When Nature Calls

Nature, the place where we never go. The place we only go to tear down and build suburbs and strip malls. This used to be a land of plenty. Now it is a land of scarcity. There is only one way to live and that is to participate in the man-made society and economy. Otherwise, you’ll starve to death on the streets. Or you’ll become a bum who others shy away from because their tax dollars feed you. There is no such thing as living in the woods or being a survivalist anymore because now even the woods are owned and are being cut down for development. There is nowhere to go anymore in most of the world where you can just relax and be at peace. Most forests and wilderness areas are plastered with NO TRESPASSING signs and other marks of civilization. What ever happened to the freedom to roam the countryside? The countryside disappeared and became highways and overpasses. All for this one invention we call the automobile.

The automobile, which made it possible for everything to be so far apart.  We really don’t need transportation, but because of the invention of the automobile, there is no choice but to drive a car to get where we need to go.  Doing otherwise is called jaywalking.  You can’t step one foot out of your place of residence without hearing one of these giant beasts roaming the former countryside.  It is not the root of the problem, but simply a symptom of it.

Anyone with a sense of the world around them can tell you what a terrible place it is.  All the evils of the world stem from humans.  It is us that cause all the destruction.  It is us that even kill our own species for personal gain.  We are destructive while at the same time self-destructive.  As we destroy our environment and create a false on in the wreckage, we further and further sever our ties with nature, our one true home.  When will it stop?  Will it ever?  How do we put an end to it?  I would say the best way to do it is by starting to wake people up about their lives and how we have deviated from nature’s plan for us.

Us humans destroy what we fear.  We do it because we want a tightly controlled, predictable space for us to live in.  Our own little habitat that we can manage on a daily basis to fit our needs and forget about the needs of every other living creature, except maybe a pet, who has been reduced to depending helplessly on us, giving us yet another feeling of power over another living thing.  We used to live with these creatures symbiotically, and now we have taken it all for ourselves, leaving everyone else in the dust, even what we consider to be lesser humans.  We love to invade those lesser humans, those who still live with the Earth, and kill them off while simultaneously stealing their land for crops or cheap beef.  It’s all about us and never about anyone or anything else.

I don’t know how others do not see how wrong this is, and why those who do don’t do anything about it.  If we all got together, we could start a revolution, but what would we do for food?  There are hardly any wild edibles left in America and we are so accustomed to this way of life that it is such a hard transition that it could take many, many generations.  We need to go back to nature, but how can we successfully accomplish that?  How can we go there and stay there, never being swayed by the shallow pleasures of civilization?  How can we become one with the Earth without being conquered by yet another dominant civilization demanding submission or death?

I don’t have the answers for these questions because I haven’t been successful in doing any of these things as of yet.  But there is always hope.  When civilization crashes hard, and it will, we can replace it with the Gaia hypothesis, that nature and the Earth’s diversity and health mean more than building sterile monuments and exploding populations.  We will have people on our side after the crash because they will now have seen the errors of their ways.  A crash is inevitable, but who knows when it will happen and how severe it will be?

If it is simply a mild crash, with only a mild drop in population and job security, then little will be done, except to find ways to preserve the dominant system.  But if we have  a major crash, where more than half the world’s population is gone and there is no longer any structure that can sustain itself, we still have a chance to bring nature back into the picture.  But it will take a major crash to get this to sink in for the majority of people because they are too entrenched in the current system because that is all they know.  If they were raised close to nature or even in nature itself, they have a better understanding than those who spent most of their lives in sterile buildings where they are not allowed to touch anything.  Once that security blanket is taken away, perhaps those who have nothing will see the abundance in nature and strive to build it better.  That, and that reason alone, is the only reason that justifies us being here.

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