Eating Animals

Lately, as we all know, there has been light shed on the horrific factory farming industry.  But it doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Why should it?  It just goes with the typical endless growth culture that will inevitably destroy us.  Factory farming contributes to all sorts of environmental, health, and ethical problems that they could fill a thousand books (maybe more).  But it is in our nature to eat animals.  We simply cannot survive very long without eating the flesh of another creature or we will suffer ill health effects.  We cannot all buy locally grown, grass-fed, free range, certified organic meat either because there just isn’t enough of that to go around.  And the more food we produce, the more people there are, so the more meat is produced in this concentration-camp like slaughterhouse known as factory farming.

This civilization is a runaway train headed straight for destruction.  A system that takes without giving back is doomed to failure on the very principle that it is unsustainable.  And when a system that keeps getting bigger keeps stealing from the Earth and not replenishing it, it will inevitably come to a screeching halt.  This is  no dilemma on whether or not to eat animals.  This is a question of whether these factory-farmed animals are even contributing to our health, being that the factory farms that this pathological civilization have created turn animals into such sick creatures that 90% of their nutrition is wiped out due to all of the horrible living conditions and substandard food.  Let’s not forget to mention the antibiotics and growth hormones.  An animal living an unnatural life confined indoors is not going to produce the same quality meat as an animal that is allowed to live in its natural environment.

But most people just don’t want to know.  They want their burgers and fried chicken and just don’t want to think about what horrors these factory-farmed animals have been through.  And they don’t want to think about all the toxins and genetically modified foodstuffs they are absorbing as they eat what they perceive to be just another meal.  It would be nice if each animal we ate was actually hunted, had lived in the wild for its whole existence, and died quickly, painlessly.  It’s just too bad that things have gotten so bad in the meat industry.  And we are powerless to stop it.  Not enough people care to invoke real change in this field.  Sure, the permaculture movement has seen some success, but agribusiness will always be on top.  It’s not like the ordinary American can afford to eat a Certified Humane piece of steak or chicken every night.  They’ve got too many loans and bills to pay off for seemingly unnecessary things and comforts to spend more than 10% of their salary on food.

Another problem is we have too many people and way too much food.  And since we have too much food, there will be more people, and thus we will produce more food.  And this will inevitably lead to more people.  This is practically a law of nature.  And the more food we produce, the worse the conditions for the animals who are unfortunate enough to be stuck in the gears of our agricultural-industrial complex.  They spend their whole lives living in hell so we can eat one meal.  And it becomes such a meal that it doesn’t even nourish us that much, so we are compelled to eat more to fill the discrepancy in nutrition.  And thus obesity is created, even though most obese people are nutritionally deficient due to extreme degradation in nutrients in ALL the food we eat, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and anything edible.  This toxic world has ruined our food supply and will continue to do so until it inevitably collapses and hopefully we can move towards a more natural way of life.

There used to be less than 2 million humans on this planet.  Our population wasn’t getting out of balance at that time because if it did, some of us would starve due to lack of food.  If we overhunted, we starved.  Our population had negative feedback, always pulling us back to the center.  Think of it as a bowl.  The further away you go from balance, the more pull there is back to the center.  When agriculture started, we created a positive feedback loop.  We became the creators of our food and domesticated wild plants and animals, making us the deciders of how much food would be available.  Thus, we created more food, and thus more people, and thus more land to house those people was needed.  And all of this enabled hierarchy and plagues and cities and central authority.  When you have billions of people roaming around, there has to be someone to keep order.  Back when there were small tribes spread out all across the Earth, there was no need.  People did as they pleased and did what they needed to survive and spent the rest of their time playing and slacking off.  Now we live in an artificial hell world where every second of the day is structured and commanded.  We care more about efficiency than the health of the people as a whole.  And we care far less about the animals we eat, because to us they are nothing more than mindless robots that have no feelings and are expendable with no rights to the lives they were intended for.

I have no objection to someone going out and hunting for food and eating it.  But there are no wild animals that are as tasty as the ones we’ve domesticated.  We domesticated them because they were our favorites and we wanted more of them.  We didn’t know what it would lead to at the time because there is no way that people back then had the foresight to predict the cruelty we see today in the factory farming system.  But most people are not ready to listen.  Most people do not want to know the truth about that piece of meat in their plate.  Better not think about it.  And this is why it is allowed to  continue.  But people will only listen when they are ready and not before.  I’m just hoping that some people are ready to hear this and are willing to buy meat that was raised in humane conditions, preferably without any chemicals or genetically-modified feed.  And that will be a start.  But it’s going to take a major change in the way we view the food animals we eat before any real change takes place.  I just hope for things to get better in my lifetime and move in a positive direction until we are no longer being so cruel to animals that we should be worshiping because they sustain our lives.

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3 thoughts on “Eating Animals

  1. For years, whenever I was asked why I was a vegetarian or why I spent my money on organic food, I could not find a decent, well-thought out, well- argumented reply that would encompass my philosophy about eating. You’ve just done it for me.Thank you.

    The way I eat, the way I choose to spend my money reflects my politics as action. How could I share this on Facebook?

  2. Just use the ShareThis button at the bottom of the post. I has a facebook category I think. Or at least it used to. Just copy and paste the link to one of your facebook comments. That should be sufficient. Thank you for the positive feedback. I’m fine with you linking to it via any social networking site. I sure could use more traffic.

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