We simply had the self.  We were more of a collectivist race than an individualistic, or egoistic one.  It was a time where we did not fear anything, not even death because we understood the world as a whole, not as an individual.  We knew our place and did our best to stay in it because our survival as a whole depended on it.  Sure, it wasn’t as glamorous as  life is today for us humans, but it worked really well.  That is, until all those traumatic events that scarred us for so very long and continues to scar us today.  The society we built was around fear and other so-called negative emotions, so how could we possibly expect it to be universally good?  We let the ego take over and look out for our best interests when the ego only looks out for itself because of its fear-based mindset.

In order to overcome the evils of the world, we need to let go of fear.  Fear, the mind killer, the tool that manipulates us all.  As a collective unit, we need to stop all the fear and replace it with love.  Unconditional love.  We need to try and lose the ego and get back to being ourselves–to be the true human beings that we are.  Otherwise, we will surely go extinct and after billions of years, not leave a trace of us ever being here.  Is it better to be glorious from the egoic perspective and burn out with our monuments eventually crumbling or sustaining ourselves as long as the sun and Earth permit?  The question is up to you.

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Where Can We Go From Here?

I recently got a job at CVS and it’s been taking some time away from blogging, but I want to keep this blog rolling, so I’m going to post something here.  The world is changing ever faster every day and it’s on a one-way street to hell, but we can take some good out of that.  We can learn from our mistakes.  We can take the good and lose the bad.  We can use the present system in the creation of the next.  We’ll need the tools of this society to create the new one.  A big system like we have dies hard.  There will be many casualties, but they will be necessary in order for us to get back to a sustainable and Earth-enhancing way of living.  Keeping communities small and simple.  Keeping populations low and not letting it get out of control again.  Instead of dominating nature to suit our needs, we can live off of the bounty of the land.

I’m optimistic about the future on this planet because our consciousness seems to be growing every day in mass.  More and more people are awakening to the folly of our ways when it comes to civilization.  It’s a good thing. :)  We are becoming more planet-conscious and thinking of new, innovative ways to solve current problems and some of them will be used in the next system.  Will the next system work forever?  No.  Nothing is forever, but we just need to keep getting better and better each time we build a new system, and eventually we will get to a place where we can live on this planet as a species without destroying it and actually enhancing it.  It’s a very long and drawn-out process.  We won’t see this in our lifetimes, folks.  But every day, we can work to get things moving in the right direction.

We can take steps to move towards nature instead of further away from it.  Let us pray to have the wisdom to accept that we can change this world for the better and move towards a better life for everyone.  This is the main purpose of this blog.  We can’t do this all at once, but in a long stretch of time, we can live like all the other species and still have our intelligence, wit, and communities.  Let us hope for a better tomorrow.

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The reason I haven’t been posting on this blog lately is because I haven’t been getting any sleep lately.  Last night, I dozed off around 12:30 and woke up 20 minutes or so later.  Then I didn’t fall asleep until well after 3 AM.  Then I wake up at 9 AM.  It wasn’t a deep sleep.  I tried going back to sleep, but I just couldn’t.  Even if I take a sleep aid, my sleep is still very short and light.  I did have some coffee last night and that explains last night, but why would I wake up so early after falling asleep?  Six hours has never been enough sleep for me.  I just don’t understand it.  I’ve been waking up really early lately after going to bed after 1 AM and having trouble going back to sleep.  The only thing I’ve been doing differently is drinking the smoothies every day.  This newfound feeling is very strange and is killing my sleep.  It could be the heat that’s killing my sleep.

I’ve been waking up in sweats a lot and unable to get comfortable in my bed due to the heat.  I’m going to try some new things and see how they work out.

It’s so weird to want to go to sleep and not be able to.  It’s like your body is rejecting your mind.   I haven’t been having any dreams, which is why I know that my sleep is not very deep.  Usually when I am sleeping well, I have dreams that I remember.  I’ve been having what I can only describe as hot flashes lately as well.  Perhaps it is due to the detox my body is going through because of the smoothies.  Been having headaches almost all day every day.  Didn’t have any last night, though.  But then I had insomnia.

Haven’t had much feeling lately.  Most of the day.  Kind of an empty feeling.   It’s weird.  Nothing really excites me anymore.  I never feel fully awake, nor do I feel fully asleep.  It’s just this constant fog that never gets lifted.  I don’t really identify with my body anymore.  It is merely a shell.  A shell that contains the real me, the timeless me.  My body is simply a manifestation of consciousness and my consciousness is the only infinite.

The world is nothing more than mere illusion.  I feel this way now, but I’ve felt differently in the past.  It is something put here to help us build our consciousness.  At least that’s what I’m led to believe.  But who really knows?  Why are we here and what is the meaning of this existence?  It certainly isn’t to build malls and parking garages.  Sometimes I feel like the world and the Earth has no purpose and is just here by random chance and then I think it is merely an illusion.  It is a product of our consciousness.  But why?  What does it all mean in the end?

This is just so strange.  This whole reality we live in.  Making sense of it is an exercise in futility and I’d just be wasting my time.  How can I figure something out that no one has ever truly known before?  There are so many answers to the “meaning of life” question that it all just gets muddled into one big pile of uncertainty.  This is why I can’t identify with any of the wide range of answers.  I could say the meaning of life is what you make it, but that’s truly a cop-out answer.  The whole meaning is in your mind and your mind alone.  There are just so many choices to make in this world and the more there are, the more paralyzed the people become.

The universe is laughing at us all right now because the human race has destroyed their home planet and for what?  Progress?  But what has that brought us?  More people are depressed than ever before.  We can travel the globe in less than 24 hours and yet more people go hungry every day percentage wise than 20,000 years ago.  Our population continues to spin out of control as we grow more and more food, only making the whole human problem worse.  It’s nobody’s fault.  But in another way, it’s all of our faults.

My mind is a mess right now and I’m just typing to get my mind moving.  I hope this entry wasn’t too disjointed and disorganized.  I’m just feeling really weird lately, so I suppose my entries will be weird.  Have a nice day.

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