The Holographic Universe

The illusory nature of reality is sort of like a holographic television channel.  There is so much happening in the space that we are occupying that we cannot see, hear, or feel in any way, shape, or form.  We can only see less than 1% of all light on the spectrum of light.  Humans are basically blind when it comes to what they can see in relation to what is actually there.  Not only that, they are not seeing with their eyes.  We are seeing with our brains, which are interpreting vibration, which then manifests itself as the holographic universe.  But this holographic universe is one of many, therein lies the theory of parallel universes.  Most of these parallel universes have frequencies that are so far apart from ones that we can decode, so we don’t pick 99.9% of them up, but the ones that are closest to us sometimes sneak into our reality for a few moments, and on some levels can cause interference.

Atoms are mostly empty space.  Yet we perceive things as solid.  But nothing is solid, everything we see is a hologram, and we only see and hear, and feel the frequencies we can pick up in our frequency band.  That is why people report seeing UFOs “appear” out of nowhere, and then “disappear.”  In fact, what is happening is the UFOs are entering our frequency band for a short period of time for one reason or another, and then quickly moving out of our spectrum of visible light.

Everything in this universe is wave form, and each wave carries information, and we decode this information using our bodies, which I’ll refer to as a biological computer.  Our five senses pick up the waves in our frequency band and formulate what we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel.  Some humans have a better ability than others to sense more wave forms, but all in all, humans are in a tiny band of frequencies that are but an infinitesimal fraction of what is actually in the space in which we are occupying.  A good example of this are all the radio and television stations that are passing through you right now, and yet you cannot see or hear them, simply due to the fact that your body/mind computer is not set up to decode them, but your television/radio is.  That is how seemingly invisible waves can become pictures and sounds.  You just have to have the right medium to decode it.

A hologram is basically a wave that you shine two lasers at, and it creates a 3-Dimensional picture.  That picture appears to be solid and 3-D to the human eye, but in fact it is not solid or even really there.  It is but a projection, and the universe is a projection for all five senses.  What the true nature of reality is is still up for debate, but every time I really delve deep into this subject, I get that pure consciousness is our true selves.  Infinite and eternal consciousness is who we truly are.  What we are seeing outside of ourselves is like watching a movie that comes from within.  We are an ocean of consciousness, and we are all one consciousness having individual experiences.  There is no such thing as death, and you could look at life as a dream if that helps you understand.

When you dream, everything that takes place is happening in your mind.  It seems real at the time, and all the things you feel, see, hear, etc., are totally real while in the dream state.  It is only when you wake up (or become lucid) that you truly realize that whatever took place in your dream was indeed all illusion created by your mind/consciousness.  David Icke wrote a book called Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion.  And what he meant to say is that who we really are is consciousness, pure undiluted love energy, and everything else is a hologram/illusion.  Everything physical is a projection of consciousness.  And we are slowly awakening to this conscious awareness of our true nature.  It may take a few more decades, but the suppression will end and we will know who we truly are.

So, why don’t we know about the holographic universe and our true nature already?  The answer is complex, and very so-called “out there,” but I’ll do my best to explain it in the best way I can.  At some point in the ancient world, we did live as though we were in this world, but not of it.  We knew of our connection to “God,” or consciousness, or the great spirit…whatever you want to call it.  We knew we were all one, until one day we were hijacked by what can only be described as inter-dimensional beings who were very technologically advanced (but not so much spiritually).  And what they did was bring the moon (which is most likely a hollowed-out planetoid) to Earth (Think of it like a Death Star…perfect analogy).  And what it did was cause mass cataclysms on Earth, and many ancient cultures describe the “Earth turned over.”  Because of the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth, it caused the Earth to tilt in the way that it does, and also caused many natural disasters that basically “wiped the slate clean” for these entities.

This is when the interbreeding started.  After everything had settled down to a point, these entities came down to Earth and interbred with humanity.  There are ancient accounts of this all over the world, and even in the Bible.  The Bible calls them “fallen angels,” and other ancient societies have other names for them.  What the main goal of these entities was and still is was the enslavement of humanity so that these entities could parasite off of our negative energy states.  Energy vampirism.  These hybrid bloodlines quickly assumed the power positions and killed off all the ancient knowledge by milking the shamans and storytellers of all the ancient nations and then killing them, ensuring only they had the knowledge of the illusory nature of reality, and they now use it against us to keep us in control.   These hybrid blood lines claimed they had the “divine right to rule,” due to the fact they had a bloodline related to the “Gods,” who were really the Reptillians or other inter-dimensional aliens.  This explains why the Royal families throughout history were obsessed with keeping their bloodlines “pure,” with excessive interbreeding which also caused some problems as well.

These hybrid bloodlines have a stronger connection to the Reptillians, who are broadcasting some kind of signal from the moon.  They are more easily possessed by these entities, and have rituals and sacrifices on certain meridian points throughout the world.  One that is pretty famous is Bohemian Grove, California.  They are Satanists, what who they are really worshiping are these entities who are very close to our frequency, which allows them to come into existence for short periods of time, and to certainly control the hybrid bloodlines through vibrational energy.  That is why the world is the way it is today.  But we’re starting to wake up.

David Icke talks about the truth vibrations, which he has been for over 20 years.  That everything that has been hidden will come to light, and the control system will fall.  And once again, we will regain that suppressed knowledge that has kept us in bondage and slavery without even knowing it.  We will once again realize that we are infinite consciousness, infinite possibility, and pure love energy and that nothing can harm us on a fundamental level, because we are all that has been, is, and ever was.  And now that the control system is in its death throws, it’s going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at us to try and suppress us more and more, much like a cornered rat trying to maintain its dominance, but at that point the truth vibrations will awaken more and more people, and there will be no stopping us from finally putting an end to the bondage we’ve been stuck in for thousands of years.

It will happen in our lifetimes, but before it does, the control system will seem to be getting stronger, but that is but an act of desperation.  Their last ace in the hole is the microchip, but most people will not go for such nonsense, and they are going to try to use it to suppress the truth vibrations on an energetic level.  So, if you refuse one thing, let it be the microchip, no matter what.  That is the “jewel in their crown,” as David Icke points out.  Either way, when we “die,” which there isn’t anything truly of it, death being the illusion that it is, we will once again become infinite consciousness, so there really is no need to fear anything, not even death.  And fear is the energy these entities feed off of.  Without this fear energy, they have no sustenance and will have no way to keep surviving.

There is nothing to fear except fear itself.  The world is an illusion, a hologram, and we are infinite consciousness having an experience.  There is no such thing as death, life is a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.  Until next time, I’m infinite possibility…;)

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4 thoughts on “The Holographic Universe

  1. The universe is a hologram and life´s but a dream. I found it all out in a strong mystical experience three years ago. The meaning of life seems to be to die. Then when you’ll die you’ve got one second of clarity when you’ll see it all. We are trapped in our selfs and in an experiment places us innermost in a system craeted by the “higher and god” force best desricbed like from a transcendent reality, Thanx for the article.

  2. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long are you blogging regarding? you made blogging look easy. The appearance of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!

  3. My only question is what stops these inter-dimensional beings from enslaving humanity all over again after we have undergone a mass enlightenment? If humans were already in an enlightened state in ancient times before we were hijacked, what stops this from happening again? I feel I may be missing a fundamental point in understanding our true being i.e. infinite consciousness which has resulted in me asking these questions.

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