The Fluoride Deception

I’m not referring to the book located here, but I am referring to the deception that has taken place in the name of fluoride.  What is fluoride?  It is a poison.  I just listened to a lecture by a dentist who used to think fluoride was a good thing and that fluoridated water was something that benefitted humans as a whole.  After some time, he started to wonder why one should call the poison control center if one swallows a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, so he got curious and found out that besides mercury, fluoride is one of the most toxic substances on Earth. So why is it in our water supply?

The story goes something like this:  Many toxic waste comes in the form of fluoride ions that are so corrosive they are almost impossible to dispose of , not to mention very costly.  So the people who had this fluoride lying around and did not want to pay to dispose of it devised a way to unleash it on the general public to devastating effects.  Here is a website that can explain most of the horrific consequences of fluoride:  Fluoride Alert.

At first dentists were against fluoride, but after awhile something happened that got most dentists on its side.  It had something to do with government funding where if a dentist denied that fluoride was beneficial, they would lose funding and no longer be a part of the AMA or ADA.  It is criminal to release such a toxin on our bodies without any scientific evidence that ingesting fluoride helps tooth decay.  In fact, studies show that fluoride, when swallowed, leads to dental and skeletal fluorosis, which is a weakening of the bones.  Fluoride also has numerous mental and intellectual effects.  Various studies have shown that regions who have their water fluoridated have a higher concentration of mentally retarded and intellectually slow people.

I’ve known about the toxic nature of fluoride for some time, but I’ve never written about it extensively, nor have I stopped using fluoridated toothpaste…until today.  I just bought some great toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine that is non-fluoridated and tastes much better and does not have any sweeteners other than xylitol, which we all know is great for tooth decay.  The Nazis used fluoridated water in the concentration camps to make their captors docile and non-agressive.  It is one of the main ingredients in the antidepressant Paxil.  Fluoride is not even FDA approved.  Yet we all ingest it in some form on a daily basis.  Disgusting, horrific, ciminal.

It serves as a means for control of the ruling class.  The only reason fluoride even prevents cavities is because it poisons the bacteria in your mouth to death, not to mention your cells.  Something this toxic should never be ingested by anyone.  But every day, 99% of the population uses it in one form or another.  I just want people to know the truth about fluoride.  It is a way for big business to make money off of their toxic waste at the detriment to the public’s health and to give the government the authority to knowingly poison us through the public water supply.  Europe doesn’t fluoridate their water.  From what I understand, most of Canada does not either.  Do they suffer more cavities?  No.  They don’t.

We are told from a young age that fluoride is safe and is good for us.  I remember getting fluoride treatments as a child.  If I had only known what it was that was on my teeth, I could have put a stop to it.  But at leat now I know the truth and can take steps to not have fluoride in my diet ever again.  I have checked with our spirng water supplier to see if they fluoridate the water and they told me no.  I now use special toothpaste.  Now all I need is a shower filter to prevent myself from inhaling the toxic ion while I take a shower.

At least my toothpaste doesn’t have a Poison Control Center warning on it now.  Makes me sleep better at night.

Edit: For another great expose on fluoride, here’s Steve Pavlina’s post called What’s the Deal With Fluoride?

Another great site called The Fluoride Debate.

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Human beings crave control.  It’s our nature to control everything in our world.  But we know we can’t control everything, but we sure can try to.  Our social status is measured on the amount of control we have over others.  Control lies everywhere in today’s society.  Social control is the backbone of keeping us all in line because the society we live in is so insane that the people who cannot tolerate it must be reprimanded through brute force.  A psychogenic mind creates a psychopathic society.  A society where only those who are psychopathic enough can rise to the top.  Those who will use others below them as sacrificial lambs in their quest for domination.  Who are the elites of the world but glorified criminals who do things behind the scenes that are so horrific that no one would even believe them if they did it out in the open.

Remember 9/11.  We were not attacked by some rebel Islamic sect.  We were attacked by our own government so they could tighten the belt on the control they have over us.  A way to get us to comply as long as they kept us safe.  Fear is a very powerful motivator to these people.  They are the ultimate darkworkers.  They’re so addicted to power and control that they spend their whole lives trying to extend their power.  Slaughtering people for oil.  Slaughtering your own people for oil.  Not that we should make that distinction as we are all human.  We all do not deserve this type of treatment.  Central control corrupts so easily and it’s there all over the world.  There are surveillance cameras on street corners in some cities now.  We’re constantly being watched, constantly surveiled.  Pretty soon, they’ll install RFID chips in our bodies.  They’ve already done it with the Real ID act.  They always need to know where we are.  What kind of a free country is this?

We lived in small tribes for millions of years without a need for central control.  Now that we’re all the product of grain agriculture and the need for heirarchical societies, the people at the top knew that they needed to control such a mass of people through all sorts of manipulation tactics.  Why do only five corporations own all the television stations?  Why does the news mostly talk about things that are non-actionable?  Because the people in charge want us to stay passive, stay complacent in a society that sucks.  They make it seem like our priveleges are so good compared to the third world and we should be grateful to live in the freest country, that we should be proud to be an American.  We’re nothing more than a nation of thieves and cowards.  Tracing back our history is so painful that the history books only tell half the story, or probably less.  The public school system is nothing more than a propaganda machine to turn an entire generation into passive consumers who always turn to authority because they’ve never been taught to think for themselves.  They’re given the option of one world and if they don’t fit in it, they’re outcasts, thrown away.

Thinking for yourself is a big step towards getting free of the control structure, at least mentally.  Every day on the television, we’re told what to think, what’s good and what’s bad, and who we should trust.  All these programs are owned by multi-national conglomerates that benefit immensely from keeping the public in the dark about certain things.  And these conglomerates would never rat each other out because then they risk the same thing happening to them and when all the secrets got out, the whole fabric of society would break down.  I would say what you hear in the media is like an iceberg, where only a small percentage is visible, while the rest remains unseen, trapped under the frigid waters of secrecy.  The highest functioning criminals in the world are the owners of the media outlets because omitting the atrocious actions they’re guilty of is not only wrong, but highly damaging to humanity as a whole.

But how do we fight back?  How do we beat a control structure at its own game?  How do we get the world to transcend the fear we’re bombarded with every second of every day via the news?  I don’t know because so many people today are so entrenched in being the obedient slaves of the ruling elite.  It’s kind of like the movie The Usual Suspects, where the people who worked for the crimelord never knew they were working for him.  By lining the pockets of these elites, we are just giving them more and more power and control.  And they already have a multi-trillion dollar deficit to begin with.  But they don’t care about that the same way a gambling addict doesn’t care about stealing from his grandmother to keep up his habit.  The people at the top are so addicted to power that there is no way to stop their destruction.  They’ll make it so taxes are 85% of our incomes and just keep spending.   And the American people will go along with it as long as it stops the “terrorists” from attacking again.  The biggest fallacy is that the terrorists we’re so afraid of are the ones who are running our country and most likely the entire world.

We are prepared for a life of control, though.  As a child, our entire lives are controlled by schedules and rigid time structures.  We only get to play for 15 minutes daily while at school.  And the play is intently supervised, making sure nothing “bad” happens.  We’re groomed for the world of serving the elites and it’s almost impossible to think outside that box because we’re told there are no other alternative ways to live.  We’re not really told of the forager-hunter tribes that used to live in balance with the Earth and had such rich lives that they didn’t consider any of their activities work, but joyful activities.  It’s that whole concept of hiding the truth to gain more control for these powerful insiders.

I wish I had an answer on how to put a stop to this kind of world.  I’m talking about an answer that would actually work in the real world.  Maybe if the whole media broke down, we could start a revolution.  But the media is so important to those in charge that they use taxpayer money to fund converter boxes on old television sets.   Anything to keep our perspectives small through the weapon of fear.  There are very few people in this world that see it for the way it is.  I’d say about 1% of the population.  Maybe less.  What we need to do is set the rest of these people free.  Freedom is more mental than it is physical.  We need to free their minds.  I’ve always found it funny how people blindly accept what they see on TV as real.  Like it is an established authority.  It is the major culprit in all of this.  I say taking down the media is a great start.  Now comes the question of how…

P.S.  The elites don’t want any hint of real democracy.  That scares the hell out of them.  A rule by the people?  All the people?  That would ruin all their plans.  Especially the one about a one-world government.  We’re already the NAU (North American Union).  Just wait until the WU.  

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Censorship Revisited

I’ll never forget my last post on censorship. It was a bit blatant and disregarding, but that was me back then. Censorship is something I still completely disagree with. Why should we censor what was said or shown? Because of the children? Because someone might get offended? Why are people so afraid of offending people? Don’t intend to offend people, but always speak the truth about how you feel. And if how you really feel is offensive to some people, then so be it. Who decides what is appropriate anyway? Who has the moral judgment of what can be said and what cannot? If comedians like Bill Hicks or George Carlin were censored, nobody would watch them. I remember hearing of Bill Hicks performing on the Tonight Show or one of those late-night talk shows and he didn’t even swear in his act on the show, but he talked about Jesus and pro-life people and how he hated the pro-lifers and he was censored. What he did there was art and imagine what would happen if all the artwork we’ve grown accustomed to was censored. Many of the great artists painted pictures of nude people. What is so revolting about a naked human body? Well, some of them are pretty revolting…

I know we’ve made great leaps and bounds in censorship. You can almost say anything on television now, except the F-word. But you know it is there, underneath the bleep. And I know that people are offended by swear words sometimes because it is what they refer to as “uneducated language.” It is the theory that people who use those words cannot think of a better word to come up with because of their limited vocabularies. And sometimes that’s true. But other times, it is a way to express yourself so well that no other word can substitute it. The F-word has so much power today and I wish we would just accept it completely. If anyone ever says it, it gets everyone’s attention in the room, although I would have to think that is because it is forbidden in its own way. In the proper context, it is a great word, and so are a lot of other words.

And they are just words. Why are people so offended by words? I am so much more offended by actions than I am by words. Actions are so much more definite. Words disappear in the moonlight ten seconds after they are said, unless they are on national broadcast television. There are some words I do believe shouldn’t be said, like racial words, but I have to go by the mantra: “Either it is all okay, or none of it is okay.” I remember when the cartoon show South Park had a dispute with Comedy Central over showing the prophet Muhammed on one of their shows. It is supposed that in the Muslim religion, they are not allowed to see a picture of Muhammed. Here’s a question: If they’ve never seen the guy, how would they know that they saw him then? These people could just be saying it is Muhammed. Not to mention that Comedy Central’s South Park had shown Muhammed some seasons earlier in an episode. I believe it was only because of that cartoon in Denmark that they were no longer allowed to do so.

But I do love people and mass communication that pushes the envelope. I don’t mean people like Howard Stern and whoever else does radio and television that is not conducive to high-awareness living. I’m talking about shows and broadcasts that are smart, funny, witty, and actually have a point to their existence. Anyone can go on the air and say a bunch of swear words and sexual references, but if you can do that consciously and constructively to make something bigger, something beyond the language, then it is worth partaking in. I’m starting to get into comedians that are not only popular in their own little cult following, but also honest. Bill Hicks, smoking a cigarette onstage, says something like, “I wanna tell something to you nonsmokers out there. You’re gonna die, too. I just thought I pop that fucking bubble of yours. At least when i get sick, they’ll know what to do. When you get sick, they’re gonna have to figure out what’s going on with you.” That’s not exactly how it went, but you get the idea. These are things that we all know, but are often unwilling to face. And when you start to realize who the great ones truly were, you understand why.

I feel kind of bad for those who have to battle the censors all the time, never knowing what is acceptable, always having to ask some corporation what they can air on next week’s broadcast. It must be very difficult meeting all those demands. You have a really good idea, but you can’t put it on, so now you have to change it, edit it, etc. And it becomes a soulless shadow of what was there before. Thank God for Youtube. At least now we have this device where there are no censors, no authority, except the owners of Youtube, but there is still censorship on body parts. It’s fine, though, because it is freedom of speech I really feel passionate about. At least real life is uncensored, but reality TV sucks, because of the censors among other things. Ideas should flow freely through our consciousness so that we can take in what we can use and send the rest downstream for someone else to receive.

So, don’t censor your life. Say how you feel and be who you are. Don’t be who other people want you to be just for external approval. Approve of yourself on the inside and spread that out into the world. Don’t let others control your non-destructive behavior. Just be and allow yourself to remain still. Now breathe in…breathe out… Until next time, I’m Ted Copple.

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I’ve been considering fasting for some time, I just can’t do it. Can’t make a commitment. Not eating for days on end, not something I can make a conscious effort to do. I am aware of the potential benefits, especially of a juice fast, where all I would consume are fresh juices, but then I’ll have to clean the juicer three or four times a day, not something I want to do. I realize that fasting is a detox mechanism which allows for repair and gives my digestive system a rest. If I did a water fast, I am sure I would get sick of water after a certain amount of time and move on to heavier things, like broth, then juice, then eventually something tastier–soda. I’m just curious as to how a fast is constituted and how I can get a doctor to write me a note for three to five days off work so I can try this whole fasting thing and see how I like it. I think this whole fasting dream I have is all a scheme for me to get off work a few more days each week.

“I can’t come into work today. I have toxins in my body and if I let them stay there too long, I could die. I need to detox for at least five days, maybe six.” I would have to do it in the raspy voice I usually use to call in sick, a voice that sounds like I just got out of bed and haven’t said a word all day. I bet I could pull that off, if I had some sort of research on it. I would most likely try and break the fast at breakfast. That way I coud be doing one of those double entondre (?) things where I can say I’m breaking my fast at breakfast. I may have to hire a maid to make me juices and to go shopping for me and maybe I can pull it off. I can feel all the accumulated gunk from years and years of pizzas and doughnuts, not to mention that Mountain Dew addiction I had for the first nineteen years of my life. My arteries are probably lined with High Fructose Corn Syrup, which makes for a nice lubricant I hear.

As I’ve always said, it is easier to not do something than it is to do it unless it is an addiction, like a sugar addiction or a food addiction. No matter how lethargic I am, no matter how late it is, I can always muster the energy to go over to the cupboard and get myself a high-sugar, low-fiber poison snack and shove it in my mouth for an emotional lift and sugar high. I think maybe the Fit for Life diet gave me this sugar addiction with their whole, “nothing but fruit in the morning” approach. What did they think was going to happen? They say, “Have as much fruit as you want, but do not overeat.” What? Does that make sense? No. It’s a living paradox. Here I am, eating pints of blueberries, followed by six bananas, and then sixteen Medjool dates, and I’m still hungry, but not hungry in the stomach sense, hungry in my mouth, the salivary glands are going wild, and I know what my problem is, a sugar addiction.

I still eat fruit, but I need some time away from food. I need to find a practical time to do this fast, I may even request some days off from work to accomplish it. My family will inevitably think I’m crazy, but I think that is for the best anyway. If everyone thinks you’re crazy, you’re either right, or crazy. Sometimes the only reason I eat is because I think I have to. I’m not hungry, I just feel if I don’t, people will start saying, “You didn’t eat lunch? Why?” Because I didn’t feel like it. But that’s not a good enough answer. Going against conventional wisdom takes more courage than you think.

If I really want to scare the people I know, I should start quoting the Bible while I fast, every day and every night. Start saying how fasting is the only way to salvation and that if I do not do this, I will never get closer to the Lord. And He is the one wa all long to get close to. And it’s all here in this pamphlet. I should start going door to door, like a Jehvovah’s Witness. You know, maybe their theme song should be, “Knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” Going off topic has become more and more familiar to me in the past six to eight months. But I accept it because I accept myself unconditionally. And I never edit because if I think something, I think it for a reason and there is no reason to cut out part of the process, like I see on those reality shows. They’ll cut to someone screaming at another person and don’t show how that all started. It gives me no basis for judgment.

Anyway, fasting is something I think I should try and I will post results when I start to fast. I’ll have some time to post because I will not be eating. When everyone is around the dinner table, eating their roast duck, I will be slaving away at my master, my computer, documenting how it feels not to do something everyone regards as necessary. I don’t want to make a big thing out of it, though. It’s not like I’m going on a hunger strike to fight world hunger or poverty. I’m doing it because I can. I can make a choice to not do something. It is strikingly similar to my voting fast. I’ve never registered to vote in 21 1/2 years because where I currently live, my vote would be drowned out by a bunch of conservative Republican voters. And voting for yourself makes you look narcissistic anyway. Probably wouldn’t be the best idea. That is all I have for today. Come back soon for more insanity.

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Breaking Up Monotony

How about it?  I’m in the mood for some lack of structure, some lack of uncertainty, some complete and utter chaos.  Where you don’t know what will happen next.  Just a complete upheaval where anything is possible.  Take everything you know today and throw it away, start anew.  Just become complete with yourself.  Forget what you have learned and embrace your inner chaos.  Spread it outward, taking it to the streets, doing unorthodox things, donning clown makeup, cross-dressing, I don’t care.  Do something unorthodox just to shove it in everyone’s petrified faces.  Show them you’re not afraid to go against normality, show them all how mundane their little lives are.  I take great joy in doing things like this.  Say things that will invoke a response, invoke some sort of questioning of their way of life.

For example, at my job, I work as a cashier/bagger in a supermarket.  It’s not much, but sometimes I’ll just start asking the customers things like, “What do you know about astral travel?” or, when they ask me how I’m doing, I say, “Just waiting for the pirate ships to take me away into the ocean.”  I do this to see the shattered look on their face.  “Have you had any lucid dreams recently you’d like to share with me?”  One time, a coworker said to me, “I didn’t know you were here today.”  And I responded, “I didn’t even know I was here yet.”  Just be erratic.  Pretend you don’t even exist in reality.  Pretend you’re just a tourist in this world, kind of like Kevin Spacey in K-Pax.  You could even eat a banana with the skin on like he did, oblivious to the fact you can peel it.  Do things that force people to react.  Don’t succumb to your weaknesses, allow your strengths to get out.

Some days, when I’m at work, if a supervisor asks me to do something, I don’t even respond, I just go do it, or sometimes I even ponder saying, “I’m not here yet, mentally.  Give me a few hours,” but if I say this to the wrong person, the person who is in charge of my employment, it could cause some serious problems.  Not really, he’s a big joke anyway, and he’s going to start since more and more.  It’s only when you have lost everything that you are able to do anything.  Fight Club.  God, I loved that book.  Just mix it up a little.  It seems like repetition has been the spice of life for so long for so many people, and the monotony has become intolerable, I’m sure, so why don’t people do something to get the ball rolling towards a new paradigm?  I hate the fact that some people never do these things because they’re afraid.  The only thing I haven’t really done is told my boss what I think of him.  But if I were to go up to him and say, “I think you’re a fat slob with a false sense of entitlement and a massive ego that is only surpassed by the size of your ass,” he may get angry and fire me, as well as file a verbal assault charge.  But I’m sure he already knows all of the things I said.  He knows them down deep, but he’ll deny them until the day he dies, because facing the truth is scary.  Especially if you’re like the man I just described.

When you let it all hang out, are no longer afraid of what “other people” think of you, then you can begin to really let it rip.  After I quit that fucking job and become self-employed selling “hopes and dreams and used goals” on eBay, I’ll be able to go back into that store and tell him somewhat along those lines.  It’s not for him, it’s for me.  Why should I pretend I like him when inside, I want him to leave for good, and never come back?  I’m not saying I want him dead, just far away from me.  But I’ll continue to break the monotony at work, with tales of astral travel and lucid dreams, with philosophical conversations to customers I’ve never met.  The funny thing is that most of them are scared when I bring up the nature of reality or think of dreams as another plane of reality.  They almost try to get out  of there as quick as possible.  It’s like they’re being interrogated by the police and are hiding something.  When I tell them, “I’ll see you in the future,” I’m just further sending their collapsing feeling of security into oblivion.  And it’s so much fun.

I find of feel like Socrates, questioning people and questioning everything really.  I’ll never forget a conversation I had with this character who used to work with me.  He says, “I hate to shave, but I gotta do it.”  And I said, “Why do you feel you have to shave?  There’s no law.  You could not shave the rest of your life and no one would come in and get you.  Do you really have to do it, or are you just looking for an outlet to complain?”  But sometimes people get great comfort in complaining about things they get themselves into and they’re always looking for some sympathetic character to say, “Oh, I agree with you.”  If you’re having a hard time, you put yourself there, so if you’re going to talk about it, instead of complaining, look for a way out, don’t perpetuate the suffering.  But nobody wants to change.  It’s so hard.  If you don’t want to change, don’t come complaining to me.  Tell me your plan for trying to change and I’ll help you.

I like to let people in on what they’re missing.  I tell people of an astral experience I had, in a land of curiosity and wonder, a new dimension, just to let them know they are capable of these experiences also, if they just open themselves up to it.  My last lucid dream was amazing, but I’m not an expert at it yet.  The further I delve into that realm, the more I’ll be inclined to get others to do the same.  Just to mix things up a bit.  And no, I don’t do drugs.  Never have.  But looking at me, and the conversations I have, you would think I’m high all the time.  I am.  High on life.  That cereal is amazing.

If my boss ever fired me, he’d probably be like, “If you’re going to act like this, I’m going to have to show you the door.”  And I’ll be like, “What door?  It’s probably pretty awesome, huh?”  And he’ll be like, “Get out.”  I’ll say, “Hold on, you still haven’t showed me that door.  I can’t leave until I see this thing.  I bet it’s revolving.”  There’s nothing more rewarding than bashing someone’s massive ego.  I’ve always said there are three things that never stop growing:  your ears, your nose, and your ego. And I’ll never stop t his way of thinking.  It’s not so much bringing people down as it is opening up people to new ways of thinking.  I’m even open to this if someone were to do the same thing to me.  Hell, leave me a comment about this, and I’ll respond willingly to your inquiries.  I’m going to post-schedule this post for later, if I can figure out how to, for tomorrow, as I’ve already posted today.  Again, defying conventional norms, look at me.

Repetition should not be the spice of life.  Get over that, and you’ll live a life of interest and curiosity.  I love it.  Maybe you will, too.

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