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David Icke is famous for talking about a Reptillian alien race that came down some tens of thousands of  years ago and affected humanity on a deep and profound level, manipulating our genetics and also creating a society that encouraged low-vibrational thoughts and behaviors, which in turn are their fuel for sustenance.  He is a fascinating fellow, and he has some great truths to share with the world.  He puts on 7-9 hour presentations that are just mind-blowing.  Some of them are available on Youtube in full or pieces.  He goes into all the conspiracy theories on the five-sense level, and then goes deeper into the nature of reality as a whole, and talks about consciousness and other topics that are similar.

It all started for him around 1990, where he had what people would call a spiritual awakening, and all hell broke loose in his life.  He was a television presenter and national spokesman for the British Green Party.  But in the late portion of 1989 into 1990, he started noticing that whenever he was alone, he felt a presence in the room with him.  It got to be so strong that he went to see a psychic whose book he was led to by a voice in his head.  A voice that told him to check the books on a certain shelf, and that psychic told him that he would go out on a world stage and reveal great secrets.  He never told her why he really went to see her, as he said he wanted hands-on healing for his arthritis.

He went on to go on the Wogan show, which was a popular talk show in Britain, where he was ridiculed for the things he was saying.  He also had an inclination to go to Peru I believe in 1991, where he had an experience on some sort of small mountain, where he had this very powerful energy pass through him for about 45 minutes or so, and the voice said, “People will be talking about this 100 years from now,” and “It will all be over when you feel the rain.”  It was a very hot day in the desert of Peru, and there was no inclination that it was going to rain, but sure enough it began to pour, and he was a changed man.

He started doing research about the occult, the five-sense aspects of connecting the dots in this conspiracy theory world we live in.  He noticed certain families are in control of all the world’s countries and pretty much rule the world through a very tight control system.  They manipulate wars and create problems just to offer the solution that they wanted to implement anyway.  For example, these people wanted wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, and eventually want to cause WWIII, so they engineered 9/11 to create a stricter control structure in America, and gave them a reason to attack Afghanistan, and eventually used the WMD theory to attack Iraq.  Iraq is very important to these people, as it is on a certain meridian point of the Earth, and is also referred to as “the cradle of civilization.”

He didn’t come up with the Reptillian theory on his own.  So many people would come up to him and share their experiences with all these world leaders who they had seen turn into a Reptillian form, and then shift back to human form shortly afterwards.  These world leaders are part of the 13 Illuminati families who have been in control for thousands of years.  And the only reason they were in control is because they declared they had the divine right to rule, as their bloodlines were from the “Gods,” which were really these Reptillian entities who control them through what is known as the Moon Matrix.

The whole idea here is to keep the human race in fear, because that is the arena in which these Reptillian entities operate.  Their food is fear energy, and they use our psychopathic society to manufacture so much fear that they always have energy to munch on.  These elite half-bloodlines perform rituals on meridian points to conjure up these entities, and they sacrifice a child, and then drink its blood.  Accounts of people who have attended these rituals say that once these elites drink the blood, they go crazy.  The reason they sacrifice children is because they have purer and more “nutritious” fear energy.  Once a child hits puberty, he/she goes through all sorts of biological and chemical changes that render their fear energy just enough to live, but not satiating enough to allow these entities to last for very long.

He talks about how the moon is sending a signal that blocks us from seeing the world as it really is, much like the Matrix movie.  The moon is most likely a hollowed-out planetoid that acts as a satellite dish that sends a blocking frequency that keeps humans in a very limited perspective.  The people who are most influenced by the moon’s signals are the people who the Reptillians interbred with thousands of years ago, and they can be controlled through this Moon Matrix.  These people were also bred for lack of empathy, which explains all the atrocities they commit without having any compassion for those who suffer.  Many of these people have done so many horrific things behind closed doors, or out in the woods at Bohemian Grove, CA, that it is unbelievable.  If I recall Napoleon’s famous quote, “If you want people to believe a lie, make the truth unbelievable.”

David Icke also talks about the Truth Vibration, which is coming, and already starting to affect humans on a very profound level.  Once this Truth Vibration reaches its peak, we all will see what has been going on all these years, and why the world is the way it is today.  The manipulative entities will be exposed for who they are, but they aren’t going down without a fight.  The microchipped population goal that these entities want for humanity will allow the truth vibrations to be blocked, possibly using the Moon Matrix again to send a blocking signal that keeps us in mind instead of in Consciousness.  And this is me just scratching the surface of what he talks about.

Whether or not you believe everything he says is irrelevant.  If you just take the time to listen to him speak, you’ll learn a ton, even if it is just from a five-sense perspective.  But if you’re not willing to open up to the illusory nature of reality and how he describes the world and the universe as a hologram, you’ll be missing out on the most important part of what he talks about.  22 years of research and inquiry is bound to give a person some great insights, and you’re seriously missing out if you don’t check this guy out and at least watch one of his entire presentations.  I’ll link to one right here:

I hope you enjoy this video, and keep your mind open while watching it.  You don’t have to believe everything he says, but just listen to him talk.  You won’t regret it.

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