A Collapse is For the Best

I’ve been wanting to write another blog post for awhile, but I just haven’t been inspired to do so.  There was nothing that I truly wanted to post here that I thought would be of true value.  I guess that comes with working nights because my days get all messed up.  I’ve had less quiet time to write posts and when I do have time to write something, I just simply don’t feel like it.  I just know that there is something seriously wrong in our world and while I currently lack the power to fix it, I can inspire others to create positive changes to the world as a whole.

Many people are ignorant of our collapsing civilization.  Many people are in serious denial.  The people who do see the collapse and are aware of the consequences see it as an overwhelming task to fix, so they become hopeless and depressed.  We have used up almost all the world’s resources in just a couple of centuries.  But we’ve been stealing from the Earth for at least 50,000 years.

Grain agriculture was a response to an ice age or something similar that left our species short on food.  We had to think fast, so we started taking control of our food supply by domesticating animals and growing our own monoculture crops.  This in turn led to a larger and larger population to the point where we now have around 7 billion humans inhabiting this planet.  We keep stealing from the land and calling it progress.  We destroy entire habitats just to house all these people or build a Walmart, the shopping center of civilization.

Most people will not change until it is too late.  Most people are not ready for change.  Most people need to be forced into change.  Well, now that fossil fuels are dwindling at a rate we’ve never seen before, things are most certainly going to change.  The cheap, abundant energy we were so used to in the past will become an expensive scarcity.  We will fall down a couple of pegs.  There will certainly be less cars on the road and less heating and air-conditioning of homes.  Some of the manufactured necessities we are so accustomed to now will be gone.

There is no savior for this problem.  Solar energy is a crutch at best and will have nowhere near the exergy we need to power vehicles or even power entire homes on a massive scale.  That energy from the sun is not concentrated enough.  It is spread out for 93 million miles before it gets to our planet.  That makes it energy-lite, something that may be able to be used for light energy tasks, such as heating up water.  Wind power will fail for the very reason that it costs so much energy just to create these windmills and the return will be nowhere worth the investment.  The same will soon be true of oil and fossil fuels as well.  It will soon cost more in energy to extract these resources that it will be a futile attempt to even drill for them.  Coal is yet another resource that is either going to pollute us to death or run out as well.  Just in case you didn’t know, coal is what most electricity is created with.

Our energy systems are vastly inefficient, with over 75 percent of the energy created going to waste through heat and transport.  We could afford this inefficiency when we had cheap, abundant oil.  But now we no longer have that luxury due to spectacular incompetence and a pathological need for infinite growth instead of simple balance.  All this behavior was created by the agricultural system.  We used to live in balance.  We definitely did.  We kept our populations at a very sustainable rate and ate what the land gave us and nothing more.  Agriculture may have saved our lives as a species, but it has caused way more trouble than it was worth.

Just imagine what the world would have looked like today without any civilized humans.  I’m sure it would look similar to the way it looked before we ever came along.  Diverse, full of life, free of toxins.  An interesting and wonderful life for all the species present.  No one species trying to control or exterminate the rest.  A nice life.  A simple life.  A world where everything balances out and there is never a thought of scarcity.

It’s a shame we got out of balance, but I do hope the collapse brings us back into balance for good.  That or we go extinct because we obviously cannot handle our own intelligence and have used it to rape and pillage the Earth and every living creature on it, including ourselves.  We are not good stewards of the Earth and we should have never gained all this control over it.  But since we have, we need to find a way to get back to the way it was.  But with our robber-baron consciousness we inherit from an early age in a world of fierce zero-sum competition, how could we ever trust that the whole world would go along with getting back into balance?  So it will certainly take a complete collapse for there even to be a chance of any balance.  And that makes collapse one of the best things that could happen to us.

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