Monsanto: Possibly the Worst Corporation Ever, Part I

I just thought I would check in with you all and let you know about something you probably already know about. Monsanto is by far the most evil corporation ever to exist so far. I say so far because there is ample opportunity for another corporation to emerge from the fog and take first place in this deplorable position.

Here’s a lsit of what they have done so far:

  • Agent Orange
  • Sacchirin
  • GMO Crops
  • Terminator Seeds
  • DDT
  • Artificial Fibers
  • Aspartame
  • rBGH
  • PCBs
  • worked on the Manhattan Project
  • Produced LEDs
  • filed lawsuits against Canadian farmers when Monsanto’s patented seeds blew onto the farmers’ land.
  • Round-Up and Round-Up Ready GMO crops

I’m sure there are many, many more violations I can’t even think of at this moment.  And guess which presidential candidate and former first lady used to defend Monsanto?  You guessed it.  Hillary Clinton.  I’m sure they paid her a ton of money for that job.  It takes a hell of a lot of work to defend such criminal behavior and to get all of these toxic chemicals given a safe status to be used on the public.  About the worst offense this company has been a part of was most likely the Manhattan Project, but 90% of the work this terrible company does has had drastic and damaging effects on our environment and on our quality of life.  I don’t know how they’ve been allowed to thrive for so long, if not for the money and lobbyists they send out to convince politicians that all the moves this deadly company is making are good.

How many payoffs have there been behind closed doors with regards to Monsanto in the interest of degradation of our food and environment?  Is the cost of what Monsanto is doing worth a bunch of green pieces of paper?  I would say no and say that the cost will be much, much more and last for centuries, possibly longer.  But they fit well into civilization’s paradigm, don’t they?  They take, take, take without giving back.  Terminator seeds are the ultimate example of this.  They take seeds that grow plants that give out dead seeds, therefore destroying the cycle of life.  Their biggest wet dream is that in the future, everyone will have to keep buying their seeds from Monsanto every year instead of saving seeds from plants they already have.  But they are just playing the game, and playing it well, of civilization.

I’m really surprised Monsanto didn’t get in on those H1N1 flu virus vaccines.  That would have just put icing on the cake.  It’s funny how Monsanto doesn’t really think it needs to hide either.  They just do this all out in the open, and even use their legal powers to change laws such as that it is now legal to patent living beings.  A tragedy nonetheless.

Due to our housekeeper making too much noise for me to concentrate, I will continue this article at a later date.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

DNA and Natural Selection

At our very core, us humans are all the same. We all want to survive and to pass our genes on to the next generation. It is built into our DNA. This is why the act of reproduction feels so good. We are programmed to reproduce at any cost possible because we originated from a world with very few humans with very low survival rates. Natural selection took care of the people who were ill-equipped to survive and the ones with the strongest genes lived on to replicate their DNA time and time again, ensuring the species a better chance of surviving. This was back in our hunter-gatherer days.

In comes agriculture. This new invention forced upon the entire world over time increased our population due to a greater abundance of food, and this led to more people and more food and so on to the point where we for the most part do not go hungry and have more than enough food to feed the world many times over. More and more people are surviving that would have died back in the hunter-gatherer days because survival has gotten easier and easier every generation, evident by all those people you see walking around. So we have a diluted gene pool that just keeps reproducing at the speed of light, with exponential population growth, leading to a resource scarcity and a destruction of our Earth’s ecosystem. The stronger gene people mixed in with the weaker gened people and turned us all into a homogeneous population of consumerism-obsessed “zombies.” Now I use the term “zombie” to refer to the mass of people on Black Friday who want a good sale so badly they trample a Wal*Mart employee to death. We are overcrowded and we sense in our DNA that there will not be enough to go around, so we become agitated and fearful.

We are living so far out of balance, even our own bodies can sense it. Every time I see a tree being cut down or factory-farmed animals in cages, I feel for them. I feel like we could be doing so much better as a race, but instead we look after our own narrow-minded self-interest instead of working towards the greater good for all of the world. We buy sneakers made by child slaves and fur coats made from dead animals that were seen as no more than a commodity, an expendable life for the purpose of fashion. But we don’t want to know. We don’t want to think that the animal we are serving up for dinner spent its entire life in a cage, never seeing the light of day and then was slaughtered in a very bloody death, but all cleaned up by the time we get it at our local supermarket. It wouldn’t have to be this way if there weren’t so many people that we had to start domesticating animals and using them as tools to serve us, rather than allowing them to live their lives as well.

I would argue that natural selection became human selection after some time in civilization. We exterminate all life that doesn’t benefit us, and we keep the things around the we use or find nice to look at. Everything else is expendable. Our own selfish needs, brought about by our selfish DNA, which cares about nothing more than survival of itself and its species, will go to great lengths to make sure we have everything at the expense of every other living creature on this planet.

We are what we are. It’s hard to change a species’ consciousness. We are doomed to keep up this behavior for quite some time until we crash and burn into a place where we are forced to live like we once did, but who knows if we’ll just repeat the cycle over and over for all eternity, crashing and burning, then rebuilding, then crashing and burning again? Since the human lifespan is not infinite or even more than a century at best, it’s hard to really know if we will ever learn from these mistakes we’ve made or if we will ever change our ways. It’s possible that we are hardwired to keep up the destruction, even well after we have lost everything due to resource depletion. Always the optimist, I know.

It’s possible that we may find that balance again where we live with nature and enhance it, but how we get to that point is beyond my knowledge. Even a plan that looks good on paper is going to hit many, many obstacles that will destroy any hope of a nature-based human world. Humans will go extinct in the future, but it will take a long time, but this exploitative and self-important type of behavior will certainly hasten our demise into oblivion, which is a good thing in that scenario anyway because we’re not living in balance. If we could find a place where we fit and stay there in a nature-based culture, it would also be fine because we could exist for millions of years and still have everything we started with.

But I don’t know if humans are capable of going back. Time will tell.

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