Let’s Start a Revolution

I find it funny, even hilarious at how low this blog ranks in search engines.  Last time I checked, it was somewhere in the rankings of 3,000,000 when it came to websites.  I mean, that’s not bad, but it certainly won’t earn me any money, nor will it generate any buzz.  I could promote and market my site, but that seems tedious and pointless, so I’m just going to have to stay content being off the map.  And I’m fine with it, but eventually I’ll want to grow this cash cow into something that actually earns cash.  A million dollars would be nice, more even.  Just so I can live my life any way I please without many negative consequences.

Once this million dollars comes into my life, I plan to get a nice piece of land out in the country and build a small, modest home on it.  When I say small, I mean it.  Maybe 500 square feet, maybe less.  Perhaps a little more, but I’m sure most of that space will go to waste.  I plan to live there and write/explore.  I find that writing has a lot of solace in it and I enjoy it immensely.  I may write for others, or even just myself.  It won’t matter, because I won’t need any more money for the rest of my life.  I’ll eat very healthily and be at my physical peak, whatever that means for me.  And I won’t invest or anything, I’ll just have a savings account where it will earn interest at least equal to inflation.  I just need to get this damn blog on the map and watch the cash roll in.

It would be nice to be able to devote my entire life to what I believe in, but right now I still have to earn a living.  Earning a living takes a lot of energy out of me, and I can no longer work as hard on other pursuits.  We should be on the  front lines starting a revolution, but we have jobs and cars and homes to pay for and it seems only the unemployed have any free time.  These are people who are most likely wasting much of their free time drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs.  No offense intended.  I’m sure there are a lot of good workers who lost their jobs, and I’m not referring to them.  Why aren’t these people rioting in the streets?  Why aren’t they protesting our governmental tyranny?  Why aren’t they defending the Earth from corporate enslavement?  I don’t know.

There are some people out there who do make a difference, but the problem is that there aren’t enough of them.  And these people are mostly fringe, which gives them far less credibility than Noam Chomsky.  I’ve read articles about the freegans, who live without money, or as little money as possible, living off of the throw-away culture that we have created.  Here’s an article from the NY Times about this:  The Freegan Establishment.  They are considered modern hunter-gatherers.  They are living what the perceive as an ethical life with hardly any money, and people like me, and some others who are far worse, can’t see themselves doing this unless they had a windfall of money.

These people are squatting abandoned homes, eating food out of dumpsters, and traveling across the country while the rest of us are stuck at our soul-crushing jobs so that we can afford our mortgages and car payments.  They are doing what they believe should be rights to food, shelter, and autonomy.  But this world we live in denies those basic human rights to anyone who isn’t willing to become a corporate slave or scammer.  And believe me, there are plenty of scammers out there, especially on Wall Street.  This world is insane, and yet we are forced to go along with it or be shot, jailed, or simply bent to the will of our corporate masters as they kill the Earth with a giant smile.  It makes me sick, but hardly anyone is revolting.

Is it ignorance?  Is it hopelessness?  Is it depression?  What in the world is holding people back?  Do most people actually think this world is sane?  Is that the case?  Seriously?  Just take a look around you.  Look at the history books (that ironically have been edited from what truly happened, substantially).  Read books about forbidden history, the stuff that people who wrote history didn’t want you to know.  Realize that this world is under control by sinister forces, with questionable origins, and that they are conditioning you every day with their constant propaganda of telling you how to feel, what to think, who to admire, and who to condemn.  That is part of the reason I stopped watching television altogether, save for a few instances.  They can’t get to you if you don’t play their game.

When I read about people breaking free of the system and living a different way, it inspires me.  It gives me hope that there are cracks to break through.  The few people who do live on the fringes of society seem to have more fulfilling lives, because they actually stand for something.  Most people do jobs that are meaningless in the context of the meaning of life.  They usually do things that anyone could do if they had the necessary skills, and most jobs are less than extraordinary.  They are a means to and end, a fucking paycheck that most people spend completely before the next payday, thereby perpetuating their need for continuous employment.  But there is a better way.  You don’t have to let the system hold you over a barrel.

You can live very well cheaply while still working and save tons of money.  I’ve done it.  Others have done it.  You just have to adjust your thinking from the high-budget lifestyle to the low-budget lifestyle.  I haven’t bought new shoes in over 2 years.  I haven’t bought new clothes in longer.  I receive clothing as gifts, which I wear.  I eat a pretty healthy diet for less than you would expect.  I do own a car, but I bought it cheap from my grandfather for about half its value.  I very rarely buy things I don’t need.  I hardly ever go out to eat.  I am mentally out of the system, but I still hold down a job and do it well.  I just am not as dependent on it as others, whose life would fall apart if they got fired or laid off.

I’ve got some links in my sidebar about how to do this, and the most pivotal essay is Ran Prieur’s How to Drop Out. He articulates better than me, but we have similar messages.  He is in his 40s, but it feels like his consciousness is somewhere in the mid 20’s range.  This guy is what I do to the extreme.  He even bought land that he is building a cobwood house on.  He may be a semi-dropout, but he makes a hell of a lot more sense than those indoctrinated politicians, and by following this guy’s example, we can create heaven on Earth, instead of this toxic and unstable civilization.  Read some of his other essays as well.  Some very interesting stuff there.

Talkin’ bout revolution… Let’s do it!  We just need to get enough people aware of what is going on in the world.  And we need to get these people to start living the way us “dropouts” do.

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Against Self-Help Books/Blogs

This blog has been pretty quiet the last month, simply because I don’t have anything I wish to share on here.  It’s not easy keeping a blog up for a month, never mind 5 years.  And a blog that doesn’t get much traffic at that.  I feel like I’ve pretty much said a lot about different things, and to keep going on this path would be more of the same, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll take this blog in another direction, at least for awhile, where I post links to comedy and other interesting things, because laughter is the best medicine for an insane society gone off the rails.  Comedy is one of my loves, so it would only make sense that I post some of my favorite comedy videos for awhile, just to sort of bridge the gap between my rantings about society, or some kind of pseudo-spiritual junk I read in a book.  Damn you, Steve Pavlina, for putting thousands of people on a path of personal growth that will most likely lead them to a career in magical thinking and tons of disappointment.  You were the reason i started this blog and now it has become something of an eyesore.

Here is a great Youtube clip of George Carlin talking about people who read Self-Help Books.  See, there’s the comedy.  He also goes into motivation seminars, or something similar and says that we have too much motivation.  The people that are causing all the trouble in this world are highly motivated.  Then he says something to the effect of, “You take a guy sitting at home, watching TV, and stroking his penis, and I’ll show you a guy that’s not going to cause any problems.”  Sure, they’re not causing any problems, but they’re also not solving any.  I just don’t see the point to this self-help movement.  All it is going to do is accelerate the destruction of this planet.  Spiritual development not withstanding.  You can develop your spirit without expending vast amounts of resources, but most people who are into self-help or personal development, or whatever lame thing you wish to call it, are usually in it for money, or success, or some other hollow achievement goals that keep you coming back for more and more, much like a drug.

There are self-help junkies out there, who are addicted to these blogs and seminars, people who like to pretend they are taking control of their life because they’ve been to a Tony Robbins firewalk.  Walking on hot coals is fucking crazy.  I’m sorry, but Tony, you are a fucking sadist if you have your attendees walk on hot coals just to see if they get burned or not.  Or that James Arthur Ray, who put a bunch of people in a sweat lodge and at least one of them died.  These people were not allowed to leave, even if they felt like they were dying.  Ha!  That really rings true to the ideology of taking conscious control of your life.  “Yeah, just stay in that sweat lodge and we’ll tell you when you can come out.  Somebody bolt the door.”

And even worse, probably the worst of all is this breatharian group, people who actually believe that humans can live without any food or water, and get all their nourishment from the air.  This is lunacy at its very extreme and kind of makes me laugh a little, because someone actually died doing this.  They went off into the woods or something, with a book written by some woman who calls herself Jasmuheen, and died.  I’ll tell you, not eating or drinking for a whole week in an isolated area where nobody is there to help you is a tremendous leap of faith.  I know most people would not do that, but those who have been indoctrinated in the belief system of certain spiritual and self-help circles can do some pretty crazy things.  And these things are entertaining as well.  It keeps the Darwin Awards interesting.

I don’t want to bash Steve Pavlina, mostly because he at least advocates thinking for yourself before you do anything like that.  I find him to be a little airy fairy on some things, but for the most part, he is at least practical and doesn’t have you sweating or starving to death.  He doesn’t force you to live the way he does, or condemn you for living the way you do.  He doesn’t have you drink Kool Aid, but simply shares his experiences and ideas and lets you decide if they resonate with you.  He may seem completely insane to some, but at least he isn’t saying that you should come along for the ride, just that he has had these interesting experiences that he never had before he got involved in personal development.  And he is not about to go into the woods and try to live off of air without taking the necessary precautions.

When it comes to self-help, or personal development, or whatever, go with your common sense, people.  Don’t so something that would put your life or the lives of people you love in jeopardy.  I think self-help has a sinister core, because it has all these success stories of people starting businesses and finding their true passion, but not too many failure stories, or the failures are dressed up as a stepping stone to success, or a temporary hurdle.  But what about those who quit their jobs and became homeless because of a self-help blog or book, or seminar?  Or those who died because of it?

This was a really weird and silly post, but at least I’m still posting. :)

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Links for the Week

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Idle Theory, but it an interesting school of thought that gels more with the way we used to live as human beings before the advent of civilization.  I’m thinking of devoting a blog post to links every week, as it will be beneficial to get some other outside information, other than my deranged rantings on this blog.   :)  All kidding aside, I truly think having some links on here won’t hurt my blog, and might even help it.

Here is Ran Prieur’s semi-famous essay How to Drop Out.  It is very realistic and also doesn’t do what motivational writers do, which is lie to you.  Sure, you can have a great value system, but if you lie like saying, “Quit your corporate job this minute and hop on over to a straw bale house in the mountains, and you will be alive when everyone else is dead,” that is worse than saying nothing.  This is one of the quintessential essays on how you can balance your physical needs in today’s world while getting out of it mentally.  Here is his Essays page, which has a ton of information that is useful and very against the system, but is also extremely intelligent writing.  This guy is probably the ultimate in practical against the system living.

Dave Pollard’s blog has tons of wonderful information on this type of stuff, and one of my favorites is located here.  There are tons of others, as this man has written for over 8 years.

I hope these three links can get you started.  They all have tons of info on their sites to browse, and I’ll leave you with one last link, which has tons of information, and this is from  the Crimethinc corporation:  Days of War, Nights of Love.  I think this is a pretty good assessment here of some of the core beliefs at the heart of anarcho-primitivism, not to mention gives  you tools for actually achieving the goal of becoming more autonomous and free.  It’s all about getting free of the system that is choking the life out of us.

Have a happy new year.