A Rampage of Relief

A pretty long transcription from Abraham-Hicks, called A Rampage of Relief.  It’s a pretty powerful message, and it is one of thousands offered by Abraham, channeled through Esther Hicks.  It’s not that I’m into channeling, it’s that the specific messages from this “spirit” is just so true and makes perfect logical sense as well.  There are tons more on Youtube…:

“It feels good to recognize that I don’t have to figure it out right now and that I’m never going to figure it all out. I like doing things because I want to do them. I am gently leaving behind me feelings of responsibility and replacing them with enthusiastic enter twining. We are all here, especially me, for the satisfaction of it, for the thrill of it, for the good of it. I like the thought about not getting it done when I think about not having to get it done. And I like the thought that I cannot get it wrong when I don’t try to compare it with everything and figure out what is right and wrong. I never get it done and I cannot get it wrong. I really like that. I can’t get it done and I can’t get it wrong. If I can’t get it wrong, then I’m not here to figure out how to get it right, then I’m not here to get it right or wrong. It must just be for the good feeling of it, for the contentment of it, the well-being of it, the satisfaction of , etc. I’m here because I am a really worthy, really good person who isn’t ever going to get it done and isn’t being measured about how well I’m getting it done. I like this. This is a vacation of sorts, a freedom from responsibility, it is a freedom from needing to do something and in the absence of needing to do something, I’m wanting to do something. I like fun, and I like to play and I like smart people, and there is no curriculum that has been laid out for me. Whatever I choose is all right. I didn’t just begin when I began, I am an extension of something. Babies and children know their well-being. Here I am, fully functioning, and I feel free of needing to do stuff, free of needing to be responsible. I’ve had this little rampage within myself where I deliberately stayed away from shoulds and shouldn’t‘s, and I think I sort of found a place of natural well-being. And so I wonder how long I can stand in this place of natural well being and just feel good. It feels like a relief. Because just a little bit ago I was trying so hard just to figure things out that I got my brain twisted into a knot. I don’t have to do anything. I’m starting to feel the tiniest bit of boredom because I’ve let a lot of what has driven me be deliberately deconstructed. Now I don’t know what to do because there isn’t anything that I’m supposed to do, anything I should do, no hoops to jump through. And there is no one noticing whether or not I am jumping through the hoops anyway except other who have completely lost their way…I got so tired about jumping through the hoops that no longer jumping through the hoops is pleasing in some ways because I don’t quite know what to do with myself because there is nothing that I am supposed to do and nothing that I should, so I wonder if I’m here to find things that I want to do. I like the idea of that, finding something that I want to do. What do I like doing? I like… I like…not being in a hurry. I like funny people. I like seeing new things. I like having lots to choose from. I like being on a planet where there is a lot of variety. I like humanity. I like the flora and fauna/sea of this planet. I love beautiful islands….I like the way the land and sea mix together…I like the sky, I like the way the sun goes up in the morning…I like the well-being of this planet, I like the way this planet spins in perfect orbit and perfect proximity to other planets…I like being a part of all of this I like knowing that there is so much about that well-being that I don’t have to tend to…I like discovering my part, and that my part must surely be in the interest that calls me. I like knowing that there are interesting things out there. I like being interested and then following that interest. I like speculating that maybe I could really live a complete life of letting go of the shoulds and the half to’s and the need to s and the commitments and just following the want to’s and the what feels good. I feel that that’s the way my inner being is. My inner being refuses to focus on things of responsibility, my inner being won’t go there with me, I can feel that my inner being stays in a very general place. It’s like my inner being has deconstructed thought and put a blanket of well-being over everything. My inner being doesn’t have to consider the rightness or the wrongness of the way that person looks or talks or dresses or lives, My inner being loves them, loves them, loves them, loves them. My inner being has found a way of deconstructing the details of thought and finding the essence of who my inner being is and drape that feeling of well-being over everything. I think I might like to do that. I think I might like to be in this general place of well-being where I am less opinionated, less comparing of opinions and more feeling. I’m going to enjoy this sort of deconstructing of thought, I’m going to use fewer words and offer more emotion. I’m going to look at the people I love and say to them what I mean through thought and emotion and through silence and body language and touch, and through smile, and so much through words…”

I’m going to try and keep listening to a couple of these every day and gain new insights.  Some of these are really amazing, well most of them are.  Enjoy…

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