Bringing Down the Control Structure Consciously

We need to bring down the control structure.  It is stifling us in so many ways it is not even funny.  If we knew how powerful we actually are, we would be shocked, but all this power has been blocked from us through the system of domination and control.  We are socially conditioned to believe certain things about this reality we live in that dispempowers us, rather than empower us.  We are told to fear the outside world, and to let fear control our lives, when it is the exact opposite of how we should be living.  We should be living fearless, empowering lives.  But the world around us reinforces this fear mindset that totally consumes us because in a world of fear, it makes it so much harder to be courageous.

In order to transcend this fearful mode of existence, there is only one thing we can possibly do, and that is to raise our consciousness.  Raising your consciousness can do all sorts of wonderful things for you.  It can get you closer to your best self, the self that it was truly meant to be.  We all have some vision of our best selves, don’t we?  Someone whose life flows effortlessly, who makes a great living and has fulfilling relationships.  Someone who is so confident that nothing can ever phase him/her.  Someone who has no fears, not even of death, as this best self realizes that there is no such thing as death and that it is all an illusion or hologram, and that there truly is nothing to fear.  You could call this person your higher self, or you could simply call it the person you were meant to be.

If you can see through the matrix of this world, then you know that it truly is just an illusion, and if we transcend that illusion, we can live extraordinary lives, with bliss as our normal state of being.  The control structure only exists in our minds, so that is where we need to bring it down.  It was from the minds of people that the control structure got started, so it is from within that we must bring it down.  The consciousness revolution starts now.  Reject fear on its most basic premise: the fear of death.  The only reason we fear death is because we are conditioned to do so.  If that fear was taken away, what would we do that we didn’t do previously out of fear of death or simply the unknown?  This is how Jesus Christ lived his life for those Christians out there who think I’m talking New Age rubbish.

The true nature of reality is that reality itself is some kind of illusion, some sort of projection.  It’s hard to explain in words, but I would have to say that Bill Hicks put it best when he said it is just a ride, but some people have been on the ride so long that they begin to think that it is real, but in reality it is just a ride.  And there are some people who remember that it is just a ride and say, “There is no need to be afraid ever because it’s just a ride.”  And we kill those people because we are so attached to the ride, it has to be real.  But that’s okay, because in the end, it’s just a ride.  Consciousness moves on, as do we, and there is no beginning and no end.  So, in the grand scheme of things, nothing truly matters except pure consciousness because that is the only thing that will ultimately endure, so there is no need to be fearful of anything, and thus the control structure fades away.

We are ruled by our mind, our left brain, or whatever you wish to call it.  The logical part of our brain dictates to us how the world is, when the right part of our brain is the side that is more intuitive and can sense these consciousness feelings and thoughts more clearly.  The world is not even linear, as it appears.  It is simultaneous.  Every moment is in the present, and each present moment is a new reality, and all realities occur at once, so everything that has happened and everything that will happen is happening right now, although there is some subject to change because of free will, although our free will is stuck in the illusion or hologram, so it has little meaning to consciousness, because consciousness is so much more than just what we perceive.  It is everything physical and non-physical, everything we can perceive and everything we cannot.  It is even more than that, but we can’t even comprehend that.  And we are all a part of it, like we are all part of a dream or a ride, and when we “wake up,” we will know the true nature of everything.

When viewed from this perspective, your individual life has little meaning.  It is simply an experience consciousness is having through you for this moment in your perceived time, and will move on to other things.  It is but a drop in the bucket of all of the universe and beyond (and believe me, beyond is such a relative term here).  We don’t know what is truly out there or in here.  We can be told what our true nature is, but to truly understand what our true nature is is a whole other animal.  We can live for this world, or we can live for our lives after this world, or we can live for both, which is some form of enlightenment, or at least a higher level of consciousness.  The key is to get the global consciousness to a level that is sufficient to stop the control structure, which was most likely perpetrated by some aliens from another dimension that are stuck in such low levels of consciousness that they have to consume whole planets just to feel powerful.

People often wonder why most people in spiritual circles don’t think animals should also raise their consciousness.  I say it is because they are already where they need to be.  They live their lives in peace amongst themselves, and while they may eat other species in order to survive, nature ensures that they don’t get out of balance, and they know their place.  They also realize that they are a spiritual being having a temporary physical experience, and do not fear death, as they don’t even realize it is going to happen.  You could call this stupidity, but I call it inner knowing.  They realize that it is just a ride, and that they can change it any time they want.  They don’t have the ability to feel hate or fear when in their natural environments.

The animals are a reminder of how we used to live.  We may have been intelligent intellectually, and we used to use that intelligence to help the Earth, and to harmoniously help the Earth be a better place to live while we had this temporary experience.  Millions of years of humans and human-like animals were stewards of the Earth, rather than exploiters of it, because we were at such high levels of consciousness that we just did what the great gods within us knew was best for our experience.  Now look at the world and see that as within so without.

What happened to us on the physical plane is debatable, but whatever it was had to be pretty traumatizing to bring the level of consciousness of humans so low, but it was also blended with intellectual intelligence that rivals any other organism, but that is also debatable.  Dolphins are supposedly much more intelligent than us, and do you see them paving the ocean floor and putting up shopping malls?  No, because at their level of consciousness, the physical doesn’t matter, and consumerism is something that was made up by humans and is something that they see causes far more harm than good.  Far more.  We are on a runaway train to destruction, at least from a human perspective, and although it is just a ride, it would be nicer if it was a more pleasant ride, a more joyful ride, other than this sociopathic one we have now.

We can get there by raising our consciousness as a whole.  It is the cure-all for the world’s problems.  There will be no more wars, no more suffering, no more fear or negativity.  It will be a wonderful world to live in, with us being in a blissful state most of the time.  It may take time, but time is just an illusion anyway, and it is going to pass regardless of what we do, so why not emerge on the other side better equipped to live in this holographic universe?  Take down the fear, build up the love and courage energy.  Realize that there is no such thing as death, that life is a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

Overcoming Negativity

Negativity is something that is a detriment to humanity as a whole and causes all sorts of problems.  I often have negative thoughts about this or that, and it can hinder me in some way.  Getting bogged down by negative emotions and thoughts is not something I want for myself, nor for others.  The more you focus on negative thoughts, the more negativity you bring to yourself.  I know that this blog can seem pretty negative at times, but that’s because of the information I’m trying to spread and the vision I have of the future.  A future I’ll probably never see, but want to happen eventually anyway.  But in looking at some of the things I’ve written, I really want to spin humanity in a more positive light, as there are some great thinkers and other great people here, and it is a smaller percentage of bad or control-obsessed people who are pulling all the strings.

I realize that I don’t have to identify with society, nor do I have to attack it unless it is imposing its will on me.  I can choose to be nobody but myself regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.  Although I cannot do things that are against the societal laws, which are getting more and more ridiculous, I can still live a pretty good life mentally outside the system.  I can still be productive and enlighten others to “drop out,” if only mentally, to resist the propaganda and to become more conscious.  For example, in the past 6-12 months, I’ve pretty much given up television and it’s not because of the shows, but the advertisements.  Well, okay, most of the shows as well.  The only shows I now watch are Law and Order: SVU, Family Guy, and South Park.  And I usually watch them online, with significantly fewer ads.  It’s just a way to get the beast out of my head and distance myself mentally from all the chitter chatter that doesn’t matter.

I’ve been opening new doorways while closing the social conditioning that I’ve been dealing with for years.  I’ve known for quite a while that most people today are socially conditioned robots, unknowingly carrying out the agendas of those in charge.  This is why, in some regard, I try to stay away from the masses.  They reinforce so much negativity, and stupid obsessions, especially with celebrities and non-celebrities (such as reality show stars).  I find much of this to be very simple-minded distraction, which is unhealthy at the least and harmful at the worst.  And almost all news/magazines are focused on negativity or gossip.  Both being completely low vibrational.  What we truly need to change the world are high vibrations.

We used to vibrate at a higher vibration than we do today.  It was probably tens of thousands of years ago.  We lived in peace with everything and everyone around us.  But an onslaught of traumas, both physical and psychological, caused a schism in our consciousness to create the world we see today.  There are a lot of theories to what happened.  One is that there was both an ice age and a magnetic reversal of the poles at the same time, and also a shift with the moon coming into our gravitational field.  Ever wonder why lunatics have the word luna, or moon, at the root of it?  There are even people who say that the moon is housed by reptillian aliens, who are sending their vibrations out to us humans to control us, like radio waves, and those who they supposedly bred with thousands of years ago pick up on these vibrations the best and are further pushing us towards negativity and fear.  This may sound crazy and even borderline delusional, but do any of us really know for sure?  The people who call these beliefs crazy are the very ones enforcing the dominant control system.

Now, saying that, it is safe to say that I don’t blame humans for any of this.  I see now that we most likely were affected on an extraterrestrial level, and we are serving our masters, a race of aliens that are so insecure that they have to control everyone and everything.  I knew there had to be a reason for our increased intelligence in relation to the rest of life on Earth, and our cold-hearted extermination of the rest of the species on this planet.  Why would a species destroy their own home in such a systematic and non-empathetic way?  Because we aren’t exactly completely of this world, but were genetically and psychologically manipulated by a race of aliens that strive to keep us under their control using fear and other negative emotions to keep us from stepping out of line.  I find this information empowering, and it does explain a lot of the plight of humans for me.  It was this trauma, which occurred after a series of Earthly traumas, that caused the human beings we see walking around today.  And it is the 13 bloodlines through which these aliens bred with most frequently that are in charge of the world we now have.

There are ancient drawings that show these reptillian beings.  There are drawings of alien spacecrafts.  I’ve seen a few documentaries that suggested a huge coverup when it came to alien life forces living here and around here.  If you think this is crazy, it is because you have been conditioned to think that way.  Truth goes through three stages:  first it is  ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and eventually it is accepted as self-evident.  And the more awareness we shed on the control structure and its origins, the more empowered we become and the better off we are from resisting their agenda.

There is a global awakening upon us, and the control system is doing everything it can to stop it.  But it is going to happen regardless.  We are going to finally wake up and eventually start living positive lives without the control system attacking our psyches.  The Earth goes through contraction and expansion phases.  This system we have been in for thousands of years is a contraction phase, although it would seem to the naked eye like an expansion phase, because of all the physical progress (and extermination) we’ve completed.  But it has been a constriction in the form of control and domination.  What we will be transitioning to is a more free and liberated society.  The aliens or Illuminati or whatever is in control of us will have no more power over us, and will no longer be able to feed us negative emotions and vibrations on a daily basis, because our vibrations will be too high and positive.  But they are still scrambling, much like a man standing in a rapidly increasing river.  Eventually the man will be toppled over.

These reptillians feed off of our negativity, so the higher we vibrate, the less they can even subsist.  What we need to do is calibrate at higher and higher levels of consciousness until their grasp is no longer relevant and we can live the lives that we were meant to live.  Expanding your awareness and raising your consciousness to one of power instead of force is the stepping stone to getting where it is we need to be.  And even if there are no aliens controlling us, we all can agree that the people in charge are at least sociopaths devoid of much empathy, seeing on how they can massacre their own people in droves and convince others to do the same or be killed.  And we also need to transcend the police state that is coming, which will most likely not last very long because it will be mostly run by machines, not humans, and most humans do not have loyalty to machines and will be able to scam them much better.

There is a coming expansion and we need to be ready for it.  Some would argue it is already taking place.  People have more freedom than ever before in some circles, especially the unemployed, although they might not see it that way.  They probably see it as a loss of autonomy, when they should be seeing it as a chance to truly do something in this world that doesn’t require money or slavery to a system that left the general populace behind years ago.  Eventually, maybe it will get so bad that they will stop foreclosing on houses because they just don’t have the man-hours to accomplish it.  As the economy declines, less people are serving the control structure, so it’s not such a bad thing after all.  I just wish the people who lost their jobs were doing something to open other people’s minds.  Instead, as they are conditioned to do, they wallow in deep depression because they took so much value from their work, their sense of purpose.  And all they were doing was serving the very masters that bind them.

I want to conclude this article by saying that this expansion will be immensely challenging and that if we are not prepared for it, it will be worse, but just know on the inside that it will lead to something extraordinarily better than what we have now.  It may be painful at first, but we will emerge on the other side so much better and so much more powerful personally, which is what we have lost so much of in the past few millennia.    If you don’t believe in aliens, that’s fine, but that is probably because they try so hard never to be exposed.  They will be exposed in the coming decades, and we will transcend their control.  (Don’t think I’ve lost my mind.  The man in the moon is not just a fairy tale.)  But don’t worry about them, because sooner than later we will be completely autonomous once again, so it is of no consequence.  We will once again begin living like we were meant to, with nature and not against it.

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A Toxic Society

I don’t know if you know this, but our society is toxic from almost every standpoint.  There is toxicity in every living thing, and this is because of humans.  We breathe toxic air and drink horribly toxic water.  The foods we eat are intentionally loaded with toxins, as is our municipal water supply.  There are toxins everywhere you look and there is no way to stop them.  If there was, wouldn’t we have already done something about this?  Of course, the answer is no, because the government and the corporations can make so much more money when we are sick as opposed when we are healthy.  Also, the masses are much easier to control if they are fed toxins day in and day out.  It is a culling of the population to make them more manageable.  Why else would they place known neurotoxins like fluoride and lead into our drinking water and brass pipes?  The reason is obvious: control.

They have drugged a good bit of the population with psychotropic drugs, whether these people need them or not.  They are even drugging children, most notably foster children, to the point of death in some cases.  Some of the reasonings are that these children came from “a bad gene pool.”  Well, what a great explanation!  There has been and still is sterilization in not only America, but most notably among the poor and people who are considered a threat.  It is not done out in the open like it was before World War II, when Hitler made eugenics unpopular.  It is done very covertly, very incrementally, a socialist paradigm.  It is sickening, and it is anything but voluntary.  This is done without the victims even knowing most of the time.

But why?  Why are the people of power knowing poisoning those “below” them?  It is as natural as civilization, which is unnatural at its very core.  They did this in Ancient Rome with lead in the water of conquered peoples, and now they have more weapons of mass control at their disposal.  These people are desperately afraid of the masses coming up to get them and strip away their power.  They are terrified of living as equals with other human beings, and so they have devised a very sick, very abominable plan to keep the public at bay while they enrich their power.  While they are spraying chemicals into the air at night, you sleep soundly in your bed.

The same 13 families have been in power for almost all of civilization.  They are known as the Illuminati bloodlines.  How they came to power is not something I know, but what I do know is that every single US President is a direct descendant of these 13 bloodlines, including Barack Obama.  And most others in political power around the world also share these bloodlines.  The have the money, the power, and the control of everyone and everything, and no matter what they want you to believe, remember this:  They do not care about you.  They don’t even need you.  You are expendable.  And they want this whole world for themselves, so get out of the way, or they’ll throw you out of the way.

I recently happened upon something known as the Georgia Guidestones(link).  It is this structure that has what is referred to as “the new ten commandments.”  I’ll list them here for your reading pleasure:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

Now, some of this I agree with and some of it I definitely do not, like a One World Government and the restrictions of our freedoms, but this is what this world is heading for, but I would at least like it to be consensual, not forced.  Because any government created through force is doomed to fail, no matter what these people’s intentions are.  I agree that we have way too many people on this planet, but poisoning the excess to death isn’t an option for me.  I don’t see why the “elites,” as they are called, have any justification for doing so.  There is a depopulation movement going on as we speak, as well as the disintegration of borders between nations.  It is all happening behind closed doors and covertly, because if they were to do this out in the open, there would be massive uprising.  They carve out this country with their elite buddies while we suffer the consequences.  Those elites never have to suffer anything because they are above the law.

I have no doubt that the governments of the world will let a good amount of their people starve to death, because they believe that the depopulation movement is in everyone’s best interest.  I agree that depopulation is a good idea, but not so the elites can create a paradise for themselves.  I want us all to be equals, not slaves to them.  I am all for voluntary population reduction, and I understand how slowly that works.  So I know that it will most likely take hundreds of years for this to happen.  But the elites don’t want to wait that long.  So they use toxic chemicals and other horrific means to slowly cull the population level to their desired outcome.  It is only going to get worse in the future.

The RFID chips and other tracking devices will be utilized to track every single human being on the face of the Earth.  Don’t laugh.  It is in the making as we speak, and they might not even tell you about it.  It will probably be implanted into your driver’s license and be so small that you will be unable to see it.  My state just recently introduced a new license that looks so different than the one I have now.  Thank God I don’t have to renew until 2017.  But I will still have to do it or lose some of my rapidly dissipating freedoms.  It is only a matter of time before everything we do is monitored and I already see aspects of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World in effect as well as the drugging and conditioning of the public goes.  It is so much easier to condition the public from an early age than it is to monitor those who have not been conditioned.  Enter:  the public school system and Social Services.

The public school system conditions us to think the way the ruling class wants us to think.  Social Services takes children away from their parents and puts these children through horrific mental and emotional trauma, usually breaking them for life.  They fracture most people’s minds to the point where they are a walking, breathing zombie, unquestioning and just smart enough to follow orders and serve the elites.  That, or too sick to rally against them.  And we are fed propaganda through the media and other outlets, not to mention that we are constantly bombarded with radiation from millions of radio and other waves.  And I’m sure this is just the scratching of the surface.  I know there is a hell of a lot more going on, but the information is so secret that it would be a miracle if it ever came out.

This is just a fraction of what goes on, and probably a fraction of what my subconscious knows.  And it is enough to make me want to smash the powers that be into a thousand pieces, but I’ll never be able to, because I don’t know who truly is behind the scenes, running the show.  And there are so few of us that know what is going on, and so many who unquestionably believe what the media and our officials spit out.  I just need to be part of the solution, and stop cowtowing to the elite’s agenda of world domination and depopulation on a massive scale.  We all need to rebel, we all need to rise up.  Every last one of us.  This cannot be a half-assed event.  We either need to be full-assed or we are doomed to failure.  We need to get healthy, get active, and get these evil elites out of power and retain the personal power we have inside us.  Let us rebel.

Here is a link to a documentary called Endgame, that talks about some of what I discussed here.

For a more comedic outlook, here’s George Carlin’s thoughts about this.

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