How to Save the World

I’ve been reading a blog entitled How to Save the World again after not reading it for a long time and I really encourage everyone to take a look at what this man, Dave Pollard, has to say.  I would recommend first reading his essay entitled How to Save the World and go from there.  He’s got years and years worth of essays and blog posts that could keep you reading for years.  He is an avid Earth lover and someone who actually has some interesting solutions about how to save the Earth and still allow for humans to live on it, albeit with much lower population numbers.  He is extremely intelligent and may be hard to comprehend for some readers.  He often has all kinds of charts and diagrams to show his thinking in a more visual format.  He is of very high consciousness and has very interesting and true (to me) opinions of what needs to be done to get our species back into balance with the rest of life on Earth.  I’m not going to even attempt to give a summary of what he believes in because I know I’ll miss something and maybe add something that is incongruent.  I would just suggest reading his big signature essay, linked above first and then moving from there.

I would have to say he has one of the best environmental/realistic blogs on the planet and he doesn’t sugarcoat the problems we will be facing in the next century.  The man has read extensively on the state of the world and then read more, and continues to keep reading about all these issues and how they have evolved.  And he keeps writing, and I assume he will continue to until his death, which means there will be plenty of material to be read by everyone.  He also has a reading list that will clarify all the issues he is talking about.  It’s somewhere on his site. There it is.  Just click that link.  I’m not one to go around promoting other people’s blogs, but if I find one that really speaks to me, I send the gift to you, free of charge.  He is the imaginer as he puts it, great at imagining possibilities.  Highly recommended.  Have been a long-term reader on and off for years, at least since 2005.  Happy Reading.

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I’ve been working nights for the past 2 weeks and amazingly it has not affected my sleep in the least. I slept from 9 AM to 7 PM today. I like working nights because it is a better pace and less people on your case all the time. It’s kind of funny knowing that the times I’m working most of the United States is asleep or passed out drunk. At least I’m doing something and not just standing there waiting for customers to come in. I’d have to say it is an easier job than working days because there are “too many chiefs and not enough Indians” as one of my coworkers put it. There’s no overbearing shift supervisor or multiple people who are ruling over me. There is either one or none. Which is nice. I’ve been more productive on night shift than I have been on day shift due to all the things I have to do, but I do them at my own pace and always have time to spare. It’s kind of weird waking up and it’s dark out or almost dark and I haven’t seen the sun in awhile, but I have Wednesday from 7:30 AM until Friday and 11 PM off. I’ll spend some time out in the yard getting some much-needed sunlight. I may get some full-spectrum lighting for my room to give myself the safe UVA and other rays that I need for optimal Vitamin D and so that I don’t get my sleep hormones all fucked up. I take melatonin every morning before I go to bed. So far on most days I wake up feeling rested and I still have from 4 to 7 hours before I even have to show up at work. It’s a life I could get used to because it’s not like I have an avid social life nor do I want one. I like to work and I enjoy the people who work nights. As of this point, I can say so far so good. Here’s to another few months at this night job and possibly even longer. I just need my energy drink to start the night and I’m good.

I’ll elaborate more on this when I have more time. It kind of reminds me of Steve Pavlina’s polyphasic sleep experiment, which he carried on for over 6 months if I remember right. It’s an adjustment, but at least I’m getting enough hours to finally save up some money for my future plans. Eventually, I’m thinking of buying some remote land that I can call a second home where I can spend time there and do whatever I want with it. The more money I save, the better off I’ll be. Working the night shift has helped me save money because I am no longer awake during the day out buying lattes and whatnot. Well, have a good night, world.

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Let Us Break Free

Let’s try and move towards anarchy.  Let us go onto that road where there is no central control or authority, where we are free from tyranny.  Let us march down that road, even if we have to go down it alone.  Let us live like every other species in the animal kingdom by adapting to our environment instead of twisting our environment to fit us.  Let us leave other living creatures alone, or at least make it a fair fight.  Let us ban all factory farms.  Let us ban clear cutting forests and allow the Earth to heal itself.  Let us learn the skills of survivalism and become autonomous on our own terms.  Let us learn to find and eat wild edible plants and fruits.  Let us live the way we are meant to be living.

Let us build our own homes from natural materials and live close to nature and allow nature to slowly but surely take over the whole planet so that it will be our homes as well.  Let us get rid of agriculture and a mass hysteric society to form small tribes or communities where there is no coercion or guilt.  Let us love the life we live and live the life we love and give ourselves to a 2 million year old biological knowing that we are meant to be living with all other creatures, not separate and away from them.  Let us become what it truly means to be human.  Let us break free from the shackles of this society.

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