When Nature Calls

Nature, the place where we never go. The place we only go to tear down and build suburbs and strip malls. This used to be a land of plenty. Now it is a land of scarcity. There is only one way to live and that is to participate in the man-made society and economy. Otherwise, you’ll starve to death on the streets. Or you’ll become a bum who others shy away from because their tax dollars feed you. There is no such thing as living in the woods or being a survivalist anymore because now even the woods are owned and are being cut down for development. There is nowhere to go anymore in most of the world where you can just relax and be at peace. Most forests and wilderness areas are plastered with NO TRESPASSING signs and other marks of civilization. What ever happened to the freedom to roam the countryside? The countryside disappeared and became highways and overpasses. All for this one invention we call the automobile.

The automobile, which made it possible for everything to be so far apart.  We really don’t need transportation, but because of the invention of the automobile, there is no choice but to drive a car to get where we need to go.  Doing otherwise is called jaywalking.  You can’t step one foot out of your place of residence without hearing one of these giant beasts roaming the former countryside.  It is not the root of the problem, but simply a symptom of it.

Anyone with a sense of the world around them can tell you what a terrible place it is.  All the evils of the world stem from humans.  It is us that cause all the destruction.  It is us that even kill our own species for personal gain.  We are destructive while at the same time self-destructive.  As we destroy our environment and create a false on in the wreckage, we further and further sever our ties with nature, our one true home.  When will it stop?  Will it ever?  How do we put an end to it?  I would say the best way to do it is by starting to wake people up about their lives and how we have deviated from nature’s plan for us.

Us humans destroy what we fear.  We do it because we want a tightly controlled, predictable space for us to live in.  Our own little habitat that we can manage on a daily basis to fit our needs and forget about the needs of every other living creature, except maybe a pet, who has been reduced to depending helplessly on us, giving us yet another feeling of power over another living thing.  We used to live with these creatures symbiotically, and now we have taken it all for ourselves, leaving everyone else in the dust, even what we consider to be lesser humans.  We love to invade those lesser humans, those who still live with the Earth, and kill them off while simultaneously stealing their land for crops or cheap beef.  It’s all about us and never about anyone or anything else.

I don’t know how others do not see how wrong this is, and why those who do don’t do anything about it.  If we all got together, we could start a revolution, but what would we do for food?  There are hardly any wild edibles left in America and we are so accustomed to this way of life that it is such a hard transition that it could take many, many generations.  We need to go back to nature, but how can we successfully accomplish that?  How can we go there and stay there, never being swayed by the shallow pleasures of civilization?  How can we become one with the Earth without being conquered by yet another dominant civilization demanding submission or death?

I don’t have the answers for these questions because I haven’t been successful in doing any of these things as of yet.  But there is always hope.  When civilization crashes hard, and it will, we can replace it with the Gaia hypothesis, that nature and the Earth’s diversity and health mean more than building sterile monuments and exploding populations.  We will have people on our side after the crash because they will now have seen the errors of their ways.  A crash is inevitable, but who knows when it will happen and how severe it will be?

If it is simply a mild crash, with only a mild drop in population and job security, then little will be done, except to find ways to preserve the dominant system.  But if we have  a major crash, where more than half the world’s population is gone and there is no longer any structure that can sustain itself, we still have a chance to bring nature back into the picture.  But it will take a major crash to get this to sink in for the majority of people because they are too entrenched in the current system because that is all they know.  If they were raised close to nature or even in nature itself, they have a better understanding than those who spent most of their lives in sterile buildings where they are not allowed to touch anything.  Once that security blanket is taken away, perhaps those who have nothing will see the abundance in nature and strive to build it better.  That, and that reason alone, is the only reason that justifies us being here.

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Is Laziness Human Nature?

If you look at every other animal on the face of the Earth and observe them for an extended period of time, you will notice that 99% of all animals are lazy.  They spend most of their time doing nothing and the rest of their time eating, reproducing, and playing.  Their lives are pretty much paradise compared to the life of a human unless they are being influenced by humans.  For example, if they are being forced off their land or forced to be one of those performance animals.  Why do humans feel they have to be different?

Prehistoric man spent most of his time being lazy and slacking off, except in rare moments of extreme physical exertion.  There was no need to work hard because there was a bounty at our feet.  There was no concept of scarcity because we were in balance with our ecosystem.  There was no coercion or having to make a living.  We had a living simply because we were alive.  We ate organic diets because none of the toxins had been invented yet that go into all of our food.  We lived in the most abundant world we’ve ever seen up until today and we have destroyed it.  Completely destroyed it.  Because we decided to get off our asses and be proactive.  We gained intelligence, or maybe we didn’t, but the advent of agriculture, we didn’t go with the flow, we twisted the flow to fit our selfish needs.  We became anti-nature.

It’s a shame I can’t walk through the forest and pick out edible plants to eat.  It would be so much easier than working a job to be able to afford the privelege to eat.  It would be nice if there were any places where we aren’t constantly distracted by car noise.  We have been on a path of destruction for 10,000 years and things have gotten worse and worse and worse to the point where everything we eat, drink, and breathe is toxic.  There are pharmaceuticals and fluoride in our water supply.  Our foods are sprayed with poisons to kill off all other animals and insects that might want to eat every once in awhile.  Our selfish and motivated nature is what drove us to this point.

After agriculture, populations became so dense that heirarchy was necessary, which led to power over other humans.  First, it was power over nature, then it was power over ourselves.  Power became the new drug for humans.  Because certain people rose to the top in these heirarchies, they began to think conquest because the more land you have, the more people you can control, not to mention that agriculture caused a massive increase in population that needs an ever-expanding landbase.  And once the topsoil is depleted, these rulers need even more land, so more wars and more conquest of indigenous people and even weaker civilized peoples.

We could have stayed in our place 50,000 years ago.  We could have stopped at taming fire.  We could have stopped before that.  But because certain people wanted to control nature, which is something that no doubt took a lot of work the first time, we are in the situation we are today.  Our population keeps growing and there is no conceivable stop to it except a plague or virus that kills a good percentage of humans.  But we fight against that now.  We have all these medicines designed to fight off all viruses that come our way.  We have pretty much cured almost every disease, even ones that only arose because of our toxic environment.  The only hope we have is MRSA and cancer.  They seem to be the only diseases that keep killing at a steady rate, but even those have slowed down in the last 50 years.

We are responsible for most of the diseases we get anyway.  Most of them are man-created, either through our toxic society or even made in labs.  I’ve read that this swine flu that everyone seems to be going crazy about was actually made in a lab and purposely released onto the public to create more money for vaccine and medical companies.  The medical industry wants us to stay sick indefinitely so that they can profit immensely from us.  And it doesn’t exclude anyone either.  Both the rich and the poor eat the same foods, drink the same polluted water, and breathe the same toxic air.  They are exposed to the same toxins, or different ones with the same potency on a daily basis.  They have the same levels of fear and stress, even if they fear different things.  This society is on a fast track to a major crash when it is something that should have never happened in the first place.

We look at very intelligent animals, such as dolphins.  They haven’t paved the ocean floor and put up strip malls.  They frolic and eat fish all day.  Just because we are an intelligent species does not mean we have to control and exterminate all other life.  Dolphins have found a place they fit and have chosen to stay there.  We had a place where we fit, but something knocked us out of it.  It may have been a global catastrophe or just figuring out that planting seeds grew plants that we could eat and that led to larger populations that led to conquest and empire that led to urban sprawl and fluoridated water and mercury-laced vaccinations.

People say we can’t go back to the way things were tens of thousands of years ago, but calling it going back is just another way to discourage people.  We can only go forward, but we can go forward to places we’ve been before because we know they worked.  The only question is how this will happen and in this crazy cuthrouat society, where we kill all indigenous peoples to take their land and to use them as slaves, I’m not sure how this will happen unless the whole world has a major crash where the population goes down far enough and the land does not produce enough food to sustain even the depleted population.  There needs to be a cleansing period for the Earth.

Is this the toxic society those primitive humans dreamed up when they first started planting seeds?  I thought progress was supposed to make our lives easier.  All it has done is create more and more labor for us to do, giving us less and less time to relax, causing even more disease because we are pushing ourselves too far, in a very unhealthy environment, both emotionally and physically.  But how is it going to end?  Will it end with us right back where we started, eating food that is easily accessible, or is this future sustainable, a nightmare that will become 1984 or even worse with thought police and the like?  The kind of world I want to live in is the one we had so long ago, one that was tied into our nature.  The life where we did only what we had to in order to survive and were never coerced into becoming more than we already were–human.

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Back on the Smoothie Bandwagon

I wrote earlier in the year that we purchased a Vitamix.  Well, after about 3 weeks without making smoothies, I’m finally back to making them.  They are both delicious and nutritious.  With a combination of bananas, frozen fruit, and a few greens, this smoothie is a great way to start your day or even good for that middle-afternoon pick-me-up.  The smoothie I made today consisted of:

  • 1/2 lb of blueberries
  • Spectrum Blend frozen fruits (Peaches, white peaches, strawberries, honeydew, and other fruits)

Today was a more basic smoothie because I forgot to get bananas and spinach.  The smoothie I made today was so thick I just ate it like sorbet in a big bowl until some of it melted, then I took a straw and sucked it up.  It was like eating your favorite icy treat, but without any of the guilt because everything in it is whole and natural.  It served as a wonderfully filling and tasty lunch.  And since the Vitamix is so powerful, it took all those frozen fruits and pulverized them into a nice creamy mixture.  It is much easier to drink your fruits and veggies and it is to eat them and your digestive system thanks you as well.  The nutrients are already unlocked by the time they reach your stomach for hassle-free absorption.  I should start bringing these smoothies to my work so that I will have a nice nutritious meal in the middle of my shift.

My body always feels good after I drink one of these smoothies.  It feels calm and centered.  I feel like everything runs a little bit smoother when I have a fruit/veggie smoothie.  Also, each smoothie contains many, many grams of fiber.  I just think we would all benefit from eating a daily whole foods smoothie.  It would probably solve much of the health problems people suffer with.  Your body wasn’t meant to eat processed and dead foods.  Your body was evolved to eat whole living foods that still have all their nutrition in them.  So if you substitute just one meal as a smoothie, imagine how much better your body and mind will work.  It is definitely worth it.  Give it a shot.