On Being Human

What does it mean to be human?  Seriously, what does it mean?  Who are we as a species and why are we here?  It is a very complex question that takes great thought to answer.  Some people would say that we are the eyes of the world, documenting what is happening all around us.  Others would say that we are the dominant species, at the top of the food chain.  Others would say that we are an offshoot of gorillas and other primates who have learned how to communicate effectively through the invention of language to create wonderful things and a few bad things.  Any way you put it, to be human is something unique to our species.  It is something that only we can claim to be and it is something the comes with great responsibility.

We have the power to do good or do evil.  We have the power to eradicate all useless life (from our narrow perspective) from the face of the Earth or to work with the Earth to create more diversity.  We have the power to be constructive or destructive.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  Sure, if the world goes to hell and we all die, responsibility will be left with whatever is left.  But the destruction will be mostly the humans’ fault.  It’s no one’s fault individually, but collectively.  It is the civilization we have created that is responsible for all the destruction.  The people who initially started civilization didn’t know where it was heading, so it is futile to play the blame game.  Sure, power is addictive and since us humans crave power ever since the advent of agriculture, it was only inevitable before the world became what it is today and what it will become in the future.  But it is not in our nature to do things like this.

Certain traumas happened on this planet thousands of years ago that forced us to take action to ensure our survival.  Many traumas happened in a short period of time that damaged us psychologically as well as physically.  Some of these traumas may include the magnetic reversal of the  poles, the ice age, global food shortages, global cooling/warming, continental drift, earthquakes, etc.  I am not sure which of these actually happened while humans were on the Earth, but I have seen some documentaries that say that there were many traumas, even possibly being visited by aliens who manipulated our DNA.  But that’s just a theory.

Nevertheless, our psyches were badly damaged and we needed some part of us to take over during our time of trauma and the ego stepped right in.   The ego is basically a defense mechanism brought on by intense psychological or physical stress.  I remember hearing Michael Tsarion say something like, “It’s like the secretary is in charge while the boss is at lunch.  The ego is saying, ‘I saved your ass, so I demand respect and I deserve to be in charge.  Don’t mind that I’m underqualified and make frequent mistakes.  Until the boss gets back, I am in charge.'”  Very interesting and it resonates with me deeply.  The ego has been running the show for at least 10,000 years, possibly more.  The ego runs on fear and zero-sum thinking.  The ego is overly defensive for its own safety.  The ego will do anything in its power to preserve itself.  The ego is always thinking about expanding because of its underlying fear of being inadequate.  Our whole society is built around this fear-based ego.

So what was there before the ego?  We simply had the self.  We were more of a collectivist race than an individualistic, or egoistic one.  It was a time where we did not fear anything, not even death because we understood the world as a whole, not as an individual.  We knew our place and did our best to stay in it because our survival as a whole depended on it.  Sure, it wasn’t as glamorous as  life is today for us humans, but it worked really well.  That is, until all those traumatic events that scarred us for so very long and continues to scar us today.  The society we built was around fear and other so-called negative emotions, so how could we possibly expect it to be universally good?  We let the ego take over and look out for our best interests when the ego only looks out for itself because of its fear-based mindset.

In order to overcome the evils of the world, we need to let go of fear.  Fear, the mind killer, the tool that manipulates us all.  As a collective unit, we need to stop all the fear and replace it with love.  Unconditional love.  We need to try and lose the ego and get back to being ourselves–to be the true human beings that we are.  Otherwise, we will surely go extinct and after billions of years, not leave a trace of us ever being here.  Is it better to be glorious from the egoic perspective and burn out with our monuments eventually crumbling or sustaining ourselves as long as the sun and Earth permit?  The question is up to you.

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Where Can We Go From Here?

I recently got a job at CVS and it’s been taking some time away from blogging, but I want to keep this blog rolling, so I’m going to post something here.  The world is changing ever faster every day and it’s on a one-way street to hell, but we can take some good out of that.  We can learn from our mistakes.  We can take the good and lose the bad.  We can use the present system in the creation of the next.  We’ll need the tools of this society to create the new one.  A big system like we have dies hard.  There will be many casualties, but they will be necessary in order for us to get back to a sustainable and Earth-enhancing way of living.  Keeping communities small and simple.  Keeping populations low and not letting it get out of control again.  Instead of dominating nature to suit our needs, we can live off of the bounty of the land.

I’m optimistic about the future on this planet because our consciousness seems to be growing every day in mass.  More and more people are awakening to the folly of our ways when it comes to civilization.  It’s a good thing. :)  We are becoming more planet-conscious and thinking of new, innovative ways to solve current problems and some of them will be used in the next system.  Will the next system work forever?  No.  Nothing is forever, but we just need to keep getting better and better each time we build a new system, and eventually we will get to a place where we can live on this planet as a species without destroying it and actually enhancing it.  It’s a very long and drawn-out process.  We won’t see this in our lifetimes, folks.  But every day, we can work to get things moving in the right direction.

We can take steps to move towards nature instead of further away from it.  Let us pray to have the wisdom to accept that we can change this world for the better and move towards a better life for everyone.  This is the main purpose of this blog.  We can’t do this all at once, but in a long stretch of time, we can live like all the other species and still have our intelligence, wit, and communities.  Let us hope for a better tomorrow.

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The reason I haven’t been posting on this blog lately is because I haven’t been getting any sleep lately.  Last night, I dozed off around 12:30 and woke up 20 minutes or so later.  Then I didn’t fall asleep until well after 3 AM.  Then I wake up at 9 AM.  It wasn’t a deep sleep.  I tried going back to sleep, but I just couldn’t.  Even if I take a sleep aid, my sleep is still very short and light.  I did have some coffee last night and that explains last night, but why would I wake up so early after falling asleep?  Six hours has never been enough sleep for me.  I just don’t understand it.  I’ve been waking up really early lately after going to bed after 1 AM and having trouble going back to sleep.  The only thing I’ve been doing differently is drinking the smoothies every day.  This newfound feeling is very strange and is killing my sleep.  It could be the heat that’s killing my sleep.

I’ve been waking up in sweats a lot and unable to get comfortable in my bed due to the heat.  I’m going to try some new things and see how they work out.

It’s so weird to want to go to sleep and not be able to.  It’s like your body is rejecting your mind.   I haven’t been having any dreams, which is why I know that my sleep is not very deep.  Usually when I am sleeping well, I have dreams that I remember.  I’ve been having what I can only describe as hot flashes lately as well.  Perhaps it is due to the detox my body is going through because of the smoothies.  Been having headaches almost all day every day.  Didn’t have any last night, though.  But then I had insomnia.

Haven’t had much feeling lately.  Most of the day.  Kind of an empty feeling.   It’s weird.  Nothing really excites me anymore.  I never feel fully awake, nor do I feel fully asleep.  It’s just this constant fog that never gets lifted.  I don’t really identify with my body anymore.  It is merely a shell.  A shell that contains the real me, the timeless me.  My body is simply a manifestation of consciousness and my consciousness is the only infinite.

The world is nothing more than mere illusion.  I feel this way now, but I’ve felt differently in the past.  It is something put here to help us build our consciousness.  At least that’s what I’m led to believe.  But who really knows?  Why are we here and what is the meaning of this existence?  It certainly isn’t to build malls and parking garages.  Sometimes I feel like the world and the Earth has no purpose and is just here by random chance and then I think it is merely an illusion.  It is a product of our consciousness.  But why?  What does it all mean in the end?

This is just so strange.  This whole reality we live in.  Making sense of it is an exercise in futility and I’d just be wasting my time.  How can I figure something out that no one has ever truly known before?  There are so many answers to the “meaning of life” question that it all just gets muddled into one big pile of uncertainty.  This is why I can’t identify with any of the wide range of answers.  I could say the meaning of life is what you make it, but that’s truly a cop-out answer.  The whole meaning is in your mind and your mind alone.  There are just so many choices to make in this world and the more there are, the more paralyzed the people become.

The universe is laughing at us all right now because the human race has destroyed their home planet and for what?  Progress?  But what has that brought us?  More people are depressed than ever before.  We can travel the globe in less than 24 hours and yet more people go hungry every day percentage wise than 20,000 years ago.  Our population continues to spin out of control as we grow more and more food, only making the whole human problem worse.  It’s nobody’s fault.  But in another way, it’s all of our faults.

My mind is a mess right now and I’m just typing to get my mind moving.  I hope this entry wasn’t too disjointed and disorganized.  I’m just feeling really weird lately, so I suppose my entries will be weird.  Have a nice day.

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The Swine Flu and a Post-Crash Society

There is a swine flu outbreak somewhere in Mexico or something and like 20 people in the US have gotten it.  The media has blown this out of proportion because it’s only hospitalized one person in the US so far, and yet there’s already a concern.  The flu pandemic of 1918 killed 40-50 million people.  How many people has this swine flu actually killed worldwide?  Sure, I’m all for an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So it’s good that we are aware of this rare and interesting new flu, but the fear tactics being used to a relatively harmless flu, at least in America so far is kind of grandiose and exaggerated.  I don’t know anything about the science of how a person can get a flu from a pig, but I’m sure it’s possible.  The flu these days hardly ever kills anyone.  It’s only when the flu is allowed to progress to pnemonia that it kills some elderly and very young children.  We have the technology to cure and prevent a flue outbreak and living in this society has made our immune systems strong because of all the pollution we are subjected to from a very early age.  Sure, this is a new strain we’ve never seen before, but we have the ability to treat it and beat it.  So what’s the big deal?

With our current medical system, poorer people won’t be inclined to go to the hospital or the doctor for these kinds of ailments, which will allow the swine flu to spread among them.  They don’t have insurance to go to the hospital or emergency room, so they’re more inclined to just lie in bed and fight it out.  This is something our body is capable of, so there’s no harm, no foul.  But it will allow the flu to spread to others.  It’s not like the flu is really that bad, though.  It’s relatively benign compared to other diseases and viruses, so I really don’t see the problem.

Viruses are nature’s way of weeding out a population.  But the flu has been conquered years ago by modern science.  I’m tired of all these scare tactics used by the media, trying to put the general public into a panic just to keep the world in a state of perpetual fear.  I would understand if the flu had killed millions of people, but it is not even close to being a big deal yet.  SARS killed less than 300 people as far as I know.  150,000 people die a day on average.  More people die from our toxic environment each day than will die from some swine flu.  I don’t see anything as a pandemic until it can actually put a dent in our population worldwide.  It’s got to at least cut out 1% of our population to actually be considered a threat.  And even then it’s not really a bad thing from the Earth’s perspective.

The Earth is going to try and fight back.  This comes from the Gaia hypothesis that the Earth is a living thing and will fight back against us as a pesky species that is ruining it.  But we are always one step ahead of all the viruses it can conjure up.  We even have a way to treat AIDS now, which was a surefire way to reduce our population and cause a definite pandemic.  A virus is always contained before it can do much damage.  The Earth’s population control mechanisms are no match for us humans because we’ve outsmarted the Earth.  We use the Earth against itself even when it is trying to exterminate part of us.  This is what has led to a  population explosion.

A population explosion leads to pandemics that are easily cured by our advances in technology.  It is yet another cause of the gigantic numbers of people we have living ont his planet.  If it weren’t for all these medical advances, many of the people alive today and even going a couple generations back, would be dead.  It would probably have cut our population in half or even by 2/3.  In the uncivilized world, people in these nature-based tribes hardly ever get out of balance, and if they do, they are brought back into balance by the forces of nature.  It’s like a bowl, where the center is perfect balance and the further you try and stray from the center, the harder it is.  But that’s when humans were servants of nature, not dominating it.  Now that we dominate nature, we can go as far out of balance as we wish until we run out of all the things that allow us to go out of balance.  And that’s what’s going to happen.  Once we have nothing left to fight over, there will be a post-crash nature-based society because there will be no alternative.

What matters is what happens next is important because we can take many roads.  We can keep living like nature and all other species, or we can once again rebuild this pandemic-creating society with nearly 7 billion people and counting, with malls and strip clubs.  In order to make that choice wisely, we’ll need to be operating from a consciousness much higher than the one we have now.  The materialistic consciousness needs to go away.  The domination consciousness needs to fade.  The agricultural-industrial complex needs to be gone completely.  Man the toolmaker needs to check out of the world’s hotel.  We should become land dolphins.

But what are land dolphins?  Land dolphins would be a highly intelligent species that uses no tools and feeds of the bounty of the Earth.  We would have to greatly lower our population, but a crash would do that anyway.  But if we can become stewards of the Earth and not dictators of it, we will learn to live and love the place we’re in and be able to sustain it for millions, possibly billions of years.  The human race towards progress and neverending innovations is going to come to a halt at some point.  It’s just common sense.  It’s what we do afterwards that’s most important.  I don’t feel like everyone’s going to wake up one day and stop this society, so there will be a crash.  I just hope the people who survive that crash know what they’re doing so that this population explosion and hellish world doesn’t come back into existence.  It would seem rather pointless to not learn anything from this society, to just keep crashing and burning for all eternity.  We’re in this crazy world to learn something, that this world we’ve created is wrong.  I just hope the message gets through.

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Fires Gone Wild

In the county where I live, there were and still are wildfires in two different locations.  I’m pretty sure they got the smaller one under control, but I haven’t checked the news today to see what happened with the one that consumed 19,600 acres as of last night.  It has displaced almost 10,000 people and 30 square miles are now burned to the ground.  The media hyped this into a frenzy the last couple of days, so I couldn’t help but comment on it.  Sure, it’s terrible that many people have lost their homes and all, but wildfires are a natural part of the world and have been for many years.  If lightning strikes a dead forest, it will go up in flames.  But if lightning strikes a living forest, nothing will happen.  So what wildfires are is a kind of rejuvenation of a forest so it can begin a rebirth.  Nothing wrong with that.  Nature works in cycles, and this is the wildfire cycle in that particular region.

Forests grow and die like anything else.  Once they become dry and without life, they become more susceptible to catch fire.  The more dead forests there are, the more wildfires we’ll see.  Luckily for me, I am miles away from the actual destruction, so I will not be impacted by this fire much.  I find fire as a mataphor for what the planet is going through, with all its financial collapses and economic recessions.  We need to build a whole new system to fix this, not put a band-aid on the existing system in hopes that the gigantic wound will heal.  The bleeding may stop for a little while, but it will be worse in the long run.  We’ll be deeper in 10 years down the road than we are now.

We need a rebirthing of the economy, a way to start over from scratch and begin anew with a better plan, hopefully learning from our previous mistakes.  Some people say that something like this is impossible.  Well, for those naysayers, I challenge you to think that if a revolution were possible, would it be worth it?  And once you come to the conclusion that it would be worth it, you realize that it is possible.  As soon as we stop our close-mindedness about certain things and how they are impossible, then we can actually make progress on that which we felt was previously impossible.  Impossibility is only in our minds, so we can change them.  I’ll give a concrete example here:

People say it’s impossible to go back to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, but it makes perfect sense.  People today think it’s more possible that in the future we’ll be downloading our consciousnessess into machines and be able to live much longer with our android bodies than to live like every other species on the planet.  While turning into androids is certainly possible, it will throw us even more out of balance to the point that we’ll be consuming planets by the solar system just to feed our ever-expanding “progress.”  Before we know it, we will have stripped the entire universe for resources.  Sure, it may take a billion years to do so, but it will inevitably happen if we get the technology to be able to do it.  But if we were to go back to living like we are supposed to, in balance with nature, at a sustainable population, then we could live forever as a species instead of crashing and burning or stripping the whole universe for resources, and then crashing and burning.

Wildfires consume everything in their path, destroying habitats that once were and leaving nothing but desolate land.  Sounds an awful lot like humans, who are responsible for creating most of the world’s deserts.  Humans, who are in some way partially responsible for global warming.  But that doesn’t really bother me.  Global warming is such a human-centered problem.  They’re all worried that their houses and businesses will be flooded.  The other animals in the world will simply move further inland and be fine.  There will be insurance company defaults because they can’t afford to spend trillions of dollars to replace all of the land and structures destroyed by the water level rising 30 feet or whatever it is they are predicting.

What bothers me the most is that we are turning the world into a desert.  Sure, after the whole world crashes, the Earth will heal, rebuild if we allow it to, so I guess it’s just like a wildfire.  After a wildfire, all the burnt trees and plants become soil for a new forest to come along.  It may take awhile, but the new forest will be more alive and diverse than the forest that was previously there.  And I feel that this is what may happen with the human race.  Our consciousness is being expanded on a daily basis and we are learning new and valuable things each day, so when it does all go crashing down, we’ll have a sustainable solution.  Not just sustainable, but expansive in the terms of making the world more alive and diverse to the extent that we generate a net positive effect on the planet, rather than the negative one we have now.  The wildfire of society has a lot to teach us about where we need to go once it finally burns out.  So, I do now believe, in some terms, that society is meaningful, but only if we learn from it and don’t allow things to get out of hand again.

I just hope my house doesn’t end up getting burned down in the process.

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