Trying to Evolve

The conscious evolution of our species will enact the consciousness revolution.  The most important thing one can do with his/her time on Earth is raise his or her consciousness.  If everyone did this, we would have a whole world of highly conscious individuals.  I’d say it is about time to evolve, wouldn’t you?  It’s time to stop being a slave to fear, consumption, and your own ego.  Being a slave is just plain stupid at this point in history.  It’s time for us as a species to own our lives and become what we all dream we could be.

This reality is nothing more than an illusion, a hologram.  There are other realities beyond this one, and they too are holograms.  The only true reality is that of pure God-consciousness.  We are one with God and God loves us unconditionally, because we are him and he is us.  It seems a bit airy-fairy, I know, but once your grasp the fact that no matter what happens in this reality, nothing can stop God’s love and you being a part of God, it tends to diminish your fear and worry quite a bit.

There was a time in the past where we lived as so-called “Gods on Earth.”  It was a time when we were simply in this world, but not of it.  We had full and total awareness of our connectedness to God and our true nature.  We were one with the world and with the universe, and there was no violence or warfare.  Everything was perfect and we wanted for nothing.  But then something happened.  Something that separated us from God.  Just for a moment.  And look at the world we have now.

There were a cascade of traumas humans went through in a very short period of time.  One of them was the Ice Age.  Another being the magnetic reversal of the poles.  Another being that we were most definitely visited by aliens and had our DNA corrupted in some form.  Another was the introduction of the moon, which supposedly appeared around that time and caused all sorts of problems, both physically and psychologically.  If you’ve ever wondered why the word lunatic contains luna, Latin for moon, there is a very good reason for that.  The moon is most likely a hollowed out planetoid that is broadcasting a signal to keep us from experiencing the oneness with God we once did experience.

When these aliens interbred with humans, and this is documented in ancient history, they bred with certain bloodlines that had the least empathy for other humans.  Either that, or they were bred to be that way.  All I know is that they caused a shift in consciousness that was so dramatic that it created the evil leaders we have today, who are really just doing the aliens’ bidding by keeping us in the dark about the true nature of reality and dumbing us down so that we unconsciously do the bidding of these alien creatures.  But as soon as we awaken, they will no longer have control.

Before your discount me as a conspiracy nut, I urge you to look at the world around you and ask yourself if any species other than humans destroys its own kind and has such a deep self-loathing as us humans.  We behave as a cancer on this planet, and what other species out there would destroy its own home planet?  It is because of the manipulation of our DNA by alien visitors that are using us for our energy and our resources on some level, especially the lowering of our consciousness so that they can feed off of our negative energy.  It may seem crazy, but if you look at the world around us, it makes perfect sense.  Why do 13 or so families control most of the wealth?  Why are there some people who come out of nowhere into power?  Why are there all these secret societies that most of us are not members of?  There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

I’m not claiming to know nearly everything about what is really going on, but I do know that the only way to break the grasp of the control system and to raise our consciousness so that we are no longer a slave to whatever is controlling us.  It is imperative that we do this before it is too late, but it seems to be starting already, which is a good sign.  The control structure has to work harder and harder just to maintain the status quo, never mind increase control.  It is like the increasing stream with a man standing in it saying, “I’m not moving.”  We are the stream and the control structure is the man.  Eventually, he will no longer be able to stand anymore and get washed away by the stream of consciousness.  And so then we will be set free.  We will finally be “Gods on Earth” again, and we will finally realize our true nature.

Disclaimer:  No, I haven’t lost my mind.  I haven’t seen any aliens or anything.  I’ve just had some synchronicities that have led me towards the fact that life is an illusion and that the only reason we do not know this from birth is that we are being controlled through suppression of information and through genetic manipulation.  There is a lot more to know about this information, and it can be found on David Icke‘s website or on Youtube through David Icke’s presentations.  You don’t have to believe all of it to get value from it.  It is just something to consider.