Nobody is in Control

Last night, I happened to see a clip from the documentary Zeitgeist: Addendum.  This prompted me to go over to Youtube and check out the entire movie because it seemed to be very interesting.  It was mostly about our monetary system and how we used and still use exploitation of poorer countries to build our wealth while systematically destroying any wealth the poorer countries had in the first place.  It also talked about the Federal Reserve and how we can never pay back the debt owed to the Fed, because from the beginning the money was given to us at interest, so therefore we will always be in debt.  This debt makes us all slaves of the Federal Reserve and the corportocracy .  This got me to thinking that it is civilization that is in control and not any person or people.  We are victims of environment and are just adapting to what we were born into.

I encourage you to watch this film and get an idea of what they are talking about.  You’ll find out how the banks essentially create money out of thin air with loans, among other things.  What I got from this film was a distinct feeling that none of our leaders can save us unless they boldly go where no leader has successfully gone, in America at least, for the last century.  They need to fight the establishment.  Too bad this type of behavior usually gets them killed or labeled a terrorist.  It is just so hard to go against what is destroying us because there are so many powerful people who benefit from our current system that it would take a full-on revolution for anything at all to change, and it this would not cause changes sufficiently enough.  What we truly need is a true dismantling of civilization.  We need to get rid of hierarchies and corporations, whose only motive is to acquire power and make profits, ever-increasing their power to the point where now 1% of the population controls over 40% of the wealth.

Our over-competitive world based on a scarcity mindset is what propels all of this.  If there was an abundance, many of these behaviors would go away.  But there is scarcity manufactured into the framework of civilization, to keep everyone fighting for what is perceived as a small amount of goods, services, and everything else.  If we just shifted our thinking from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, we would see events happen that we would have previously thought to be impossible.  It is a fundamental choice between fear and love, but when is the last time you heard that on the news?

We are conditioned from an early age that the world is a scary, dishonest place and we, through our own experiences and beliefs, perpetuate this value system.  We strive to get ahead in a world where getting ahead will only get us so far, seeing how we are kept in the dark on anything that truly matters in the world today.  For example, a couple of years ago, Bush signed the NAU agreement, which made Canada, the USA, and Mexico one entity.  You didn’t hear about this on the news because no media outlet even reported on it.  Why?  Because if they did, all these questions would come up.  Why didn’t he get approval from Congress?  Why didn’t they vote on this?  How the hell did he get away with doing such a terrible thing right in front of our eyes?

Because, essentially, power does what it wants and lets all of us deal with the consequences.  They take our freedoms away while expanding their power until they have all of it and we have none.  It is easier to squeeze tighter than it is to let go.  But this pathological need for power is heading towards doom, so are these people really in control?  I would argue that for now they are, but soon, very soon, they will have everything come crashing down on them and be forced to live as equals with the rest of us, the most terrifying thing ever for someone in power.

When this civilization crashes, either from its inherent insustainability or from simple revolution, those in power will lose their power over everyone and everything.  I hope that we build a society based on abundance once all of this happens.  A society where everyone is treated equally and we work cooperatively to solve the problems of the world.  We just need to dismantle this power structure, take down the Fed, and start anew with principles that will not be corrupted by any source.  But how do we do this?

We need to look at our roots before civilization corrupted us to fully get back what we used to have.  We need to drop the dogma that primitive people lived crappy lives and died young.  We need to actually look at non-civilized peoples from all times of history and create models based on the best attributes of each tribe or culture.  We need to respect the Earth and all of its creatures.  We need to abandon our fear of nature and all fears in general.  Fear accomplishes nothing, but fearlessness can overcome almost any obstacle.  Like I said above, the fundamental choice between fear and love will get us started to rebuilding  a natural life that will not only remove the shackles of corporate slavery, but will allow us to be what we are truly born as, truly and utterly free.

Then at that point, nobody will truly be in control.  And we can finally live our lives the way nature intended us to.

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2 thoughts on “Nobody is in Control

  1. Andrew,

    You couldn’t say it any better! So true, yet most people I guess prefer to live their easy but rather boring and hopeless lives after all, and won’t do anything to make a change.

  2. I would argue that most people are not ready to make a change. People will listen when they are ready and only when they are ready. Most people simply do not want to know or are kept perpetually busy by this current civilization to even stop and think about how they’re getting screwed over every day of their lives.

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