Who Am I?, Part 3

You are not your religion. You are not your thoughts or your beliefs. That is not who you are. You are consciousness. That is all. Pure, unfiltered consciousness. That is all everything truly is. It is the same as awareness. Any belief on top of that is simply a tool. A tool that can be used to enhance or degrade our experiences. There are many beliefs, philosophies, and religions out there that can be useful at times to make sense of what we are experiencing. We have the option to use all of them at any time to create a more accurate picture of reality. The problem is that most people choose just one and call it “the only truth.” But there is no real truth, except what is. And what is is the only phenomenon that can be filtered through religions, belief systems, or philosophies. There are billions of ways to view one situation. Many of them are similar, but some of them are vastly different. They are all valid in the eye of the beholder. If you upload a certain belief system, it will be valid for you, simply because you believe it to be so. That doesn’t make it true, but for you, it is.

All of these thought patterns have good points and bad points, disempowering and empowering beliefs. There are strengths and weaknesses in all of them. So why not just buy the whole lot and keep the good, while dismissing the bad? You can take the parts of each belief system or thought pattern that works for you and dump the parts that don’t. You can have them in your arsenal for use when needed. You don’t have to identify with them, but you do understand them. They are tools useful in certain situations. You can approach situations from multiple perspectives and make a more conscious decision based on the more rich spiritual and philisophical input. It seems a bit more intelligent to me than limiting your experience of reality to just one filter. It is much more encompassing than just Christianity or just atheism. You use the advantages of many belief systems to make more sound decisions and allow yourself a much wider range of experiences due to your wider range of beliefs.

I’m thinking of this as a much more empowering way to live and a much more sound way as well. It may not answer all your questions, but it will attempt to answer them. And you still have yourself. Your consciousness makes the final decision about anything. Sure, you may view a situation from multiple perspectives, but it is you that makes the final decision. And it is also you who must bear the results of that decision. But allowing multiple perspectives into your consciousness creates the opportunity for a more precise decision in any situation. Sure, you may not think you will not fit in with your Christian friends or Buddhist friends, but you’ll find you will understand them better and from every perspective that is them and is not them. You’ll be able to see flaws from within a belief system and from the outside looking in. It is a rare advantage to have. And it seems to be very empowering.

I am not simply speculating here. And there is nothing to lose in being open to different schools of thought. I have done this before and it has made me feel more empowered and able to do more. It gives me a better feeling of certainty. It allows me to broaden my horizons in new and exciting ways. It makes me feel better after making a decision. I have not, however, experimented with this way of living quite long enough to see its long-term effects. But just starting out it seems like it has already rendered wonderful results. For example, it has motivated me to write three blog posts in two days (spread out to three for more page views). That is pretty amazing if you ask me. This blog had become a breeding ground for negative rants on nature and this new way of living has allowed me to see beyond that position and move forward to new ways to think about the whole nature or reality.

I guess it has given me more of a sense of purpose, more of a feeling of wanting to share with the world. And I have evolved in some ways to get to this point. I’ve asked questions and wondered what the answers might be. I’ve become inspired about new ways of looking at the world and beyond. So I’ve become a more inegrated whole in just a short time of trying out this new “religion.” It is really a religionless religion, but at the same time encompasses every religion and belief system that I know of and can harness.

This is not an original idea. Steve Pavlina came up with this idea years ago in an article called Spiritual Depth Perception. It was eye-opening for me back then and I’ve just recently gotten back into experiencing what I experienced back then. I can’t really describe the feelings you get from having all these perspectives, but it is close to the feeling of joy if not joy itself. It is a more empowering and deep way to live and I can already see the benefits once again. It is one thing to write about this sort of thing, and it is quite another to actually live it. I’m going to keep writing and keep posting about this new way of life for awhile and see where it takes me. I welcome you to come along for the ride. You can even try this yourself and compare the results to your past self. This is just the beginning of something big for me and hopefully for all the readers out there, if you’ve got the guts to try it.

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