A Virus With Shoes

Bill Hicks once said “the human race is a virus with shoes.”  I find that to be very true.  I would have used the word cancer, though.  We consume resources at expense of the whole to suit our own selfish needs.  We are a cancer on this planet.  We should just gracefully either become healthy “cells” again or we will be eradicated with the Earth’s immune system once we stop “mutating” to evade all the diseases that are meant to control our population.  We bypass all of those diseases by becoming more and more resistant to everything the Earth and even our own kind throw our way.  There are very few people who are doing their part to put the Earth back into balance and their actions are virtually meaningless because of the immense pull in the other direction.  The corporations are like the tumors of our human cancer race.  They pollute on a scale so large without any regard for any of the life around them that everything we eat or drink is now poisonous to some degree.  Look what we have done to this wonderful world.  Before civilized humans, this place was a paradise.  Now it’s closer to a hell.

I can’t imagine what the world will look like in the year 2100.  It will probably be a flaming ball of shit.  Civilization is in its twilight phase after a very short existence of a mere 10,000 years.  We lived mostly in balance before that for almost 3 million years.  To say we can’t go back is to say that once you go to work you can’t go back to your home afterward.  “You know you can’t go back.”  I believe we can go back to living in balance with the Earth, but it will be no easy transition, especially with all the fucking people we have hanging around this planet.  We need to cut the population by 93% or more to even be able to live in balance and we need to go back to a time without agriculture, which leads to expanding populations, conquest, war, and disease.  We need to go back to a primitive way of living that actually enhances the Earth, not destroys it.  We need to increase diversity instead of wiping it all out.  When I say diversity, I’m talking about diversity of species, not the narrow-minded diversity used to describe a particular subset of the human population.

We also need to abandon technology.  Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but all it has done is complicate things beyond belief.  It is one of the drugs of civilization that keeps it going, and because of it we are larger in numbers, but more stressed out and closer together, which tends to bring out aggressive behaviors and drug abuse.  Our mental health is collapsing all around us because our whole society is insane and in order to adapt, we must also become that way.  One psychiatrist said, “Psychopathy is a perfectly natural response to a pathogenic environment.”  We are victims of circumstance here and if we had a choice on how to live, I’m sure there would be more people living in a more primitive culture, but in this robber-baron consciousness world, they would be overtaken yet again and be forced to comply or be killed.  We have wiped out every indigenous culture, barring a very small few exceptions.  And the primitive peoples, who are seduced by the fancy new toys of civilization, have no immunity to these overtakings.

What I suggest is that we take the knowledge of civilization and what it has done to our planet and what it has done to our species as a whole and retain it once we go to a more primitive way of life.  Sure, we won’t be able to defend against these gargantuan industrial civilizations that come and try and conquer us, but at least we may be able to convince them of the error of their ways before they obliterate us into oblivion.  Even here in America, we destroyed the cultures of the Native Americans and the Africans we brought here to be our slaves.  Where does this come from?  Destruction at all costs to serve our narrow-minded agenda.  It’s hard to reason with these monsters when there’s a gun shoved in your face or you are being hunted like animals to work on a plantation across the ocean.  Christopher Columbus hacked up Native American children and fed them to his dogs.  He claimed to be a man of God.  What would Jesus do?  Violence is never the answer unless you are under direct attack and are only trying to preserve your own life or the lives of those you care about.

All this violence and conquest stem from the agricultural complex.  Since we had more people, we needed to keep conquering more and more space to house and feed our growing population.  Whatever spawned the development of agriculture has destroyed us as a species to the horrible cancer we have become today and will continue to be at an escalating pace until we crash into a post-civilization world that could be anything, good or bad, depending on the mass consciousness of our species at that point.  A lot of people will die during the crash, billions.  It will be horrible, but at the same time a good thing.  We will have a chance, for the first time in 10,000 years, to live our own ways and to make decisions that could bring about major change in the world.  Now is not the time for major change because most people are too comfortable in their little self-created bubbles.  But things are starting to get worse from civilization’s standpoint and better eventually for the rest of the world as the corporations are starting to fall and putting forth in motion the beginning of a collapse that will breed abundance, diversity, and freedom for the first time in a very long time.  Most of us will not see the culmination of this crash, but we will be here for at least the beginning of it.  Let us use our power to nudge civilization into the history books before it destroys every living thing left on this planet.  Let us become a species without shoes.

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What is a revolution?  It is an uprising of bottom-up channeled power that works to overthrow the dominant system.  So why overthrow the dominant system?  Just read the book entitled A Language Older Than Words by Derrick Jensen and you will understand.  The world has become worse and worse in its atrocities up until today, although they have done a much better job at hiding them.  The exploitation of every living being, including humans except for the super rich has completely bankrupted our planet and will continue to do so until there is nothing and no one left to exploit.  I don’t blame us for this.  This is what we are hardwired to do.  Our genetics and our situation 30,000 or 10,000 years ago forced us to adapt to a new way of living and its natural (or unnatural) progression has led us to the point we are at today.  There was something big that happened that forced us to start controlling our food supply instead of doing what we had always done for approximately 3 million years.  30,000 years is but 1 percent of our existence on this planet and we’ve only been involved in heavy industry for 0.01% of our time here.  That is one one-hundredth of a percent.  Which comes down to 1/10,000.  And we’re not even given a choice of how we want to live.  It’s to live in this industrial complex or be converted/killed.

This society can only expand and never contract because it’s ever-growing food production leads to ever-growing population, which then leads to ever-growing resource consumption, which leads to more and more exploitation, and so on and so forth.  We shouldn’t be surprised about anything, no matter how horrific, that comes from a system of continuous and escalating exploitation of those who happen to be born in the wrong country or in the wrong social class or even as the wrong species.  The current system has no respect for life on its own terms, just certain animal and human life, but only the life that will work with the current escalating and exploiting system.  This is the only life we know and we are constantly trying to “get ahead” of everyone else, in a world of zero-sum competition.  We willingly work against nature and balance to create an entire world of our own making, bending our environments to fit ourselves rather than adapting to them.  I would say that the human race is much smarter intellectually than most animals, but is emotionally and spiritually bankrupt due to the immense lack of empathy for other living beings.  Native humans used to worship the animals.  Now we simply exterminate them, unless they serve us in some way or are cute enough to be saved.

Human population is approaching 7 billion faster every day and the more people there are, the worse things get.  Being crowded causes all sorts of psychological problems and aggressiveness due to the perceived lack of space and resources.  We spend most of our lives indoors, in cubicles or climate controlled homes, with no real time spent in what our home used to be–nature.  We have no more intuition or instinct because our culture takes it right out of us through years of social conditioning.  We have to learn so much information just to survive, hundreds of times more info than primitive man had to learn, which overloads our brains to the point of sheer madness.  It gets to the point where we don’t know what to believe or what we need to know to survive.

We create a toxic world.  Most of our food is highly processed, devoid of nutrients, and full of poisons and genetically modified concoctions.  It’s no wonder many people thrive on a whole foods, organic diet with pasture-raised meat or even certified humane meats.  It is the way of our ancestors, the way we have evolved for the past 3 million years, sparing a few hundred due to industry.  There are toxic pollutants everywhere from almost every industry, factory farms and chemical plants being two of the most egregious offenders.  We receive millions of radio waves passing through our bodies every day and the EMFs surrounding us in every appliance and electronic we use is astronomical in comparison to early man, which gives rise to many illnesses that were never present before all of these technologies went into place.  And let us not forget the toxic medical care system, which only serves to perpetuate sickness at an escalating level on par with age to maximize its own profit at the expense of all of us, even themselves.  The medical industrial complex has once again put us on a path of self-destruction, of our home and of ourselves.  Do any other organisms on this planet behave this way?  I think not.

But how can we change?  How can we put a stop to the dominant system before it destroys us all?  Would it even be worth it, seeing how we would most likely eventually fall back into it when another trauma strikes this planet and we are again faced with shortages of food and need to improvise quickly or we risk going extinct?  Are we doomed to keep building up civilizations and watching them fall for the rest of our existence or can we learn from this mistake and find a new way to live that is both environmentally responsible and less consumed with hierarchy and materialism?  Is there a feasible way to exist on this planet without completely decimating it while simultaneously lowering populations to between one half and one billion, just so that we can live lightly on the Earth and help to restore it to its once perfect state?  Or is it better that the human race just go extinct and allow smaller and more adaptable species to flourish for awhile until yet another large, fierce, and intelligent species evolves to the point we have and start the cycle all over again?

It’s no question that the world would be a better place without us, but it is going to take awhile for this system to completely collapse.  Will it be 10o years or 1000?  In terms of the Earth, does that really matter?  After we are gone, the Earth is perfectly capable of regenerating itself and there will be all sorts of new species and some old.  There will be an abundance in diversity not seen since before we existed and it will make the Earth’s creatures more resilient because the more diverse an environment is, the better suited it is for long-term survival.  This is why our mono-humanism needs to end and we need to see ourselves for what we are–just another one of the creatures inhabiting the planet, nothing more, nothing less.  This kind of thinking is revolutionary because we haven’t thought like this in tens of thousands of years and it will change the world in such profound and constructive ways that not living as other creatures do will inevitably lead us down a path of extinction of ourselves and most all other life on Earth.  The complete opposite of diversity.  What a mess we humans have made of this planet.  But at least we can live in the comfort in knowing we won’t be killing the Earth forever.  Something has got to give.

Edit:  Also, a couple more Derrick Jensen books for you to read:  Endgame and The Culture of Make-Believe.

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The Weston A. Price Foundation

I’m currently reading the Weston A. Price Foundation’s website and it has a wealth of information concerning health and what our ancestors ate and how it contributed to their excellent health.  Surprisingly, it was a high meat, figh fat, and high saturated fat diet.  Surely the meat was unprocessed and did not have nearly as many toxins as the meats today do.  When Weston A. Price went to all the uncivilized peoples in the 1930s, he found that they too were eating a very high meat and saturated fats diet and yet had perfect teeth, no tooth decay, and were much taller and stronger than the people of the civilized world.  Dr. Mercola (mercola.com) has a similar view about health as the Weston A. Price Foundation does.  I’ve been reading Mercola’s site for years and agree with 99% of his findings and recommendations and the same goes for the Weston A. Price foundation.  Both foundations do also advocate eating dark green leafy vegetables and to limit the intake of fruits and any processed foods.  Processed foods are among the worst offenders for our ill health, along with the fluoridation of our water.  Most of the processed foods are made with genetically engineered ingredients, the worst offenders being highly manipulated corn and soy.  Unless the label says it used organic soy/corn, you should assume it was genetically altered.

Another aspect of the traditional diet, as they call it on the site, is that these people ate the whole animal and different parts of each animal had a different benefit.  It is a fascinating website and I trust that their findings are correct due to their evidence of primitive cultures and the enormous amount of references and the additional evidence of the people who are a part of the organization who follow the Weston A Price diet.  This explains why we love meat as a species.  I just wish our meat today was raised in a more healthy environment.  It is very expensive to get healthy meat and eggs from a trusted source, so the majority of people end up buying highly contaminated and drugged animal meat, which contributed to health problems.  Pasture-raised meats and certified humane are the only real labels we can trust.  Even cage-free animals are still packed in concrete floor warehouses and organic just means their feed is clean of pesticides and genetic manipulation and that they were not subjected to antibiotics or synthetic hormones.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t locked in cages and treated with such disregard for their individuality that I can almost understand why people are vegan today.  It’s just too bad that the vegan diet is full of nutritional deficiencies, such as good Omega-3 fatty acids and most importantly, Vitamin B-12 and animal-based vitamin D.

They are also advocates for raw dairy, as I have for a couple of years.  Organic, raw dairy is one of nature’s healthiest foods, as are organic, healthy eggs.  It is a variation of the Atkin’s diet in a way, but it doesn’t have any processed foods whatsoever.  I would call it more of an ancestral diet, a traditional diet.  It takes a look at what nourishes human beings best and if we could ever get back to an environment where we can live that sort of life where that diet is possible, we could flourish as a species again.  If we could stop producing industrial pollutants and nuclear weapons and start producing healthier and more nutrient-dense food, we could become beings of joy and well-being instead of beings of depression and malnourishment.

I would advise anyone who is deeply interested in their health to check out The Weston A. Price Foundation and Mercola.com.

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