What is Bliss?

What is bliss?

Living a life of bliss is something many people strive for, but very few ever get there. I know this because I see it. Even the people who claim they live a life of bliss may not completely experience bliss all the time. Many people attempt to sell bliss in the form of drugs, sex, or spiritual teachings. What most people do not understand is that bliss is free, and we all have the capability to experience it. We just have to 1) know what it is, and 2) know how to attain it and sustain it. It is a wonderful feeling, a feeling of oneness and euphoria, without the use of sex, drugs, or seminar. Many people spend their whole lives chasing bliss when it is an internal function, it comes from inside, not from the external world. Our brains are juicy pleasure organs, but most people never tap into using much of that part of their brain. Joy and bliss are pretty much synonymous, except bliss just sounds better when I think of it.

I can only describe bliss as a background WOW! No matter what happens to you, even in seemingly negative situations, you can still have that background feeling of euphoria. It is a feeling of love pouring out into the world. You can’t help but be happy all the time. People are drawn to your “intoxicating” vibration. You may even encounter jealousy towards you from those who are not on the path towards bliss. But you don’t worry about that because you’re having such a good time here that nothing can bring you down. It is the ultimate high that lasts forever and you never build up a tolerance to. It is what everyone seems to be chasing, but most people turn up short, but that’s no reason to give up the pursuit.

This is also referred to in the US Constitution as the “pursuit of happiness.” But it is so much more than just happiness. It is fulfillment, joy, enthusiasm, motivation, passion, creativity, and many other states all rolled up into one. You’ve heard the line, “Seek and you shall find.” Ask and it is given. Become aligned with bliss and you will be open to receiving bliss. Become a vibrational match for bliss. Don’t worry, be happy. And so on and so forth. These are all worded descriptions, but you can’t really describe bliss in words, but you can get a general idea from content. You’ll have to fill in the energy part yourself.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I live a life of eternal bliss. I’ve had my moments of bliss, and have had bad times as well. But as far as I can tell, I’m well on the road to attaining bliss in the future because I feel that if I’m going to live this life, I might as well be fulfilled, happy, motivated, etc. It will enhance my normal existence to one of extraordinary, where even the worst-case scenario is fine because I’m enjoying all of existence so much. There is nothing to fear and we all just live a wonderful existence with rich, fun experiences that shake us to our very core.

Opening yourself up to receiving bliss is the first step. The problem with most people is that they do not think that they deserve bliss. They feel, “I am unworthy of such a wonderful thing.” And that’s the first mistake that from the very start will stop you from ever achieving bliss. Your body was created to be happy. When someone is unhappy or depressed, there is something not working right in the body. Working correctly, our bodies and minds are made for blissful experience. But most people don’t believe they deserve this wonderful bliss. Why? Because they are conditioned through all social channels that bliss must be bought, must be achieved, is elusive. Advertisements tell you that you won’t be happy unless you buy the next new car or cell phone. We are told by media and even people we know that we are incomplete and are not whole. We need to go beyond the haze of social conditioning to feel bliss because we’ll never get there otherwise.

So, in just believing that you deserve bliss, you are on the road to attaining it. Ask the universe for bliss. Ask whatever God you believe in. Demand bliss from the highest mountain. Look deep inside yourself for the inner bliss that’s there and always has been there, just waiting to express itself. This may take time, but sooner or later, you’ll start to feel better and better about your life, the lives of others, and seem to attract those who have a similar enthusiasm about life, rather than the pity party crew and gossip queens. Those types of people will repulse you at first, but you’ll accept them for who they are and send out an intention for them to become more blissful.

It’s all about wanting it. Truly wanting it. It’s not about thinking you want it because everyone else seems to want it. It’s all about truly working towards getting to the place you call bliss. Many spiritual leaders have gotten there and lived to talk about it. Those people often strike a chord within us whenever we see them. Think Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Buddha, and possibly Jesus Christ, if he really existed.

Once you have bliss, life flows effortlessly and is a joy to behold. I’ve read many stories of people said to have achieved enlightenment among other states and they just live lives of ease, grace, and lightness. Everyone wants to learn from these people. Some of them are even worshipped. I find it fascinating how far people will travel to talk to a so-called “enlightened” person. It is because you will receive wisdom from someone who has a much more holistic perspective. These people are models of who we are supposed to be and who we were before some tens of thousands of years ago when we became “civilized.”

In such a negative world, where there is always no shortage of bad news, dwelling on the negatives is an exercise in futility. Why not embrace your power as a joyful, happy, blissful human being and be part of a change in consciousness towards love and bliss, rather than feeding fear and negativity? It is a noble pursuit towards serving the highest good of all (or at least that I can perceive). Wouldn’t we get a lot more done if we were so damn happy and fulfilled all the time? We would all be extraordinary in our own unique ways, creating positive ripples out into the world and the universe to ultimately create a better and happier world.

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The Act of Creation

We all have the power to create things.  We can create what we want.  We really can.  Seriously.  But we have to truly want it.  We have to accept the consequences of our creations.  We have to acknowledge that everything we experience was created by us.  We need to take responsibility for what we have created and if we do not like what we have created, we need to move in a different direction of creation.  We are naturally creative beings, us humans.  I say this as I create something right now, this blog entry.  We can create power or weakness.  We can create certainty or doubt.  We can create confidence or low self-esteem.  The choices are up to us in this very moment.  We have the power.  But most people never use it.  Why?

Because it takes a lot of work to harness this power.  If you start thinking about what you do not want, it shall come to you.  The more thought and time you put into something, the more prominent it is in your reality.  I know this because I see it all the time.  People who complain tend to attract negative things into their lives.  People who stay positive tend to have much better lives all-around.  If thoughts are creative, then wouldn’t it make sense to only think about what you want and not think about what you don’t want?  Even if thoughts are not creative, why bother thinking about what you don’t want in the first place?  What would that ever do for you?  It would only create a state of fear, worry, and depression, which is hardly optimal for conscious living.  We all are much better off thinking more positively because then we create positive ripples out into our reality.

No matter what you are experiencing, you have created it.  Do  not deny your creation.  That only puts you further away from being conscious.  If you don’t acknowledge your reality for what it is, how can you move forward to a better one?  You simply cannot.  You must accept your reality for what it is, and intend for it to be what you want it to be.  You must work for what you want it to be.  You must capitalize on opportunities that are swung your way to create the reality you want.  It’s all you anyway, so you might as well make something of it.  Consciousness is ever-present and to shift your consciousness to a more empowered state is good for everything and everyone.  That is, as long as you are conscious enough to not use that power for less than desirable gains.

We are immensely powerful creatures that have the ability to perform great acts and create real change in the world.  We just need to learn about tools to help us get to where we want to be.  This is no easy task.  To become true conscious creators, we must train our minds and our souls.  We must become beings capable of not only changing our realities, but making the right changes to impact the world towards the greater good, whatever we envision that to be.   Through the subjective reality paradigm, what is good for consciousness is good for everything.  Because in reality consciousness is all there is, and we are experiencing it subjectively.  It’s just a ride, folks.  Why not make it fun and exhilarating?

It’s Just A Ride is from Bill Hick’s stand-up act.  Very enlightening piece of material if I do say so myself.  I really encourage you to listen to that if you’ve never heard it.  He was one of the most thoughtful comedians ever to grace this world and sadly, he died way too young of pancreatic cancer.  There have been countless documentaries made about him and how much of a great human being he was.  He truly cared about humanity, even if he didn’t always show it in his act.  A truly conscious human being, someone far beyond the haze of social conditioning.  He created a legend from himself that still lives to this day.  He may not be as well known as George Carlin or Seinfeld, but he sure has touched a lot of lives, or at least the intelligent ones.

Just think about what you could do with your life if you truly did something that actually mattered on a deep, conscious level.  Just think if you changed the global consciousness for the better.  There have been many who have done it before and there will be many who will do it again.  We all have this power within us.  But not all of us has the skills or courage to pursue this dream, to open people’s eyes and change their ways of thinking to create a better world.  It is very challenging and will be met with much resistance.  But the resistance is only there to scare away the timid adventurers.  I’ll give you a quote that truly sums up what I am talking about:

When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a great quote about fear and how when you face your fears, they turn out to be much less than you imagined them to be.  The quote “the only thing to fear is fear itself” also rings true here.  The only thing that holds us back from creating the world of our dreams is fear itself.  Once we transcend fear in the global consciousness, we will live in a world of love and compassion.  It will be a dream world.  But it’s always about getting there that’s the hard part.  But the time is going to pass anyway, isn’t it?  And we owe it to humanity and all-life-on-Earth to get to a place where fear is gone and we can consciously create a world far better than the one we have today.  I believe it is worth a try, to use our creative powers to create heaven on Earth, don’t you?  Or would you rather just keep creating what you are getting?

A simple choice, but not a simple one to make.  A great ideal, with a lot of work to accomplish.  But I have faith in humanity to get where we need to be, eventually.  We all just need to wake up and have the courage to live consciously.

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Who Cares Who We Are?

This is a question I’m asking honestly.  We can go on and on about who we are, what we are, but who among us cares to delve into these subjects?  I know I certainly do.  But who among us really wants to know?  Who wants the truth?  From an objective lens, we are the rapists of the Earth, destroying our planet ever more rapidly, just to extend our power and control over the environment in which we live.  From a subjective lens, we are whatever we think we are, or believe we are.  The subjective lens is a more empowering view of humans, but is that really what we need as a species?  Because it seems like, from an objective lens, that all we’ve done with this expanded power is cause more death, destruction, and control.  Sure, life is great for a select few in this world, but it is at the expense of others, humans and nonhumans.  From what I have seen, most of the world lives in poverty, which is not right, but that’s how it is.  We are not living with the great spirit within us as a whole.  But that can’t stop you from doing so.

We can tap into another reality at any time we want to.  We just have to know how.  We have to have the consciousness for it.  But what is the true nature of reality?  What is the real truth?  Which lens is most accurate?  The question is unanswerable, because for one there are too many lenses to look through.  Another problem is that different lens are more accurate for different people.  It’s hard to really know which lens is the most accurate, but we can explore different lenses to see which one works better than the one we are using.  Or we can use the multi-lens approach, tailoring each situation to the best lens for the job.  But I’m sure this takes years of practice to calibrate which lens is best for each individual situation.  I believe that subjective reality is one of the primary steps to getting your reality in better order, simply because it allows for what you believe to be true.

It is a creative belief system, with potentially unlimited possibilities, but the major limit being our own minds.  We can explore our inner space indefinitely, and this is a way to truly flourish, independent of the objective universe, although the objective universe is contained within the subjective framework.  But the objective universe is only there because we believe in it to be so.  But our belief is truly rooted there as of now because that is where our consciousness is wrapped up.  Sure, it has led to unbelievable understanding and advances in technology, so it is useful in the framework in which it works, so it cannot be completely dumped.  But relying solely on the objective lens creates fear and uncertainty.  It creates a feeling of lack of control.  But when the subjective lens is placed before the objective one, it can make the objective world a creation of consciousness, and therefore more flexible and less pronounced.  The subjective lens accounts for much more than just the objective world.  It brings that all experiences are possible and that if we wish to create them, we can by intending it to be created.

It reminds me of the mantra, “If you believe it, it is so.”  Very true.  But not always.  You’ve seen cult suicides, and other indoctrinated people who believed what they believed only because their consciousness was controlled.  You can believe whatever you want to believe, but it has to actually work for you.  It has to encourage growth, not stagnation.  It has to empower you, not disempower you.  It has to open your mind, not close it.  A closed mind is one of rigidity and clinginess.  People cling to their beliefs, even in the most contradictory experiences.  When you see something that contradicts your beliefs, you need to open your mind and find something that will explain it,  otherwise you are perceiving reality inaccurately.  And that would be a damn shame because it would hinder your ability to function in the real world.  The more removed from reality your beliefs are, the worse off you are.

A few years ago, I tried out the subjective lens, and intended money to come into my life.  I had absolute strangers giving me $5 where I worked.  At the time, I was a bagger at a grocery store and when I went outside to retrieve the shopping carts, I was finding money everywhere.  I was getting large tips from people I helped out, and this one incident threw me over the edge.  A man called for my attention when i was in the parking lot and said, “Come over here for a moment.”  So I did.  “I just wanted to thank you for what you did yesterday.  You helped my mother bring her groceries to her car and I just wanted you to have this.”  He gave me a $10 bill.  I had never even imagined something like this would happen unless it had to do with my intention for it to happen.  I thought to myself, “Wow!  This is really true!  It made my life better in every way possible!”  Of course, we forget and go back to old habits, so I did, and lost parts of that belief system.

I’m going from personal experience when I say that intention-manifestation does work, but it only works to the extent you believe in it.  If you have doubts, those doubts will appear in your manifestations.  If you don’t actually believe you can manifest $50,000 dollars just by intending it, you won’t.  If you think these things are impossible, stop reading now.  Your beliefs will stop you from experiencing anything beyond your realm of possibility.  In a subjective framework, anything is possible.  Your only limitation is if you don’t truly believe this.  I’m not quite there yet, but using reference experiences and other people’s supposed experiences, I figure that it can only enhance reality, not degrade it, so it is empowering by its very nature, to say that you (consciousness) are the very creator of this reality and are everything you experience, not just your physical body.  It is the dream scenario in my previous post.  You are all that exists, all that you are aware of, all your thoughts and the thoughts that you perceive to the in the global consciousness.  It’s all you.  Other people are you.  The planet is you.  The universe is you.  Everyone and everything is connected.  There is no you and I.  It is all I.  Or we.  We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.  Life is nothing but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.  Einstein proved that, so why haven’t we taken it seriously yet?  Because we (I) am not ready yet.  But I’m getting there.

And when we believe that we are all one, all part of the same whole, in this together, we start to have compassion.  Compassion for all that is.  We realize that to hurt another is to hurt oneself.  To hate someone is truly to hate a part of yourself.  Non-duality.  A belief in this can create quite an interesting life I bet.  It is a very empowering way to view reality and no matter what happens, you know you are safe, even beyond the death of your physical avatar.  If you die in a dream, you don’t die for real.  Your physical body is but a manifestation of consciousness and is just another one of your creations.

I’ll expand on this later when I have more time.  I just manifested a lunch with my grandparents.  But I hope I have convinced you that you should care about who we are and that we should get to the roots of reality to perceive it accurately.  Remember, an accurate belief enhances your life and the lives of those around you, while an inaccurate belief causes problems, especially if it closes your mind to other schools of thought.  This is why subjective reality is the most empowering belief I’ve found so far.  It encompasses everything and anything, as long as you are open to it.  A jack of all trades.  It is how we all live our lives, but with many belief systems tacked onto it, some that even negate the subjective paradigm.  A God making himself powerless.  Anyway, happy existence to you!

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Who am I?, Part 4

I figured, what the hell, I’ll post another blog entry.  Since I’m not working tonight, it makes sense since I’ll have no time constraints other than my will to go to sleep.  This reality is certainly interesting.  We can only take so much of it, then we have to sleep.  We finally get to take a break, but sometimes we even have to work during our sleep, like when we are dreaming.  Mitch Hedberg had a great line when he was still alive about dreams and sleep, “I go to sleep so I can rest, but then suddenly I have to build a go-cart with my ex-landlord.”  Or take the quote from Steven Wright, “I have to be in bed by 1 AM, because my dreams start then whether I’m asleep or not.”  Of course, these are paraphrased, but they relate to what I am going to talk about today (or tonight for those of you keeping score).  I want to talk about how dreams and reality have  a close relationship and how it could be entirely possible that we are living in a dream world of our own imagination.

Since this idea cannot be proven wrong objectively or subjectively, you have to assume it could be true.  How would you know otherwise?  If you knew your entire reality is nothing but a dream that “something” is having, with you being the first-person view, what would that mean for you?  Would you live this “dream” any differently than you life your current life?  Would certain pressing issues cease to matter at this point?  Would fear even be a problem?  Would you change your outlook on life to one of wonder and curiosity?  Or would it be the same old thing?

It’s interesting that when we are dreaming, it is very real to us.  We feel emotions that correspond with the dream events.  No matter how ludicrous the situation, it is plausible in the dream, as long as we don’t realize that we are dreaming.  Once we realize we are dreaming, one of two things happen.  We either wake up or become lucid within the dream.  I have had a couple of lucid dreams, maybe 5 total in my lifetime.  I could fly, and do crazy unimaginable things just because I knew it was a dream.  The excitement of that caused me to wake up.  Back to reality.  Or was it?  I have had a dream within a dream before and woken up out of the second dream and was still sleeping, but awake in the first dream.  Waking up within the dream felt really real to me, so for me it is entirely possible that this reality is nothing more than a really, really long dream.  Whether or not I know this to be true is not confirmed, but it is certainly in the realm of possibility.  And it is certainly something worth trying, at least for awhile, to see if it empowers or disempowers me.

The very truth is that we do not know for sure what the nature of our existence is, so we get to fill in the gaps with different beliefs and thoughts.  Keeping an open mind and adopting a belief like this is yet another experiment that could yield much better results than you are getting now.  It’s not like I’m going to go buy 50 puppies and just let them live in my house, or even build a go-cart with my ex-landlord, but being in this dream mental state, it makes reality that much more interesting and creates more and more curiosity.  I believe it was the Buddha who came up with the idea that life could be a dream and that it was a powerful way to transcend fear.  If everything is a dream anyway, what’s the harm in trying something new and failing at it?  There is truly nothing to fear, not even fear itself, once you’ve transcended it.  So if that is the only thing holding you back, it may be wise to try this way of living for awhile.  Just out of curiosity, if nothing else.  It will certainly make your normal days that much more interesting.  Imagine trying to interpret your life as you would a dream.  Talk about mind-bending…

I’m just trying to get to the core of who we all are and whether or not we can decode this reality to its very nature.  There are so many stories you can tell about reality and why we are here, but it makes more sense, at least to me, to come up with an answer that fits me and my understanding, while at the same time remaining open to any thoughts and ideas that may enhance what I already believe to be true.  Lao Tzu once said, “I had a dream I was a butterfly and now I do not know if I am a human who dreamed I was a butterfly or if I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a human.”  Food for thought.  Because we don’t really know for sure what is real.  Sure, things feel real and look real, but even that can be manipulated by stimulating the brain in certain ways.  We are the imagination of ourselves.  That’s what Einstein proved.  “Matter is reduced to nothing but a slow moving vibration.  There is no such thing as death.  We are the imagination of ourselves.”  Bill Hicks does a great joke on that.

I’m just trying to open doors and not close any windows.  For example, recently the numbers 9:11 have appeared in my reality almost every day.  Some call 11 a wink from the universe.  Others call it a nod.  Some people deny what they are seeing and pass it off as coincidence.  But when these things keep showing up, what are you to do?  Cling to your objective framework and deny that there may be something more?  Or ask questions why these things are happening?  Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to all of this.  Perhaps this is a dream, but that doesn’t make it meaningless.  Perhaps this reality is manufactured.  We don’t know.  But that doesn’t change what we experience.  To us, it’s real.  We cannot deny what is right in front of us.  Our experiences are what make us who we are.  Also, how we perceive our experiences, which is what I am working on now.  I encourage you all to do the same.  Whether you want to experiment with a dream-based belief or some other belief about reality, try it out, see how it fits.  It may just be your size.

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Who Am I?, Part 3

You are not your religion. You are not your thoughts or your beliefs. That is not who you are. You are consciousness. That is all. Pure, unfiltered consciousness. That is all everything truly is. It is the same as awareness. Any belief on top of that is simply a tool. A tool that can be used to enhance or degrade our experiences. There are many beliefs, philosophies, and religions out there that can be useful at times to make sense of what we are experiencing. We have the option to use all of them at any time to create a more accurate picture of reality. The problem is that most people choose just one and call it “the only truth.” But there is no real truth, except what is. And what is is the only phenomenon that can be filtered through religions, belief systems, or philosophies. There are billions of ways to view one situation. Many of them are similar, but some of them are vastly different. They are all valid in the eye of the beholder. If you upload a certain belief system, it will be valid for you, simply because you believe it to be so. That doesn’t make it true, but for you, it is.

All of these thought patterns have good points and bad points, disempowering and empowering beliefs. There are strengths and weaknesses in all of them. So why not just buy the whole lot and keep the good, while dismissing the bad? You can take the parts of each belief system or thought pattern that works for you and dump the parts that don’t. You can have them in your arsenal for use when needed. You don’t have to identify with them, but you do understand them. They are tools useful in certain situations. You can approach situations from multiple perspectives and make a more conscious decision based on the more rich spiritual and philisophical input. It seems a bit more intelligent to me than limiting your experience of reality to just one filter. It is much more encompassing than just Christianity or just atheism. You use the advantages of many belief systems to make more sound decisions and allow yourself a much wider range of experiences due to your wider range of beliefs.

I’m thinking of this as a much more empowering way to live and a much more sound way as well. It may not answer all your questions, but it will attempt to answer them. And you still have yourself. Your consciousness makes the final decision about anything. Sure, you may view a situation from multiple perspectives, but it is you that makes the final decision. And it is also you who must bear the results of that decision. But allowing multiple perspectives into your consciousness creates the opportunity for a more precise decision in any situation. Sure, you may not think you will not fit in with your Christian friends or Buddhist friends, but you’ll find you will understand them better and from every perspective that is them and is not them. You’ll be able to see flaws from within a belief system and from the outside looking in. It is a rare advantage to have. And it seems to be very empowering.

I am not simply speculating here. And there is nothing to lose in being open to different schools of thought. I have done this before and it has made me feel more empowered and able to do more. It gives me a better feeling of certainty. It allows me to broaden my horizons in new and exciting ways. It makes me feel better after making a decision. I have not, however, experimented with this way of living quite long enough to see its long-term effects. But just starting out it seems like it has already rendered wonderful results. For example, it has motivated me to write three blog posts in two days (spread out to three for more page views). That is pretty amazing if you ask me. This blog had become a breeding ground for negative rants on nature and this new way of living has allowed me to see beyond that position and move forward to new ways to think about the whole nature or reality.

I guess it has given me more of a sense of purpose, more of a feeling of wanting to share with the world. And I have evolved in some ways to get to this point. I’ve asked questions and wondered what the answers might be. I’ve become inspired about new ways of looking at the world and beyond. So I’ve become a more inegrated whole in just a short time of trying out this new “religion.” It is really a religionless religion, but at the same time encompasses every religion and belief system that I know of and can harness.

This is not an original idea. Steve Pavlina came up with this idea years ago in an article called Spiritual Depth Perception. It was eye-opening for me back then and I’ve just recently gotten back into experiencing what I experienced back then. I can’t really describe the feelings you get from having all these perspectives, but it is close to the feeling of joy if not joy itself. It is a more empowering and deep way to live and I can already see the benefits once again. It is one thing to write about this sort of thing, and it is quite another to actually live it. I’m going to keep writing and keep posting about this new way of life for awhile and see where it takes me. I welcome you to come along for the ride. You can even try this yourself and compare the results to your past self. This is just the beginning of something big for me and hopefully for all the readers out there, if you’ve got the guts to try it.

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