I believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is the freedom to be nobody but yourself.  The problem is that society and other things try to condition us to be something but ourselves.  We all become like robots, all thinking the same thoughts, all feeling the same limited range of feelings.  The education system turns us into obedient worker slaves.  The media instills fear and rage in us, so that we feel it is a dangerous world, so best not stand out.  We live in a high-anxiety, high-stress culture, and we’re all measured by how much stress we can take, which only shuts our brains down to a significant extent.

The fear and stress that is thrust upon us by every channel you can think of is very daunting, and can really get to you.  We are all slaves to the culture we were born into, and there’s no escaping it, at least not completely.  You can never truly, fully drop out.  The people who control the world have ensured that by exterminating all the indigenous peoples throughout the world over the centuries.  Either that, or they forced them into our way of life, and now they are suffering greatly.  Before these people were exterminated, there was unparalleled freedom on Earth, where we could do as we pleased, as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else.  Before civilization, we were wild creatures, foraging for food, which was in abundance everywhere you looked.

There was also a time when us humans knew the true nature of reality, that life was simply an illusion, and that we were one consciousness, everything included.  Then there were a bunch of cataclysms on the Earth, which caused so much upheaval, and destroyed every people that lived on this planet, leaving us all with a clean slate, but damaged in so many ways.  In an ancient Zulu legend, the Earth turned over onto its current axis, which can only happen when a foreign body causes it to do that, which I would suggest was the Moon being brought by entities that wished to control us, and make us forget who we truly are.  They’ve created a world that suits them, not us, and they feed off of our negative energy, mainly fear.  They reside just out of human sight, but close enough to have temporary appearances in this reality.  They interbred with ancient humans, and created what is called hybrid bloodlines.

Now, these hybrid bloodlines control the physical world, but they are controlled from a place just outside of this frequency band.  They, as early as 40,000 years ago, claimed their right to rule, based on their descent from the “serpent God.”  There are ancient drawings of serpents and snakes everywhere in the ancient world, and there is no refuting that.  There are many drawings depicting the interbreeding with humanity, and there are still symbols of it everywhere today.  Just look at the AMA’s logo.  Two snakes coiled around a cross or something like that.

Symbolism is very powerful, and that’s another tool they use to control us.  Take major sporting events for example.  In the Super Bowl, where hundreds of millions of people watch every year, there are so many Illuminati symbols in the halftime shows that it gets to be incredibly obvious.  At the 2012 Olympics, there was massive symbolism relating to the bloodlines and the hidden hand that runs this world as it is today.  Symbols are information, and when you focus on information, you take it in on a subconscious level.  We are in a state of mass hypnosis here, and the only way out is through our own consciousness and information that will help us see all the subliminal control mechanisms we have around us.

The rabbit hole goes very deep, and there’s always more to uncover.  But the more we know, the better off we are.  That is how we will become free again.  Knowledge truly is power.  Who among us ever asks the big questions?  Who are we?  Why are we here?  Who ever comes up with a satisfactory answer?  If you understand quantum physics, it will tell you that the world is primarily subjective, a dream within a dream.  We are living in an artificial reality created by these entities, primarily called the Archons by the Gnostics, whose Library of Alexandria was burned down by the Crusades.  99% of their information was destroyed throughout the years, and it wasn’t until 1945 in Egypt when a peasant found a jar sealed from roughly 1500 years ago that the Gnostic belief system was fully understood.  Luckily, no one destroyed that before it got out.

Also, Don Juan Matis, a Central American shaman, talks at length about these entities, and how they are mind parasites, and feed on our fear and other low-vibrational emotions.  And these parasites love to feed off of the energy of children the most, because they are the most full of life, especially before puberty.  Why do you think all ancient cultures sacrificed “young virgins?”  That was code for children.  Imagine how terrified the child was, and how much fear energy was being created.  It must have been like an all-you-can-eat buffet for these so-called “gods.”  And these hybrid bloodlines love to drink the blood of the sacrifice.  That is also well-documented in history.

All I can say is that I am eternally grateful that all this information is coming out.  Finally, we have an idea of what is truly going on in the world, and we need to take extreme steps to save it.  We need to realize we are truly in control.  We outnumber these people/entities at least 100 to 1.  I would guess much more than that, to be honest.  We just need to refuse whatever the control system tries to throw at us.  We need to say NO to microchips, smart grids, smart meters, and anything else that reduces our power, while simultaneously making us more dependent on the government and society at large.  We obviously need a consciousness shift for this sort of “radical” change.  We must remember who we are, infinite consciousness/possibility.

For true freedom, we must not be violent.  You don’t fight for peace, you peace for peace.  Just say NO, with a smile on your face and a jump in your step.  If the President or the Prime Minister comes on the TV and says, “We’ve had a talk, and we’ve decided to do this,” what if millions of people said, “We’re not allowing it?”  Where’s their power then?  Their power is simply in our acquiescence.  That is the only reason such a small quantity of people can control the world, because we are conditioned to believe we have no power to stop them.  Bollocks!

We are infinite possibility having an experience.  We have been cut off from Source, or Consciousness through very deliberate measures, and that has eroded our freedoms, day by day, year by year.  And I think it’s about time we reclaim our true freedom to be who we truly are, and to experience our full potential as humans, and as consciousness.  We used to be so much more than we are now, and we have that ability to reclaim that higher level of awareness, simply by realizing we all are one, there is no separation between us and them, and that we have the power to create heaven on Earth, if only we keep raising our consciousness.  This will require listening to one’s heart, not one’s gut.  Connect through your heart chakra, because that is the way to accessing consciousness.  We all need to try and get as many people as possible to do this.  Once the tipping point is reached, the control system won’t stand a chance.


New Laptop and Consumerism

Just a couple of days ago, I received my new laptop in the mail.  It has Windows 8, a very nice and bright clear screen, and should last me at least until 2016, God willing.  It was a steal at just over $400, and is working much faster and better than my old laptop.  The reason I bought a new one was because my old laptop was having performance issues, especially related to videos and the hardware heating up to ridiculous levels.  It’s about the same thing that happened to my other laptop about 3.5 years ago.  It seems that laptops have a finite lifespan, especially how they are made today.  In this consumerist, throw-away society, instead of fixing anything, it is often cheaper and less of a hassle to buy new.

But we can only take so much from the Earth before the Earth starts screaming at us to stop. We are the Takers of the world, destroying natural ecosystems all in the name of progress.  It’s a shame, but most of the world, especially the first world, thinks like this.  We extract resources from third world countries by lending them money that they could never pay back, then using their land and their people as collateral.  So, now Africa is becoming a desolate wasteland with millions starving simply because the food growing there is headed to a first world country.

Sure, I could beat myself up about buying things I don’t necessarily need, but I do that so little that it is almost a non-issue for me.  This laptop is the first major purchase I’ve made in almost 4 years, so it’s not like I’m accumulating a ridiculous amount of knick-knacks that nobody should ever buy because they are most likely made by either Chinese or Taiwanese children.  Children who are never given a chance to succeed or follow their passions because they spend 16 hour days working in a toy or knick-knack factories.  China makes so many of our useless goods, our excess stuff that we don’t even really appreciate anyway.  So why do we own all this junk?

For the most part, the impulse to buy is an emotional one.  Many people rampantly consume to fill a void in their life and to get their emotional needs partially met.  It also makes them feel secure.  And the market simply pumps more products out than anyone could ever want, but they just keep on plugging because they know that everyone seems to want the newest thing.  I’ve seen this happen with the iPhone and iPad’s.  First, the iPhone came out, and everyone had to get one, then the iPhone 2 came out, and everyone had to get one.  Now I believe it’s up to 5.  First the iPad, now the iPad 2.  It’s the corporate mindset that they have to extract as much value from our natural resources in order to satisfy emotionally damaged people who don’t feel complete without a collection of unnecessary gadgets.

Most of these things are made in China, who pretty much owns the United States from a debt standpoint.  They have made so much crap for us, because they will work for less money than us.  It truly is a sad state of affairs because so many people in this country are looking for jobs, can’t find a job, or have simply given up looking for a job.  We import far more than we export, and that’s never a good sign for any country, never mind the United States of America.

Most Americans have no idea what is going on, and how this kind of consumption can only go on for so long before we totally run out of resources on this planet.  Pretty soon, we’ll have to start going to Mars just to get resources to build more fucking iPhone’s!  We might even build a few factories over there, so that when the spaceship arrives to Earth, there will already be fully-assembled iPad’s and iPad 2’s.  And don’t think we’ll stop there.  Once we get the technology, we will extract resources from whole solar systems just to keep satisfying customer demands for a cell phone that can make pancakes for you.  And all the landfills will be full of perfectly usable products, but things that would be considered “obsolete” by 99.9% of the world’s population.

Also, nothing is built to last anymore.  Except maybe Duralast. ;)  Most of anything we buy breaks down within a few years, needing replacement.  This cycle has to end sometime.  Otherwise, we might even have disposable houses that only last 5 years, and then need to be replaced with a new one from scratch.  And the resources dwindle while the landfills comprise half of the country at that point.  It truly has to stop soon, or we will have nothing left.

We can only take so much from the Earth before the Earth has nothing left to give.  It is the honest truth.  And even though people continue to consume with reckless abandon, they know in their bones that a crash is coming.  Either that or the Age of Enlightenment, which would be a much better situation.  This is where we realize collectively what is going on, and we choose to be stewards of the Earth instead of exploiters and extractors.  We live as one with nature and our home planet.  We will realize just how meaningless the rat race is, and how pointless more than half of our possessions are.  It was all done to fill a void, this rampant buying, and now look what it’s turned into.  It could very well destroy the world and humanity as a whole, but let’s just hope it doesn’t get that far.  There’s not much time left to stop this unbelievable consumerism, but if we reach another level of consciousness as a whole before a total crash of civilization, there may still be hope for us.  Let us pray that is happens.

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Life is an Illusion, So is Death

Life and death are illusions.  The whole world is an illusion, a hologram.  The only truth is infinite love.  Everything else is illusion.  Consciousness is that eternal love.  So is “God.”  It is all one and the same.  This division we see is just another way to control us.  We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.  Life is a dream and there is no such thing as death.  We are the imagination of ourselves, people.  There is nothing to fear, and everything to love.  The only thing to truly fear is fear itself.  Fear is the mind killer.  But it is just an illusion, like everything that is not love.

There was a time, before we forgot where we came from, when we were in this world, but not of it.  We still are, but we knew it back then.  And this forgetting that no matter what happens, the core essence of our being will be okay, that is what has caused all the mayhem in this world today.  We are manipulated purposely to see ourselves are separate from others, when nothing could be further from the truth.  We all are one, we are the same, and that same is consciousness.  And that consciousness exudes pure love upon everything it touches.  It really is that simple.  And it can never be destroyed.  Life and death are more experiences happening through consciousness, but they are not really real.  It is simply a mental construct, a dream, a figment, a hologram.  So don’t take life/death too seriously, or you’ll never understand fully what this experience is about.

Until next time…

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Raising the Collective Consciousness

The best thing we can possibly do with our lives is work to raise the collective consciousness.  And this all starts by raising your own consciousness.  But why raise your consciousness?  Because then you’ll see better results in your life and enjoy things more.  So, how do you raise your consciousness?  Well, I’d love to talk about how to raise your consciouness, but someone already wrote an article about that.  10 ways to become more conscious.  And here’s an article about why you should strive to become more conscious.  And it makes sense to want this for everyone on this planet, doesn’t it?  I would much rather live in a world of high-consciousness beings than one of low-consciousness beings.  Just think of what kind of world we could create together.  We could explore space, both inner and outer, forever in peace.

‘Tis a noble goal to work towards this.  The more people we get doing this, the faster and more likely it will occur.  Even if this world is but an illusion, a dream, we can still truly enjoy ourselves while we are here.  We can say yes to truth and equal rights, and peace.  And we can say no to war, fear, and chaos.  Especially fear, as it is the root of all suffering.  Transcending fear is the only way to truly get our consciousness where it is we need it to be so that we will end all suffering.  The Buddha said that all suffering is caused by a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of reality.  I can’t tell you how many people would benefit from realizing the dream that this life is.  It doesn’t make life meaningless, either.  It just creates a world of wonder.  And it creates the feeling that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.  Which means what one does to another he or she really does to his or herself.  As Bill Hicks once said, “If we knew we were all one, it would fuck up the economy, especially the arms industry.”

The truth of the matter is that once we realize that we are all one on a collective level, and nothing brings us out of that level, we will be living amazing lives and our experience of this reality will increase for the better one thousand fold or more.  So, let’s make this happen…

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Overcoming Negativity

Negativity is something that is a detriment to humanity as a whole and causes all sorts of problems.  I often have negative thoughts about this or that, and it can hinder me in some way.  Getting bogged down by negative emotions and thoughts is not something I want for myself, nor for others.  The more you focus on negative thoughts, the more negativity you bring to yourself.  I know that this blog can seem pretty negative at times, but that’s because of the information I’m trying to spread and the vision I have of the future.  A future I’ll probably never see, but want to happen eventually anyway.  But in looking at some of the things I’ve written, I really want to spin humanity in a more positive light, as there are some great thinkers and other great people here, and it is a smaller percentage of bad or control-obsessed people who are pulling all the strings.

I realize that I don’t have to identify with society, nor do I have to attack it unless it is imposing its will on me.  I can choose to be nobody but myself regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.  Although I cannot do things that are against the societal laws, which are getting more and more ridiculous, I can still live a pretty good life mentally outside the system.  I can still be productive and enlighten others to “drop out,” if only mentally, to resist the propaganda and to become more conscious.  For example, in the past 6-12 months, I’ve pretty much given up television and it’s not because of the shows, but the advertisements.  Well, okay, most of the shows as well.  The only shows I now watch are Law and Order: SVU, Family Guy, and South Park.  And I usually watch them online, with significantly fewer ads.  It’s just a way to get the beast out of my head and distance myself mentally from all the chitter chatter that doesn’t matter.

I’ve been opening new doorways while closing the social conditioning that I’ve been dealing with for years.  I’ve known for quite a while that most people today are socially conditioned robots, unknowingly carrying out the agendas of those in charge.  This is why, in some regard, I try to stay away from the masses.  They reinforce so much negativity, and stupid obsessions, especially with celebrities and non-celebrities (such as reality show stars).  I find much of this to be very simple-minded distraction, which is unhealthy at the least and harmful at the worst.  And almost all news/magazines are focused on negativity or gossip.  Both being completely low vibrational.  What we truly need to change the world are high vibrations.

We used to vibrate at a higher vibration than we do today.  It was probably tens of thousands of years ago.  We lived in peace with everything and everyone around us.  But an onslaught of traumas, both physical and psychological, caused a schism in our consciousness to create the world we see today.  There are a lot of theories to what happened.  One is that there was both an ice age and a magnetic reversal of the poles at the same time, and also a shift with the moon coming into our gravitational field.  Ever wonder why lunatics have the word luna, or moon, at the root of it?  There are even people who say that the moon is housed by reptillian aliens, who are sending their vibrations out to us humans to control us, like radio waves, and those who they supposedly bred with thousands of years ago pick up on these vibrations the best and are further pushing us towards negativity and fear.  This may sound crazy and even borderline delusional, but do any of us really know for sure?  The people who call these beliefs crazy are the very ones enforcing the dominant control system.

Now, saying that, it is safe to say that I don’t blame humans for any of this.  I see now that we most likely were affected on an extraterrestrial level, and we are serving our masters, a race of aliens that are so insecure that they have to control everyone and everything.  I knew there had to be a reason for our increased intelligence in relation to the rest of life on Earth, and our cold-hearted extermination of the rest of the species on this planet.  Why would a species destroy their own home in such a systematic and non-empathetic way?  Because we aren’t exactly completely of this world, but were genetically and psychologically manipulated by a race of aliens that strive to keep us under their control using fear and other negative emotions to keep us from stepping out of line.  I find this information empowering, and it does explain a lot of the plight of humans for me.  It was this trauma, which occurred after a series of Earthly traumas, that caused the human beings we see walking around today.  And it is the 13 bloodlines through which these aliens bred with most frequently that are in charge of the world we now have.

There are ancient drawings that show these reptillian beings.  There are drawings of alien spacecrafts.  I’ve seen a few documentaries that suggested a huge coverup when it came to alien life forces living here and around here.  If you think this is crazy, it is because you have been conditioned to think that way.  Truth goes through three stages:  first it is  ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and eventually it is accepted as self-evident.  And the more awareness we shed on the control structure and its origins, the more empowered we become and the better off we are from resisting their agenda.

There is a global awakening upon us, and the control system is doing everything it can to stop it.  But it is going to happen regardless.  We are going to finally wake up and eventually start living positive lives without the control system attacking our psyches.  The Earth goes through contraction and expansion phases.  This system we have been in for thousands of years is a contraction phase, although it would seem to the naked eye like an expansion phase, because of all the physical progress (and extermination) we’ve completed.  But it has been a constriction in the form of control and domination.  What we will be transitioning to is a more free and liberated society.  The aliens or Illuminati or whatever is in control of us will have no more power over us, and will no longer be able to feed us negative emotions and vibrations on a daily basis, because our vibrations will be too high and positive.  But they are still scrambling, much like a man standing in a rapidly increasing river.  Eventually the man will be toppled over.

These reptillians feed off of our negativity, so the higher we vibrate, the less they can even subsist.  What we need to do is calibrate at higher and higher levels of consciousness until their grasp is no longer relevant and we can live the lives that we were meant to live.  Expanding your awareness and raising your consciousness to one of power instead of force is the stepping stone to getting where it is we need to be.  And even if there are no aliens controlling us, we all can agree that the people in charge are at least sociopaths devoid of much empathy, seeing on how they can massacre their own people in droves and convince others to do the same or be killed.  And we also need to transcend the police state that is coming, which will most likely not last very long because it will be mostly run by machines, not humans, and most humans do not have loyalty to machines and will be able to scam them much better.

There is a coming expansion and we need to be ready for it.  Some would argue it is already taking place.  People have more freedom than ever before in some circles, especially the unemployed, although they might not see it that way.  They probably see it as a loss of autonomy, when they should be seeing it as a chance to truly do something in this world that doesn’t require money or slavery to a system that left the general populace behind years ago.  Eventually, maybe it will get so bad that they will stop foreclosing on houses because they just don’t have the man-hours to accomplish it.  As the economy declines, less people are serving the control structure, so it’s not such a bad thing after all.  I just wish the people who lost their jobs were doing something to open other people’s minds.  Instead, as they are conditioned to do, they wallow in deep depression because they took so much value from their work, their sense of purpose.  And all they were doing was serving the very masters that bind them.

I want to conclude this article by saying that this expansion will be immensely challenging and that if we are not prepared for it, it will be worse, but just know on the inside that it will lead to something extraordinarily better than what we have now.  It may be painful at first, but we will emerge on the other side so much better and so much more powerful personally, which is what we have lost so much of in the past few millennia.    If you don’t believe in aliens, that’s fine, but that is probably because they try so hard never to be exposed.  They will be exposed in the coming decades, and we will transcend their control.  (Don’t think I’ve lost my mind.  The man in the moon is not just a fairy tale.)  But don’t worry about them, because sooner than later we will be completely autonomous once again, so it is of no consequence.  We will once again begin living like we were meant to, with nature and not against it.

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