This Old Blog

This blog has gotten to be quite a burden for me.  I can’t think of anything else to write about at the moment and it’s just sitting here, dead weight on the Internet.  I’m exhausted from working, so it’s hard to write here as well.  I don’t feel like enough people are actually reading.  I’ve been trying to add more content, but there just isn’t a spark for it right now.  Blogging as a medium has its perks, and I appreciate them.  I just don’t have the motivation to blog right now, nor the ideas with which to blog with.  Until I can figure out what else to write about, this blog will probably be pretty empty on the content side. Just because I won’t be writing as much doesn’t mean you can’t sift through the archives and check out some of my older stuff.

I’m sorry about this and I will resume writing when I get some more good ideas.  I’ve never had a fixed center for this blog and I feel like it alienated the readers.  I’m just writing here to write.  I don’t need anyone’s approval.  I can write about whatever I want and whoever wants to read it can read it.  And whoever wants to comment can comment, although I may be getting rid of the comments feature on my blog because I really don’t care about feedback.  All it does is overwhelm me with more ideas and schools of thought that just aren’t my style.  So I probably will disable that function.

I don’t think I’m going to try to earn a living from this blog anymore because I simply can’t keep up with those who have the ability to post more frequently and have better content than me.  I just don’t see that it will happen.  It’s been hard for me to do any deep thinking lately, as well as put together a compelling blog entry.  I’m going to say goodbye for now and I’ll be back up and running soon.  Be sure to check out the archives on the sidebar if you need to read some of my entries.  Good luck.

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