Prison Reform

I’ve been thinking about becoming a writer, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world.  Especially when I’m operating on about 3.5 hours of sleep today.  It really doesn’t matter what happens in the long run.  Reality is an illusion, and when we die, we become a part of Source, so no matter what we do on this planet, we all end up in the same place.  There is no such thing as death, really.  It is simply you shedding your shell and moving onto a higher state of consciousness where your body is no longer necessary.  They say death is the number 2 fear among people.  Number one is public speaking.  I would have thought number one would be prison.  That is the most horrific place on this planet.  At least even that is an illusion.  I’ll say it right here.  I would rather die than ever spend any significant time in prison.  Because when you die, it is a transformation like no other, one that is as exhilterating as nothing you have ever experienced, while going to prison is as stressful and scarier than anything else on this side of life.  I feel bad for those who have been wrongly accused of a crime, and then wrongly convicted.  I even sometimes feel bad for those who were rightfully convicted, because prison isn’t going to help them at all.  It’s just a way for the people in power to live out their Bible revenge and punishment fantasies.  It doesn’t help those who are behind bars, so why do we keep building more prisons?

I believe that every human being deserves at least a second chance.  These people being locked up on stupid charges, like drug possession and tax evasion.  And they are put in with violent offenders, people who killed someone, people who raped someone, people who molested children.  How is that in any way, shape, or form rehabilitation?  And they’ve privatized the prisons now, so they are for-profit, giving law enforcement and the lawmakers to create more and more laws that can get you thrown into prison.  And the prisoners are used for slave labor, which is also a gross infringement on our constitutional rights, not that we have many of those left anyway.  People spend their lives in jail for one mistake they made, while others can freely get away with crimes that are so heinous that to even comprehend them would cause digestive discomfort.  But it is still all an illusion, a dream, etc.  Some aspects of it make it a nightmare.

African Americans have it the worst in this country.  They are proportionally incarcerated at such a higher rate than Caucasions that it is sickening.  Sure, they’ve been screwed by a system that considers them at the bottom of the totem pole, and because of this they are almost forced to turn to a life of crime to even make a living.  This isn’t true for all of them, but for the ones who live in the ghettos, what other alternative do they have?  Even though they sell (crack) rocks, it feels good putting money in their mailbox.  And then when they finally get caught doing that, they get 15 years in jail or more, sometimes life.  The drug war is only around because the government doesn’t want any competition.  They are the biggest drug-pushers in the world, and the CIA have been drug-runners for years.  That is almost their job description.  And you never see them locked up.  It’s always the poor black drug dealer you see serving 25 to life, not the CIA operative that runs 100 times the amount of drugs across the border.  It’s a rigged game and it is totally messed up.

The only people who should be locked away are those who harm other people intentionally, and they should not be placed in these dark cells where they rot for the rest of their lives.  What we need here is real rehabilitation.  All that money that is spent on the war could go towards rehabilitating prisoners, turning them into productive members of society.  But the government and those who control the government don’t want that.  They want control of us all.  What they really want is a country where 50% of us are in prisons and therefore they will have complete control over us.  We already lead the world in percentage of incarcerated people per capita by a wide, wide margin.  What does that say about America as a nation?

We need a serious reform of this entire law enforcement system, because once it becomes for profit, then it just becomes worse and worse for the citizens.  To take someone’s freedom away is one of the most damaging things you can do to them, and that truly is a fate worse than death.  We need to fix the system from the bottom up, because top down really isn’t working.  The government doesn’t care about us, and those who control the government don’t even care about the human race as a whole.  They want to enslave us,  using any means possible.  The important thing is not to give into it.

The most important thing you can do to combat the gross infraction on our human rights is to know your rights.  If you know your rights, you’ll have an advantage when it comes to knowing what law enforcement can and cannot do to you.  Most people fear authority figures, but that’s not serving anyone but those who are truly in power.  As long as you are not doing anything illegal, and as long as you know what your rights are, you can avoid being arrested and confined to a cell for however much time that the judge, jury, and police officers think is appropriate for the “crime” you have committed.  You’re not going to get the “rehabilitation” you need in jail or prison anyway, so I don’t even see the point of having them.  There is a better way to deal with these violent offenders, these people who can’t function in society without causing harm to others.  We are all human beings, and we are all connected, and if you don’t have compassion for those serving life sentences, then you truly don’t get that we are all one, and that we all feel similar emotions in similar circumstances.

If something doesn’t do any good for anyone, then it shouldn’t exist.  We need to create something better to deal with these people who are causing problems, but the whole idea of throwing them in a cage for a certain amount of time is not working.  All it is doing is putting a bunch of criminals together, and you can only imagine that when any of them get out, they just become better criminals.  And that just makes the problem worse.  We need a change badly in this area, and hopefully there is a leap of compassion to help these people overcome their past and become who they were truly meant to be.

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    You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be
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