Stretching Your Reality

I just saw this video about a 1928 time traveler appearing in the extra footage of a Charlie Chaplin film.  Or so we are led to believe.  It looks like a woman talking on a cell phone.  She is holding something white and rectangular in her hand.  She is definitely talking, but she is wearing old time-y clothing and it could obviously be a gag.  I immediately discounted it as something that could be explained logically or rationally, because quite frankly, time travel scares the hell out of me.  If time travel were possible, it could create some very scary consequences.  Even if one person could travel through time, it would create chaos if they did certain things.  The only way it could be feasible is if the person didn’t make it obvious he/she was from the future and didn’t do something that would alter the whole history of the world.  And even a small change could alter the course of the world, as seen in the theory known as the Butterfly Effect (not the movie).

If someone like me truly found a way to travel through time, I know exactly what I would do.  I would go back in time, gamble on things I knew were a sure thing, put that money in an account, and come back to the present day and live off of it.  Who wouldn’t?  I don’t think it would be wise to travel too much back or forward in time, because it would be a bit irresponsible in my judgment.  I would spend my time after making an amazing amount of money, after interest, to contribute positively to the world and since I would have all the time in my life, it would be easier than doing this kind of thing in short bursts in breaks between working and sleeping.  But I don’t even think I would actually want to travel through time.  It’s just not something that would be fun for me.  I would rather have the ability to stop time than travel through it.  Then I would be able to do things without destroying the past or altering the future, which I don’t even think it is possible to travel into the future, because it doesn’t exist yet.  And it never has.  It goes well with my logic and my sense of reality.  If the present is all we truly have, then that is the only moment we can control.

It’s hard to believe that something like stopping time is possible either, but it also could be, but I don’t know.  I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be open to anything being possible in this present moment, but to truly believe it is harder than it looks.  If this reality is truly a dream, then anything is possible, although it is our beliefs that will constrict us.  I still don’t truly believe that this reality is a dream because there are too many external things pointing me away from that, but then I have to realize that when I am dreaming, it feels real to me.  Even the most absurd thing seems real at the time, unless I’m lucid.  We even hear it in nursery rhymes, such as Row Your Boat:  “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”  That sounds more like a spiritual quote than a nursery rhyme, doesn’t it?  Something just feel on my desk without any provocation.  That was intense.  I guess I should take that as a yes.  Life is but a dream.

But how do I control the dream?  How do I become the master of my reality?  I guess life didn’t come with an instruction manual, so perhaps I need to figure out most of this on my own.  Or with help from others.  Or both.  That this world is some kind of projection of consciousness, and that I am the primary consciousness, but not me as my body, but me as the whole container in which reality is taking place.  This is hard enough to grasp intellectually, never mind emotionally.  To truly just dive in and accept this as fact is as daunting as accepting any other spiritual notion as fact.  Because you aren’t dealing with objectivity here, but subjectivity.  And that is something that takes a little while to get used to.  Sure, you can say that it makes some sense, but you have to truly believe it and it has to be on autopilot as your default way of thinking before you see what kind of results you can get with it.

There was a time back in 2006 where I truly grasped this for a couple of weeks and it was strange to say the least.  It was weird simply because there were a few instances of people I didn’t know giving me money for reasons that made little sense to me.  First, it was getting more tips at work.  At the time, I was working as a bagger in a supermarket.  I was getting at least $2 for bringing groceries out to people’s cars.  And then a couple days later, I received $5 from a man who said that I helped his mother the week previous, which was odd.  And then someone dropped 5 $100 bills on the ground and I was overjoyed, but then I thought that I’d better tell him what he just lost, because it wasn’t the money that was important.  It was the fact that I manifested it.  So I gave it back to him.  And then I got scared.  I thought about what it would be like to keep seeing all this money that I wasn’t expecting passing through me.  And then I thought about what kind of responsibility it is to have all this power over my own reality.  So I stopped all that nonsense, or so I called it.

I guess maybe I wasn’t ready for such a strong transition, and it was scary in its own way.  There were other things that happened that confirmed that this life is indeed subjective.  They were not completely quantifiable or objectively measurable, so I can’t really show them to you, but there were definite shifts taking place that were good, but very unsettling.  It was like my whole reality was changing, while at the same time, you really couldn’t see it objectively, but only through what objectively minded people would call coincidence, but which I was too subjective to call a simple coincidence.  In the subjective world, there are no coincidences, and everything is a projection of the wider consciousness.  That consciousness which is you, as the whole dream world is you when you are dreaming.  Those other people and places in the dream don’t exist outside of yourself.  They are simply a projection of your consciousness, and that is how subjectively-minded people view the world.

Now, whether or not this is pure self-delusion or completely true, it doesn’t matter.  What matters are the results you get with the beliefs you use.  The more empowering your beliefs, the more empowering life you will have.  If your belief system tells you that this or that is not possible, then you have a limiting belief system.  With the subjective system, it is the same.  Your beliefs limit your experiences.  If you don’t believe something is possible,you won’t see it and if you ever do see this impossible thing, or someone who has seen it, you’ll come up with a rationalization to discount it, and that will only strengthen your current beliefs while remaining closed to new ones that could expand your experiences and empower your life.  Just the belief in life after death (or an afterlife for better choice of words) can open the door to a spiritual world you probably never experienced before.  I have had a couple of experiences dealing with the spiritual realm as a child that totally convinced me that there is an afterlife in some form or another.  I had deceased relatives communicating things through a Ouiji board that I had totally forgotten they did for us.  “Remember the soda and ice cream.”  I still remember it to this day.  My great aunt and uncle used to bring us soda and ice cream every week.

An objectively minded person would say that this happened because of a subconscious thought about that and our fingers moved to those letters because that was what we were thinking about below our level of thought, but all that does is close doors, rather than open them.  I had other experiences like that with the Ouiji board, but they weren’t as memorable, although I’m sure they were just as strange to an objectively-minded point of view.  It is the objective, civilized point of view that has discounted the spiritual world and the subjective world at that, because they believe that anything can be measured and will be the same for all observers, but that is kind of a religion in itself, isn’t it?  It is an act of blind faith, because everyone perceives different phenomena differently, at least sometimes.  And some people base their lives on things that other people don’t even think exist.  So how can an objective universe be 100% true and unquestioned for so long?

The only thing that can define the universe for you are your beliefs and your experiences.  Your beliefs supercede your experiences because you can’t have much experience without beliefs to put them into context.  So, choose your beliefs wisely, and try not to be too close-minded when it comes to exploring new beliefs.  The more empowering they are, the more accurate they are.  By accurate, I mean in harmony with what reality truly is.  If a belief helps you function better in reality, then it is more accurate than what beliefs you had before.  So, toy with your beliefs and stretch your reality because if you spend your whole life in one box, you’ll have lived a life of ignorance and missed opportunities.  Just give it a shot and see what happens.  You’ll be surprised.

Edit: Just to clarify, in case some of you were wondering, it’s not either or. Subjective reality contains objective reality within it, as subjective reality is all inclusive. If you believe in an objective universe, you are using the subjective model to create that objective world for yourself. Subjective reality is all-encompassing, so it is the most open belief system, as it contains all beliefs. So don’t think I’m hating on objective reality. I just feel its a bit incomplete. That’s all.

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The Case for Anarcho-Primitivism

I hate to say it, but anarcho-primitivism is the only sustainable way of living.  And when I say sustainable, I mean over millenniums.  Over millions of years.  I’m just being realistic here.  I’m taking the philosophy from Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.  Ishmael was a wonderful book about what we have done to this planet and there is no denying it.  Who cares about inner peace when the outer world is a desolate wasteland?  We can recede into faux spirituality, but we are denying that our existence is also physical.  While there is a spiritual component to the world, it is not where we live.  We live in the physical part.  We can connect with the spiritual parts, but overindulgence in this will lead to a disconnection with the physical world.  Why do you think people who supposedly reach enlightenment spend most of their time meditating in caves?  Because seeing the world for what it is drops them out of that state.

Human beings cannot bear very much reality.  It’s not our fault, though.  If our reality was like it used to be tens of thousands of years ago, it would be easy to live completely in the world as it is.  But now, we have so many atrocities perpetrated on the human race by the human race, not to mention what we do to animals.  So, I guess it’s easier to pretend everything is all right then to really face up to what the world is.  It’s easier to remain blissfully ignorant, although I wouldn’t call it bliss.  I’d call it purposefully naive.  What is your reaction when I tell you that your shoes were made by child wage slaves in China or India?  How do you feel that slaves have to extract sugar from sugar cane in a very industrious process for little or no pay?  Does it make your blood boil that 1% of this world has over 50% of the wealth, and most of that came from stolen land?

Sure, I don’t know how to go back, or even if we call it back.  I would call it forward, with the similar lifestyle to hunter-gathering, but with the consciousness of post-civilization.  It’s a paradox, but it would take a more conscious approach and it would have to take the awareness of the entire population, and a much smaller population at that.  We’re not there yet, but once we realize that the world we live in is toxic, is completely and utterly out of balance to the millionth power, then we can start balancing again, but it will take centuries to come to this realization, and centuries more to actually get there, barring a gigantic crash, which is bound to come in the next 100 years or less.  It will be inevitable that we will live at a much lower standard of living soon, but it will be better for us in terms of self-sufficiency and autonomy.  We will be forced to adapt to the world around us, not force the world to adapt to our artificial needs and wants.

My position is extreme and I know that, but if you look at the history of human beings,  my position is actually the most natural and the least extreme.  We lived like this for millions of years, and only in the last 10,000 years have we started to live like this, or 50,000 years depending on your beliefs.  So, it’s not like I’m proposing ideas that haven’t been done before, and the ideas I’m proposing we could have stayed with forever, but something called grain agriculture derailed us and put us in a place off to the side, where we deplete the land and use everything for our own selfish needs.  So, I am rebelling against the system, and I do have a vision of the future.  I am a rebel with a cause, not just someone who hates the system, but doesn’t have anything to replace it with.  I want people to know they don’t need the system, but they are conditioned to become dependent on it by our upbringing and the public school system.  There is another way, it’s just too bad we weren’t taught it when we were young.  Learning a new way of life when we’re older is much harder and much more taxing on our systems than learning it from a young age.  So, it will most likely have to be the youth that brings us back to a better way of living, but we have to teach them well.

I don’t have anything against anyone in particular.  It is the system that has created people to be the way they are.  I don’t judge anyone, because it’s not really their fault.  It is the system’s fault that encourages narcissistic and pathological behavior, and it is even rewarded with success.  And it is the very core of this system, that started with grain agriculture, the zero-sum game, conquer our neighbors mindset that is the whole problem.  And if we drop that and live cooperatively and sustainably, with a deep appreciation and reverence towards nature and our wonderful planet, we can finally start the process towards a completely free and natural existence.

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Financial Meltup

I saw a documentary called Meltup this morning.  It was about the financial system in the USA and how doomed it is in the next couple of decades.  There will either be hyperinflation or a serious deflation of currency, but the most likely outcome is hyperinflation, due to constant bailouts and printing of more money.  The Federal Reserve has interest rates at 0%, which creates a disaster for our currency values.  Our money will soon be worthless, and that almost makes me want to invest in something like actual gold or silver, but it’s not like I can buy a whole lot of it with $10,000.00.  What the government did was make it seem like we got out of the recession when all they did was prolong the downside and make the downside much, much worse when it comes.  It is like they are kicking the can down the road, but every time they kick it, it gets bigger and bigger.

I didn’t think it was right to bail out all those companies deemed “too big to fail.”  If we just would have let them fail, we would have been much better off in the long run.  Why were certain companies, who didn’t actually provide any real value, other than making money off of money, be too big to fail?  It’s not like they were producing goods or manufacturing anything, other than financial papers.  That is the main problem in this country.  We don’t produce anything here anymore.  Try finding an American-made television or clothing.  It is almost non-existent.  We’ve shipped everything overseas to people who will work a lot harder for a much lower wage.  I even saw a  promo on television for a show about people who work for us in India called Outsourced.  America has pretty much lost the will to create anything itself, and our economy is suffering for it.

And what is our solution to this problem?  Print more money.  That is what we do.  We just keep printing and printing and printing money until it looks like the problem is solved, but it only creates a much larger problem down the road.  Any good economist would know this and it makes common sense to anyone with half a brain.  Ron Paul was right all along about the Federal Reserve, and I knew this years ago as well, but for some reason, nobody is doing anything about it.  Nobody cares enough, or nobody has the “power” to do anything.  The middle class will become the lower class and only the very rich will be able to afford anything.  What will happen then?

People will probably start growing their own food.  That is my prediction.  Hopefully, Monsanto doesn’t burn all the non-terminator seeds so that we can get back to what this country used to be about: farming.  Today, less than 2% of US citizens farm.  It used to be close to 50% back when  our country was first founded.  We don’t even know how to grow our own food or do anything it takes to ensure survival if we suddenly were unable to afford food and shelter.  We are the most helpless and dependent people in the history of the world.  This is why a financial crisis is so scary.  Most people won’t know what to do when the money runs out and they are no longer giving out food stamps.  Many people will die, while some will survive.  The people who survive will be the ones who at  least know how to meet their most basic needs, especially without money.  With money becoming pretty much irrelevant, we’ll depend more on our neighbors and communities for help, rather than the almighty dollar.

Through dark times emerges a new light.  We will be experiencing new things and learning at a rapid pace.  We will learn how to live like we once did and it will be good for our autonomy.  If you know how to create a shelter and find wild edibles, you will be miles ahead of the average citizen.  Knowing skills that will be useful after the crash is essential to surviving it.  We will have to make sacrifices and live way below our current standard of living.  SUVs will go from being transportation to being shelter.  Most houses will be in foreclosure, and there will be so many that the banks will simply stop forcing people out of their homes and just allow them to live there for nothing.  Otherwise, it will be millions of homeless with millions of empty houses.  Not exactly something that looks pretty, but it is a distinct possibility.

Buying some land outright would be a good solution if you have the cash.  Land with some drinkable water and a place where you can plant fruit trees and other foods.  At least if your land is paid for, it will be harder for the government to take it away.  If you don’t owe anything on your house, it will be much harder for it to be repossessed, unless a gang of vandals does it.  But most Americans are so far in debt that they could never pay off their homes in the next few years and will probably default on their mortgages regardless of a huge financial crash.  So squatting will probably be their only option, even if it is in their own delinquent homes.  Land ownership may be a complete joke if you really think about it, how this land was stolen originally from the Native Americans, who did not believe in land ownership.  But it will certainly be a big help if you do own some land with no debt on it, because then society will not be able to take it from you, unless they truly go mad.  Which is definitely possible.

I’m just trying to be realistic here.  I don’t want to sugar coat what is going to happen.  I think the more people that know, the better off we will be when it does happen.  It could be a slow, drawn out crash over the next 50-100 years, or it could happen in as little as 10 years.  It is going to happen regardless.  And if you can learn the skills to survive it, and thrive in it, then you will be at the top of the pyramid when it all goes down.  You will be able to help people transition to a different way of life, and possibly save quite a few people from death.  You know the Bible quote, “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime.”  It is so true in these trying times.  You are better off learning skills than investing in gold or silver because once you run out of it, you have nothing.  But skills never do deplete, so they are invaluable.  Get ready for the crash, people.  It’s coming whether you want it to or not.  It is better to plan for a grim future and it never to come than not to plan for it and it does come and destroys your life.

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How to Build a Low Traffic Blog

I’m sure I can write a coherent article about building a low traffic blog because I’ve had one for around 4 years now.  Let’s not play dumb and pretend that my traffic is sizable.  It is not.  Check out my Alexa ranking.  Right now it is in the 5 millions.  I was actually surprised to see that because before it was in the 6 millions.  So I guess I’m moving on up.  My website is viewed not very often, I assume.  If there are 5 million other websites getting more traffic than me, then perhaps I’m doing something wrong.  Or maybe it’s just that people would rather read more established websites.  Perhaps my content has not been constant enough for the average reader.  I’ve talked about way too many different things on here, but that’s who I am.  I’m not a robot who only wants to write about one topic and stick to it.  I like to mix it up and go through phases, such as my anarcho-primitivist phase where I blasted humanity big time for probably about a year.  But I always said there was a better way to live and there is.

Let’s take a look back at the history of this blog.  I started this blog sometime in 2006 to make money and eventually be able to live off of it.  That was my primary intention.  I wanted to help people, too, just make money as well.  I figured that I’m a pretty good writer, and I have ideas about things, so why not offer them to the general public?  So I did.  Within a year, I bought my first domain name and went from Blogger to WordPress.  I did okay with traffic for a little while, mostly because I was posting on topics that people actually wanted to read, like Personal Development and comedy.  It was a time when I was starting to truly build a small, but sizable following, and my ranking was somewhere in the 1 millions.  I still hadn’t made a dime from this site, but at least I was getting somewhere in terms of success.

Then I started really enjoying nature and started reading stuff about simplifying my life and how we humans are destroying the Earth, which is still true regardless of how few people want to hear it.  I got my inspiration from people like Dave Pollard and Ran Prieur, both who run pretty successful websites, at least compared to mine.  Dave Pollard has been running his blog since 2002 and Ran Prieur’s website has been up around just as long.  I totally resonated with what they were saying and jumped on that bandwagon pretty quickly.  And I still feel this way today, to a point, but the more I rant about it, the more people don’t want to read it.  I know the old adage that people will listen when they are ready and only when they are ready, but the planet is dying, for God’s sake!  And there isn’t much being done about it.  But that kind of talk still falls on deaf ears I guess, or maybe, just maybe, people are so entrenched in their current way of life that they would rather die than give it up.

Finally, I started talking about stuff like who are we, and what is reality?  I guess that’s what caused my traffic “spike.”  I’ve been steadily increasing in traffic for the last few months, although it is a small increase.  I’m still not an A-list blogger, nor do I think that will ever happen with this blog, mostly because my past entries are way too chaotic and I don’t have a good framework for high page views.  I tried installing plugins like ‘Related Posts,’ and it ruined my site until I was able to remove it.  It caused all the blog entries to become incoherent lines of code.  I have no idea why all the sidebars disappear when I click on just  one entry and read it.  I am clueless when it comes to computer programming and I hate it with a passion.  I’ve never been a fan of programming, and I don’t think I ever will.  It’s just so tedious and exacting.

I wish I had the work ethic or the programming skills to make this website better, but I don’t.  I wish I had someone to do it for me, but I don’t.  I am thinking of creating another website so I can start over from scratch, but without my name attached to it, so that way maybe I can rebuild some traffic and have mostly articles I know people want to read.  Not only that, I want to create a website that is much more technically sound than this one, and I have to learn all these skills before attempting this.  I want to still keep this website, but as a secondary one.  I’ll still post here semi-regularly, as I have for the past 4 years, but it will be less of a disappointment if I can get another blog off the ground where I can actually build sizable traffic.  It will be a whole new format, a whole new platform for me.  I won’t be linking to it from here.  I’ll be promoting it elsewhere, far far away from the stigma of a low traffic website.  It is going to be completely original because I know exactly what it is I want to do with it.

I’m going to have a central theme on that website.  It will be unavoidable.  But I’m not ready to actually create this website yet.  I might just create a free blog and post there for awhile until I figure out exactly what it is I want to do with this new direction I’m taking my blogging.  I’m going to learn from the mistakes I made on this blog, albeit 4 years later.  I’m going to market it better, have a bigger following, and create truly meaningful content.  Maybe I’ll even make some money from it.  That would be nice.  Because this website has made me nothing, even when I had ads on it, and I’m so anti-advertising that I would balk at even placing an ad in the corner.  I won’t make a dime without traffic, so that should be my main concern, and creating and delivering unique and valuable content.  Content that has high social value and high personal value.  I’ve often thought I mostly blog on here for myself and whoever might want to read it.  But perhaps I’ve been doing it all backwards.  I don’t know, but I sure as hell have a great example of a blog that hasn’t really blossomed the way I hoped it would and it is nice that this failure of a blog will be here for years to come.  It will be a good example of what not to do with a blog if you want to make money from it.

Here is a list of things I have done that I suggest nobody does if they want to build a successful, high traffic blog:

  • Not having any central theme whatsoever
  • Not posting with any regularity
  • Creating content that you know is not your best
  • Ranting and raving about the same thing for over a year
  • Not knowing how to make your website have all the neat blogging gadgets
  • Being afraid to offend anyone
  • Taking all negative feedback seriously
  • Writing about things most people aren’t ready to hear
  • Not optimizing anything or marketing whatsoever
  • Thinking that blogging will be easy
  • I hope you get the general idea…

I know that some people like this blog, while most either don’t like it or don’t know about it.  I’ve received tons of feedback, most of it positive.  My next website will not allow comments.  Why?  Because I don’t want to spend my time moderating them.  I still like this blog, I’m just admitting that it isn’t successful.  And that’s okay.  I’m not willing to say that it has been 4 years wasted.  I have shown flashes of true brilliance on this blog and I can’t deny that.  I just didn’t always have brilliant posts and some of them were simply too similar to the previous posts and that is where I think I lost a lot of people.  But that’s fine.  I’m going to start fresh soon with a whole new blog and do my best to correct the mistakes I am aware of and try to find the mistakes I am still unaware of.  Just scan the archives to see what the progression of a long-term low traffic blog is, because I am a prime example.  At least I admit it and at least I am trying to learn from it.  My next blog will be at least a little better and I can move on from there.  Maybe by 2020 I’ll actually be earning money from a website, or maybe from a book I write.  Who knows?

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Start Your Day Off the Smoothie Way

I can’t tell you what a wonderful way it is to start off your day with a fruit and spinach smoothie.  You may balk at thinking that a fruit and spinach smoothie would taste good, but it certainly does to me.  Spinach is practically a superfood and is worth putting in any fruit smoothie you make as it will as antioxidants and will allow you to get your greens without really tasting them so much or slathering them in dressing.  Sometimes I even add a bunch of kale for more greens and I still can’t really taste them much.  The fruit overrides the greens’ taste so well it’s hardly any different than drinking a smoothie made with just fruit.  Here’s my current recipe.

  • 2 bananas
  • 2 handfuls of baby spinach
  • 2 cups frozen berries
  • 1 cup water

I place the bananas in first, then the spinach, then the frozen berries.  After that, I add a cup of water and blend on high for about 30 seconds.  It’s easy to make and very tasty as well.  I try to keep them simple, although you can add all sorts of ingredients.  I also find I eat healthier when I make smoothies because the smoothie reminds me that a lot of healthy foods taste great in their natural state.  I just thought I would share a basic smoothie recipe that is in no way revolutionary, but it is certainly a healthy and will actually fill you up a little bit, but I wouldn’t call it a meal, unless you want to double the “recipe.”  Then I would say it would qualify as a meal.  It will leave you with energy and vitality instead of sluggishness.  Happy blending!