Let Us Break Free

Let’s try and move towards anarchy.  Let us go onto that road where there is no central control or authority, where we are free from tyranny.  Let us march down that road, even if we have to go down it alone.  Let us live like every other species in the animal kingdom by adapting to our environment instead of twisting our environment to fit us.  Let us leave other living creatures alone, or at least make it a fair fight.  Let us ban all factory farms.  Let us ban clear cutting forests and allow the Earth to heal itself.  Let us learn the skills of survivalism and become autonomous on our own terms.  Let us learn to find and eat wild edible plants and fruits.  Let us live the way we are meant to be living.

Let us build our own homes from natural materials and live close to nature and allow nature to slowly but surely take over the whole planet so that it will be our homes as well.  Let us get rid of agriculture and a mass hysteric society to form small tribes or communities where there is no coercion or guilt.  Let us love the life we live and live the life we love and give ourselves to a 2 million year old biological knowing that we are meant to be living with all other creatures, not separate and away from them.  Let us become what it truly means to be human.  Let us break free from the shackles of this society.

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