Raising the Collective Consciousness

The best thing we can possibly do with our lives is work to raise the collective consciousness.  And this all starts by raising your own consciousness.  But why raise your consciousness?  Because then you’ll see better results in your life and enjoy things more.  So, how do you raise your consciousness?  Well, I’d love to talk about how to raise your consciouness, but someone already wrote an article about that.  10 ways to become more conscious.  And here’s an article about why you should strive to become more conscious.  And it makes sense to want this for everyone on this planet, doesn’t it?  I would much rather live in a world of high-consciousness beings than one of low-consciousness beings.  Just think of what kind of world we could create together.  We could explore space, both inner and outer, forever in peace.

‘Tis a noble goal to work towards this.  The more people we get doing this, the faster and more likely it will occur.  Even if this world is but an illusion, a dream, we can still truly enjoy ourselves while we are here.  We can say yes to truth and equal rights, and peace.  And we can say no to war, fear, and chaos.  Especially fear, as it is the root of all suffering.  Transcending fear is the only way to truly get our consciousness where it is we need it to be so that we will end all suffering.  The Buddha said that all suffering is caused by a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of reality.  I can’t tell you how many people would benefit from realizing the dream that this life is.  It doesn’t make life meaningless, either.  It just creates a world of wonder.  And it creates the feeling that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.  Which means what one does to another he or she really does to his or herself.  As Bill Hicks once said, “If we knew we were all one, it would fuck up the economy, especially the arms industry.”

The truth of the matter is that once we realize that we are all one on a collective level, and nothing brings us out of that level, we will be living amazing lives and our experience of this reality will increase for the better one thousand fold or more.  So, let’s make this happen…

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