Humans: Pathology at its Best

The human race as a collective is very sick. We are damaged goods, broken. In today’s civilization, it is impossible not to be broken because all we see around us is hordes of death, destruction, murder, robbery, genocide, disease, overpopulation, etc. Our culture has turned us into a bunch of living, walking, breathing zombies that care more about how they can get ahead than how we can all work together. It is a natural reaction to the kind of world we live in today. We feel that we always have to be better than other people because we will see more opportunities and have a better life. An endless path of progress until our ultimate demise. This type of thinking is flawed. It is exactly the type of thinking that brought us such great innovations such as the Holocaust and genocide of the Native Americans.

We are so far out of balance and our consciousness shows that.  We continue to destroy our natural habitat in favor of sterile monuments and monumental buildings that represent little more than corporate dominance.  We are slaves to this accident called civilization.  It may not be accurate to call it an accident, because we knew damn well what we were doing and what we are doing now.  The problem was that we became addicted to the power.  When we finally mastered agriculture and the domestication of animals, we became more numerous and were able to gobble up more land for our consumption.  And as this spiraled out of control, our numbers grew larger and larger and central authority was established because once we reach a large enough number of people, there has to be someone in charge, no matter who they are or what their motives are.

And so it goes.  We initially developed agriculture as a survival mechanism to help us through one of the ice ages or other trauma that happened some 30,000 years ago.  We had to adapt and because we had developed such large brains from either eating tons of meat or other factors, we were able to take control of our food supply, which seemed perfectly rational at the time.  It was either make some food or go extinct.  So it is our own superior intelligence and mental adaptability that will ultimately be our demise.  I don’t blame the early homo sapiens for doing what they thought was necessary because had I been in their shoes, I would have done the same thing.  I don’t think they ever thought what would become of our world thousands of years down the road.  They were just doing what they had to.

Let us not forget about the Industrial Revolution that created orders of magnitude more people than grain agriculture.  Let us not shy away from all our medical advances that allow many people to live that would have otherwise been selected out due to living a natural life.  We just keep extending our power beyond our empathy until it is too late.  Where is this civilization going anyway?  Do we really want a world with 15 billion people and over 1 billion Americans?  Is that what we want?  People living in pods designed by GE and eating Monsanto GMO crops?  Because that is the only way we are ever going to feed and house a population of over-consuming, overpopulated humans who just don’t know when to stop.

Thankfully, our civilization should crash well before that nightmarish scenario ever happens.  But people are working to make all our unsustainable technologies more sustainable, which is a nightmare if you ask me.  Do we really want a police state sustainable?  Or a one-world-government?  Do we really want 1984?  Is that what we are shooting for?  A high-tech security state where every move we make is documented and even our private thoughts are being read by government officials?  Because that is where we are headed if we keep up this civilization.  I just pray that we crash fast and hard in the next century and never recover to the point we are at now.

We can gobble up all the natural resources and all the land, but then what?  What is the means to this end?  When there is no more power to be taken, what will those in power do?  When humans have control over every living being, will we expand into the universe and start making all universal life our slaves?  Technophiles are the ones who dream this kind of stuff up.  And they are the ones who are making many of the decisions.  They say that there is always a solution to maintain the status quo and to keep moving in the same direction infinitely, but that is not the case.  It is only a matter of time before we run out of the very fuel that is powering us.  It took millions of years for all the fuel we are using to form.  And in a couple of centuries, we have depleted nearly all of it.  Does that seem very logical and rational to you?

So what are we supposed to do about all this?  I would argue there is nothing we can do on a small scale that would make any significant difference.  The only suggestion I have is to learn how to be self-sufficient and how to live without some of the manufactured necessities we now are blessed to have.  The electricity will come off.  The water will stop running.  There will be catastrophic crop failures.  It’s just a matter of when.  And it is a matter of knowing how to get by on much, much less than we have been.

And it is also shedding this notion that we are entitled to everything this Earth has to offer.  Not to mention taking what the Earth gives us and not forcefully creating our food and shelters in such a way that we destroy the majority of all other life around us.  It is getting rid of all these unnecessary laws and regulations that are just used to control us when what we truly are are wild animals.  And until we embrace our wildness and get back to nature, we will see how we used to live just by watching the animals and how they live.  We will regain more and more of our primal selves and start to realize that the way we live now is totally insane and the way every other creature on this planet lives makes perfect, logical sense

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2 thoughts on “Humans: Pathology at its Best

  1. Humans I believe goes with the law of nature, and as with all creations, our kind will be extinct in its proper time. Unless we go beyond our minds, we will never realize our divine nature. :-)

  2. But don’t you think that we’re more than just physical beings? We have the ability to reason, to use rationality, something no other earthly species has. Perhaps we are intellectual beings and physical beings as well as spiritual beings. We just don’t know the full capabilities of our minds yet.

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