Working on Creating the Subjective Reality Website

I’d better launch this thing soon.  I really have to pour my heart and soul into this.  I have to work on it minimum 3 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No excuses.  It is going to be tremendously hard work, but it will be worth it.  I can literally design a site I’m passionate about, and make decent money from it.  Just look what Leo at Zen Habits has done with a simple philosophy.  The only limit I’m going to have is eye strain.  But putting in 3 hours, spaced out throughout the day and night, shouldn’t be a problem for me.  I should start getting up no later than 9 AM, so that I can get at least 2 hours in before noon.  I’m thinking the name of the site should be  called Subjective Reality Central, unless that name is already taken.  I want to cover everything that relates to subjective reality, and this is a niche that I don’t think will be too saturated.  I’ll be examining a lens from which you can view reality, where you will have no fear, and nothing to hold you back except your imagination of what is possible.  I wish I could use David Icke’s tagline:  “Exposing the dream world we believe to be real.”  Maybe something like, “Life is a dream, you are the dreamer, and it’s time to wake up.”  Or I could use Bill Hicks’ tagline, at the top of every page.

This is pretty much a bottomless wellspring of posts.  I could write about this stuff all day, so I think I’ve got a way to totally create a website I feel great about, and use ads and affiliate links to generate income.  I am going to create an online business that I can feel good about.  One where I do my best work.  I’ve done enough research on it to be qualified as almost an expert.  I just need to focus more on living what I talk about.  If life is a dream, you should have no fear whatsoever, except the biological fight or flight response.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  And if this truly is a dream world, you don’t even have to fear that.  I just have to get myself to totally believe it, 100%.  And I also have to believe I will succeed 100%.  Sure, it may be hard work, but I need to dedicate myself fully to this endeavor.

I just need to work extra hard at it.  There’s no substitute for hard work.  I have to challenge myself with this site, make it top-notch, with quality content.  I’ll definitely have to change my diet for this.  I need to stick to a routine as well.  I know that if I don’t, I know it may hurt me in the long run.  I’ll need to expand my consciousness as far as it will go.  I need to read Steve Pavlina’s experience of his 30 day trial of subjectivity.  I’ll obviously need to do one of my own as well, while creating this site.  I’ve got plenty of article ideas, up there, and I’ll have plenty more before the site is finished, if it ever is.  I intend to add to it continuously for a matter of years, to create the most comprehensive SR site out there.  I have to be willing to do the hard work that it will take to get this site off the ground, and then I can add to it preferably at least 3 times a week.  If not more.  I’ve really got to embrace this lens, and take it as far as I can before I can fully comprehend the implications of going down this road.  I’m going to cite sources where necessary, although most of them will come from maybe 5 or less places.  Maybe more, as time goes on.

Buddha believed this was how reality was, but Buddhism is full of unnecessary rules.  They’ve got precepts, you have to be a vegetarian, and a lot of other limiting beliefs.  But isn’t that the same with all belief systems?  The only one that can feasibly encompass all of them is subjective reality and the realm  of quantum physics.  I can even sit in my chair in the living room to write these articles, as that will most likely be the best place, seeing how typing here is bad for my neck.  At least there I have a neck rest.  Subjectivity encompasses objectivity, as it fits inside the whole dream philosophy.  When you are dreaming, are you aware of anything outside the dream?  No. But you believe the dream is real.  And even if you die in the dream, you wake up alive in your bed.  We literally all are the dreamer, not the dream itself.  The dreamer is consciousness, and the more conscious we get, the more validation we get of this dream world being, in fact, a dream.  Hell, even Jesus talked about this.  So did Buddha, as I mentioned before.  I have a real good feeling about this.  I just have to build it, market it, which SBI will help with that, and people will come.  I’ll sell books about it through affiliate links, and Adsense is a no-brainer right here.  I could become affiliates with Amazon, other online book retailers, and people who produce audio and video of this type of material.  This should be a fun and exciting ride!  I’m certainly looking forward to it.


I believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is the freedom to be nobody but yourself.  The problem is that society and other things try to condition us to be something but ourselves.  We all become like robots, all thinking the same thoughts, all feeling the same limited range of feelings.  The education system turns us into obedient worker slaves.  The media instills fear and rage in us, so that we feel it is a dangerous world, so best not stand out.  We live in a high-anxiety, high-stress culture, and we’re all measured by how much stress we can take, which only shuts our brains down to a significant extent.

The fear and stress that is thrust upon us by every channel you can think of is very daunting, and can really get to you.  We are all slaves to the culture we were born into, and there’s no escaping it, at least not completely.  You can never truly, fully drop out.  The people who control the world have ensured that by exterminating all the indigenous peoples throughout the world over the centuries.  Either that, or they forced them into our way of life, and now they are suffering greatly.  Before these people were exterminated, there was unparalleled freedom on Earth, where we could do as we pleased, as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else.  Before civilization, we were wild creatures, foraging for food, which was in abundance everywhere you looked.

There was also a time when us humans knew the true nature of reality, that life was simply an illusion, and that we were one consciousness, everything included.  Then there were a bunch of cataclysms on the Earth, which caused so much upheaval, and destroyed every people that lived on this planet, leaving us all with a clean slate, but damaged in so many ways.  In an ancient Zulu legend, the Earth turned over onto its current axis, which can only happen when a foreign body causes it to do that, which I would suggest was the Moon being brought by entities that wished to control us, and make us forget who we truly are.  They’ve created a world that suits them, not us, and they feed off of our negative energy, mainly fear.  They reside just out of human sight, but close enough to have temporary appearances in this reality.  They interbred with ancient humans, and created what is called hybrid bloodlines.

Now, these hybrid bloodlines control the physical world, but they are controlled from a place just outside of this frequency band.  They, as early as 40,000 years ago, claimed their right to rule, based on their descent from the “serpent God.”  There are ancient drawings of serpents and snakes everywhere in the ancient world, and there is no refuting that.  There are many drawings depicting the interbreeding with humanity, and there are still symbols of it everywhere today.  Just look at the AMA’s logo.  Two snakes coiled around a cross or something like that.

Symbolism is very powerful, and that’s another tool they use to control us.  Take major sporting events for example.  In the Super Bowl, where hundreds of millions of people watch every year, there are so many Illuminati symbols in the halftime shows that it gets to be incredibly obvious.  At the 2012 Olympics, there was massive symbolism relating to the bloodlines and the hidden hand that runs this world as it is today.  Symbols are information, and when you focus on information, you take it in on a subconscious level.  We are in a state of mass hypnosis here, and the only way out is through our own consciousness and information that will help us see all the subliminal control mechanisms we have around us.

The rabbit hole goes very deep, and there’s always more to uncover.  But the more we know, the better off we are.  That is how we will become free again.  Knowledge truly is power.  Who among us ever asks the big questions?  Who are we?  Why are we here?  Who ever comes up with a satisfactory answer?  If you understand quantum physics, it will tell you that the world is primarily subjective, a dream within a dream.  We are living in an artificial reality created by these entities, primarily called the Archons by the Gnostics, whose Library of Alexandria was burned down by the Crusades.  99% of their information was destroyed throughout the years, and it wasn’t until 1945 in Egypt when a peasant found a jar sealed from roughly 1500 years ago that the Gnostic belief system was fully understood.  Luckily, no one destroyed that before it got out.

Also, Don Juan Matis, a Central American shaman, talks at length about these entities, and how they are mind parasites, and feed on our fear and other low-vibrational emotions.  And these parasites love to feed off of the energy of children the most, because they are the most full of life, especially before puberty.  Why do you think all ancient cultures sacrificed “young virgins?”  That was code for children.  Imagine how terrified the child was, and how much fear energy was being created.  It must have been like an all-you-can-eat buffet for these so-called “gods.”  And these hybrid bloodlines love to drink the blood of the sacrifice.  That is also well-documented in history.

All I can say is that I am eternally grateful that all this information is coming out.  Finally, we have an idea of what is truly going on in the world, and we need to take extreme steps to save it.  We need to realize we are truly in control.  We outnumber these people/entities at least 100 to 1.  I would guess much more than that, to be honest.  We just need to refuse whatever the control system tries to throw at us.  We need to say NO to microchips, smart grids, smart meters, and anything else that reduces our power, while simultaneously making us more dependent on the government and society at large.  We obviously need a consciousness shift for this sort of “radical” change.  We must remember who we are, infinite consciousness/possibility.

For true freedom, we must not be violent.  You don’t fight for peace, you peace for peace.  Just say NO, with a smile on your face and a jump in your step.  If the President or the Prime Minister comes on the TV and says, “We’ve had a talk, and we’ve decided to do this,” what if millions of people said, “We’re not allowing it?”  Where’s their power then?  Their power is simply in our acquiescence.  That is the only reason such a small quantity of people can control the world, because we are conditioned to believe we have no power to stop them.  Bollocks!

We are infinite possibility having an experience.  We have been cut off from Source, or Consciousness through very deliberate measures, and that has eroded our freedoms, day by day, year by year.  And I think it’s about time we reclaim our true freedom to be who we truly are, and to experience our full potential as humans, and as consciousness.  We used to be so much more than we are now, and we have that ability to reclaim that higher level of awareness, simply by realizing we all are one, there is no separation between us and them, and that we have the power to create heaven on Earth, if only we keep raising our consciousness.  This will require listening to one’s heart, not one’s gut.  Connect through your heart chakra, because that is the way to accessing consciousness.  We all need to try and get as many people as possible to do this.  Once the tipping point is reached, the control system won’t stand a chance.



What is enlightenment?  It is when you recognize the world for what it is: an illusion.  Everything in this so called universe is an illusion, a dream.  It truly does not exist.  All that exists is God, or consciousness, or whatever it is you wish to call it.  What you are is a divine being, a part of God or consciousness, having a dream of separation, when there is no such thing as separation.  Your ego is a part of this dream.  It is a very persistent dream and there is little room for spectacle.  We think that it is real, just as if we are dreaming while sleeping and feel that the dream is real, but when we wake up, we realize just how absurd the dream was and how it is in no way real, but a projection of the mind or consciousness.  The key to enlightenment is that you become lucid in this dream that we call reality and realize that true reality is Source or God and nothing else.  It is often referred to as Heaven.

For those people who have become enlightened, such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ, they lived in such a way that inspired others to write about them.  Once you become enlightened, there is no more need for additional reincarnations.  It may take many lifetimes to get where it is you need to be to reach enlightenment, but realizing that this reality is indeed a dream, an illusion, is the first step to getting there.  We all are one in reality, but in the dream, we have the illusion of separation, due to the ego’s influence on our consciousness.  The ego is very defensive, and will do almost anything to ensure its survival.  If you ever try to transcend your ego, you will notice that it will fight you to the bitter end.  It will try and trick you.  But what most people don’t realize is that the ego, along with what we think of as the real world, is an illusion and the only true reality is of Source.  The universe was created by the ego, but only in a dream form.  But we don’t realize that until after we die as a physical being or become enlightened in our last incarnation on this planet.

If we were to all “wake up” instantaneously, it would be very traumatic emotionally.  This is why most people don’t truly wake up until they have achieved enlightenment.  It is a noble goal, and could take many lifetimes to achieve.  But you can accelerate the process by becoming a student of A Course in Miracles, or other texts that are designed to get you to the point where you can forgive unconditionally.  Forgiveness is the key to salvation.  And since what you are forgiving isn’t even truly real, but a dream, it’s not so hard to do.  That is, once you get the big picture about the true nature of reality.  I find this to be a fascinating belief system, which comes partially from Jesus Christ’s real teachings, not the stuff you’ll find in the Bible, but the stuff that Jesus and other enlightened beings actually said or did.  Not what people wrote about him centuries later in an attempt to control the masses through guilt and shame.  Christ never advocated such nonsense.  He loved everyone equally, and never judged anyone.  A true humanitarian.

I have to say, reading The Disappearance of the Universe has truly opened my eyes to what many of those enlightened beings were trying to convey.  All of it makes perfect sense from a subjective viewpoint, because they realized that the world is indeed subjective, not objective, and that objectivity was simply an illusion that people regarded as true, simply because that is how they had been conditioned.  The religions we have today have barely any resemblance to what these prophets actually taught, and it has become more about money and converting people to your way of thinking than anything else.  But when you look at what these people actually said, you realize that it has no denomination, as it is the simple truth and nothing else.  The universe is an illusion and the true reality is God consciousness.  Total and complete oneness.

I figure this stuff may be way out there for some people, but it makes sense intuitively to me and many others who have heard of such ideas as subjective reality and God consciousness.  To become enlightened is to truly know who you really are, not your ego, and not your mind, but pure God consciousness.  You are the same as God, as he created you in his image.  Not your physical body, but your spirit or soul.  And when your physical body dies off, you will return home to whence you came, and then come back to the illusion until you reach the peak of enlightenment.  At that point, you will no longer have any need to go back into the illusion, other than to help other illusory bodies pass over to the enlightenment side.  It’s a journey to say the least, and getting there will not be easy.  Most people need help from some spiritual source, but it will happen for everyone eventually, as there is no time limit, as the time in this illusory reality is also illusory.  So, no need to worry if you’re not there yet.  You will be, your path is already pre-determined, but you can always choose to accelerate or delay the process of returning Home.  The choice is up to you.  I definitely recommend reading The Disappearance of the Universe, and then A Course in Miracles.  I haven’t read the latter yet, but the former has tons of references from that book, so it has a similar structure.

Good luck on your path towards ultimate bliss and enlightenment.  It may take lifetimes, but it will be well worth it in the end.

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Raise Your Consciousness Today

The best way to raise your consciousness is to do things that stimulate and open your mind. We live most of our lives in a box, hardly ever going out of it. It’s the box that our belief system fits in. We’ll easily discount anything that lies outside the box and blindly accept anything that’s inside this box. If I were to ask you how you can prove that something exists independent of your awareness, maybe you’d say yes and maybe you’d say no. It has nothing to do with proof because saying yes is an unprovable assumption. Saying no is also an unprovable assumption. How do you know this world doesn’t work like a dream? Where only what you experience is real? I challenge you to prove that something exists independent of your awareness. When you are away from your family members, can you prove they don’t exist if you’re not currently aware of them?

Our reality is up for question all the time. Most people deny things that don’t fit. If they see a psychic on television, it has to be scripted. If they hear about a haunted house, those people have schizophrenia. It doesn’t matter the perspective. Most people will spend their entire lives in a box filled with unprovable assumptions. Why? I guess because it’s too much work to question what is around you and think for yourself. It’s easier to just accept what other people tell you. Let them do the thinking for you. That way you can relax and watch an episode of your favorite TV show, where all the characters share the same perspective as you.

If you think about most major religions, much of their teachings were good, but the reality they lived in was so very different than the one we live in today. I’m not going to condemn them for thinking the Earth was the center of the universe and that it was flat. And if you did dare question that “fact,” you were thrown in jail. Imagine what “facts” we’ll know tomorrow. The fact of the matter is that the only thing you can be completely sure of existing is your own awareness. You know you have a consciousness. You don’t know anything for sure except what your consciousness feeds to you. Everything else is a big question mark.

Just open your mind to this perspective and see where it takes you. That you’re basically living in a dream world where the only thing that exists is what you are consciously perceiving at this moment. See where it takes you. I guess you could call it the most basic belief system and the most sound. Everything in it is provable. Your experience of it proves it. If there is anything out there other than your awareness, you can’t say it is there or not because you are not currently experiencing it. You can choose to believe what you want about the rest, but know that you could be wrong. But you really don’t know that because in order to prove something exists, you must become aware of it. I’ll say that I challenge you to prove that I exist independent of your awareness. You can’t do it. Even if you came down to Myrtle Beach and saw me, you would then be aware of me and therefore could prove I exist.

It’s hard to break out of your box. It’s hard to say to yourself that many of your beliefs unrprovable. When you start opening this box, it makes things very complicated. You’ll be more unsure than you’ve ever been in your entire life. But then you’ll start to notice things that actually happen through first-hand experience that will add to your belief system. I say don’t believe something unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Otherwise, you could be buying a lie. Firsthand knowledge of your reality will make you confident in your belief system. Unless you’ve experienced talking to dead relatives or other spirits, how can you possibly believe in life after death? Because some authority figure told you so? But you are free to choose your own beliefs.

I’m just saying it is stupid to take someone else’s word on the nature of reality. Think about it. Those people could be completely full of shit. You’re the only one who knows what you’ve experienced. So choose based on your experiences. You can use the morals from other belief systems if you feel intuitively that they’re right, but never take any religious text literally. How do you know Jesus walked on water? How do you know he didn’t? You don’t.

I think our beliefs do shape our reality, so it makes sense to keep beliefs that empower you. It does not make sense to keep beliefs that make you powerless. If you choose to believe something, make sure it is congruent with the reality you currently experience. Otherwise, it will be nothing but delusion. If you believe you’re a multi-millionaire, but have $200 in the bank, wouldn’t people consider you to be crazy? They would bring you back to reality by saying, “You’re broke!” You can intend for your money to increase, but saying you are a millionaire is just deluding yourself. You have to look at your beliefs and see if they accurately match the reality you experience. Otherwise, why do you believe what you believe? Because of some old book?

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Promoting This Blog

I want more traffic on this blog.  I feel like people stopped reading.  I feel like I’m talking to myself here.  I need ways to promote this blog.  The problem is that my blog doesn’t fit into any particular category.  I can’t sell myself on one aspect of myself.  I don’t want to put myself in a box where I cover only one topic and brand myself as such.  I have a lot to share with the world and it covers many subjects.  I want to be able to be completely myself and nothing else.  That’s why my website is my name.  I have various things I like to write about now and I’m sure there will be more new things for me to cover in the future.  I think it’s a complete prison to limit myself to one, two, or even fifty topics.  But how do you sell that?  How do you get people to read if from day to day they don’t know what they’re going to be reading?  The same way I write every day with no idea in advance what I’m going to write about.

I know my blog isn’t all gold and silver, but there are many gems in the nearly 250 posts I’ve done so far.  I’m not skilled with HTML or other computer programming languages.  But I have a certain writer’s wit and a good sense of myself most of the time.  When I write an article, I know where it’s going usually, unless I go off on a rant, but those rants are fueled with passion and understanding.  I’m not a self-help guru or a nihilistic jackass.  I’m just me expressing myself explicitly.  Uncensored.  The way the world is meant to be.  Raw.  I’m not going to sugar coat what I feel and this is what’s driving me to write more.  I’m no longer worried about offending people on this blog.  I used to be.  I figure the more polarizing this blog is, the more people will come and read it and more importantly, enjoy it.

We’re told that to fit into society we have to project an image of who we are.  We have to define ourselves as something, not someone.  That, I believe, is the fundamental problem.  People hide behind certain aspects of themselves to keep other parts of them hidden.  A doctor hides behind his high status to keep from relating to people as equals.  Not all doctors, but from what I’ve experienced, most of them do.  Other people use power and authority to control people while hiding the sinister aspect of themselves.  We’re told this over and over again that we can never be fully ourselves, but need to project a persona, a mask if you will.  For example, look at the Bush-Cheney gang.  When Bush gave his speeches, he projected himself as a Christian man, a loving and caring person.  But when you look at the actions carried out under his administration, you see a completely different picture.  My question is why couldn’t he have just said, “We’re going into Iraq for the oil.  We don’t have much left in America.  We need it because people live so far away from their jobs, grocery stores, and malls that they cannot live without automobiles.  This, and this alone, justifies the slaughter of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.”?

I’m sure if he said it like that, people would support him.  They know it’s true what he’s saying.  He’s going to do it anyway, so why not just come out and say it.  You don’t have to bullshit us and say you’re “liberating” the Iraqis from Saddam Houssein.  But that’s beside the point.  I feel like Obama is one of the most authentic presidents we’ve had in awhile.  He’s not afraid to say the things the American people don’t want to hear.  The more we are in denial, the harder we’ll fall.  He isn’t going to fix everything overnight and he’s been given a bad hand to start with.  But at least he’s moving in the right direction.  His visions are grand and inspiring.  That’s why I voted for him.  He doesn’t provide false hope, but hope that’s grounded in reality.  But enough about politics.

My point is that there are a lot of blogs out there spitting out self-help “masturbation” that might make you feel good for awhile, the same way a crack pipe gets you high.  They tell you things like, “You can manifest all your dreams in the next 30 days if you follow my instructions.”  Then you delve into the author’s personal life and reallize they’re completely full of shit.  Not all of them.  But the ones that tell you the truth about creating the life you want aren’t the ones who tell you what you want to hear.  They tell you the truth.  They challenge you to think and act.  They don’t talk about enlightenment, something that I’ve seriously thought was a bunch of feel good tactics to attract self-help junkies.  What is enlightenment anyway?  You walk around, never offending anyone, going along with whatever happens to you, and never rock the boat?  Sounds like the activities of a zombie slave to me.

We’re always told that we are progressing to a higher state of being.  I would prefer to call it a different state.  If civlization is better than foraging and hunting, why does civilzation cause more destruction?  I think we are starting to realize that certain aspects of our daily lives are completely destructive and we are starting to move towards enriching our environment.  It’s starting, but it needs assistance.  We need to work together to make things right, not by saying that we can sustain our current way of living indefinitely.   If that’s not denial, I don’t know what is.  We need to start working towards a future we can sustain and then just stay there.  We can still develop our minds, but we can keep the Earth in good condition and live in harmony with the rest of the Earth.

I just want to get the message out.  We need to do something fast.  I’m not here to judge you, but to open doorways for you.  Imagine how great we could live if we changed a few things.  And then think about changing a few more things.  The possibilities are endless.  Just stay with me…

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